2 I'll Stick to My Act to the Very End!

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"Song Lele, why does your name sound like a girl's?"

Tang Feng said half-jokingly.

Song Lele looked annoyed. "It was my parents' decision. What could I have done about it?"

Tang Feng listened to her voice carefully.

It sounded completely different from her voice online.

Song Lele's voice on the internet sounded masculine, but in reality, it was a relatively clean voice that was typical of a teenager's. However, there were certain points where her voice broke and she sounded a little off.

This peculiarity in her speech had not gone unnoticed by Tang Feng.

Good heavens, it's one thing to use a voice changer to scam me online, but you're even going as far as to faking it in real life too?!

Goddamn, girl! 

Tang Feng's eyes rolled and he decided to test her again.

Taking advantage of her lapse in attention, Tang Feng grabbed her hand. While examining it, he commented:

"Speaking of which, Ah Le, your skin feels really smooth. It looks and feels even smoother than a baby's bottom."

"These slender fingers and smooth skin feels similar to a woman's."

Song Lele's expression froze.

God pity her. Ever since she was young, other than her father, there had never been an instance where another man had held her hand!

Tang Feng's sudden action made her blush instantly. With a shudder, she retracted her hand.

"What are you doing, Young Master? ! I've already said that I'm not used to making physical contact with people!"

"Also, who the hell are you calling Ah Le? Can you stop giving me nicknames?"

Anger and indignation was scrawled across her face as she chided him.

Upon spotting this, a mischievous look flashed across Tang Feng's eyes. He dodged her point and responded teasingly, "Well, I can't keep calling you D*ckface now, can I?"

"And if I were to call you Lele instead, it sounds a little homo, you know?"

"As such, Ah Le is a very suitable nickname."

Song Lele was at a loss for words.

After all, she was currently playing the role of a "real man".

She dug this grave herself, and thus, she had to stick to her act to the very end!

After a long while, she finally managed to squeeze out a sentence, "Forget it. Suit yourself. You can call me whatever you want."

"Anyway, I'm hungry. Let's go and grab a bite."

Tang Feng was a little surprised.

How can she tolerate this?

Is this chick planning to dress up as a man until the end?

This damned duck's stubborn appearance is actually quite cute..

He followed along Song Lele's topic and continued, "Alright, what do you want to eat?"

"I know of a restaurant that serves northeastern cuisine around here. It has a nice atmosphere and it serves great food. Why don't we head there then?"

After receiving Song Lele's approval, Tang Feng brought her to the restaurant.

He did not mess with her during their way there. Instead, he took the opportunity to study his own system.

After all, he had just obtained the system, and thus, he had to figure out the functions and limitations of his cheat first.

In less than ten minutes, Tang Feng had already figured out most of the system's functions. 

As its name suggested, the Scanning System could scan all items and display their attributes in a game-like manner.

However, the current system was only level 1, and thus, he could only obtain basic information from his scans.

For example, if he were to scan a person, he would obtain their basic information such as name, gender, figure, family background, three measurements, and a little bit of personal information.

According to the system's description, once Tang Feng obtained 10 million assets, the system could be upgraded to the next level.

When that time came, not only could he obtain more detailed information from his scans, but he could also unlock new functions.

The requirements for level 3 were even higher. It required Tang Feng's assets to reach 100 million.

As for the even more ridiculous level, it required Tang Feng to have 10 billion in assets.

10 billion! Not 10!

Tang Feng was shocked at those figures.

However, his shock only lasted for a brief moment.

Feeling as if all the dark clouds surround his life had been dispersed, Tang Feng felt that he was capable of achieving those goals.

With a cheat this powerful by his side, it was only natural to be that confident!


Ten minutes later, in the restaurant.

The host was at the beck and call of the customers, and the task of ordering the dishes naturally fell to Tang Feng.

"Fried pork cutlets, Triple Earthen Delicacies, Fried Pork in Scoop, and chicken stewed with mushrooms. Just these four dishes."

Once the dishes were served, their rich fragrance instantly filled the surroundings.

Song Lele had just tasted the pork cutlets that were served first and immediately gave a thumbs up.

"Not bad, Young Master Feng. Not bad at all. This dish tastes amazing!"

Tang Feng proudly responded, "That's for sure. Why would I go to a place that doesn't serve good food? I'm an expert when it comes to matters such as this."

"And let me warn you, don't be deceived by how simple the names of the dishes I ordered are. It's quite difficult to make them well. The standard of the chefs here is really high."

Song Lele's face was full of disbelief. "What's so difficult about making these dishes?"

"Just take this dish as an example. Aren't they just frying the meat and stir-frying it together with sauce?"

"Is that really considered difficult?"

Tang Feng shook his head and questioned her enigmatically.

"Oh my dear Watson. Don't judge a meat by its cover, sure, it might look easy to make on the surface, but there are a lot of tricks involved in making it a great dish."

"There are a lot of tricks involved in frying meat. First, you have to prepare a batter with rich flour. Then, you'll also need to prepare ingredients that can remove the gamey taste from the meat. After that, you'll need to marinate the meat. Then, and only then, are you allowed to fry it, but doing so results in another challenge, which is to control the flame's temperature. Controlling the flame is a delicate balancing act, and unless you do it masterfully, the end result might be a soft piece of meat devoid of all crispiness."

"Moreover, the ingredients they use in this restaurant are also quite interesting. It's a little different from the conventional fried pork cutlets you eat outside."

"I'm certain that the chefs here have modified and innovated upon the traditional recipe."

Song Lele looked at him suspiciously. "Young Master Feng, please don't take me for a fool."

"You're pulling my leg aren't you?"

"The more you explain, the more ridiculous it gets. You can even taste the chefs' innovation?"

Tang Feng shrugged and did not argue.

He knew this info not from eating, but because of the information he obtained from the system.

Not only did it say that the dish had been innovated upon, the system had even provided him with its recipe in full.

At this moment, the waiter serving the dishes gave him a thumbs up. "Sir, you're really an expert."

"Many of the dishes in our restaurant have been modified by the head chef so that they can better suit the tastes of the locals."

"I didn't expect that you would be able to tell."

Tang Feng smiled and said humbly, "It's nothing. I just know a little about food. It's really nothing worth talking about."

As he said that, he raised his eyebrows at Song Lele.

Meanwhile, Song Lele was stunned.

After staring at Tang Feng for a while, she gave Tang Feng a thumbs up.

Not bad, man, not bad!

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