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Read ‘MY BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND IS MY COUSIN’ Online for Free, written by the author DazedThoughts, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, DARK Light Novel, VILLAIN Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Martial School System

"Gun Park", has never been pushed around in middle-school, until graduation he had never experienced a bruise or scratch on his skin, but that wouldn't be the case for highschool. Gun Park's family get's into a ton of debt due to loan-sharks, and has to move houses, coincidently, this is also when Gun Park graduated middle-school. With options narrowed down, he enlists in a school that looks completely normal on the outside, but is chaotic and abusive in the inside. Teachers are bribed and ignore delinquents bullying students. Gang's are disguised as clubs, and wars within school happen regularly. Gun is picked on the instant he enters the school. His height is is 5'6 and an average physique, a strict hierarchy is kept in the school, and is governed by notorious gang members. Gun is bullied day and day, fighting back, retaliation, none of this was possible. He had complained, but it was quickly buried, and he knew asking his mother to move schools would greatly worry her, her health is heavily dependent on her mood so Gun comes home everyday hiding bruises and cigarette burns. At one point, Gun slips after getting milk for an upperclassmen and pours it all over him, he is forcefully dragged towards an alleyway, where he is beaten. Gun hits his head on the cement after momentarily losing the strength to protect himself, he is bleeding out and the gangsters run away. He awakens his eyes in the same position 30 minutes later, but instead of blood or the gangsters, he is met by a blue screen. -" Martial System has been Activated "-

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My Soulmate The Fox Goddess

For 18+ & 21+ Fifty thousand years ago, there was a Great War in the 13 Realm God's Kingdom, which was carried out by King Arthur, the King of the Demon Kingdom of the Black Nation. The war takes place in the West Tower led by the Third Priest Casello in the God Kingdom of the 13 Realms. As a result of the war, fate tied God Channing, Prime Minister of the 13 Realm God Kingdom with Level A Goddess Stellina with the original form of the 6-tailed Red Fox. At that time Stellina was still a one month old baby, God Channing found in the Cave of Hell after He sealed King Arthur. 50 thousand years later, Stellina grew up to be a cheerful beauty, and went to the 13 Realm God's Royal Palace at the behest of her Mother Goddess Estella. Stellina accidentally nudged King Arthur's Bravee Ridge Seal, so that Bruno and the 13 Realm God Royal Troops chased after him, then entered the Ice Room where the bodies of the 13 Realms God Goddess were stored on Mount Kramat. It was there that Stellina met the deceased Lord Channing. Stellina had feelings for God Channing, and inadvertently wept bitterly when she learned how the God had died. It turned out that his tears, which contained sincerity, raised God Channing from the dead for 50 thousand years. God Channing himself was struck by Asmara when he saw Stellina, the Goddess who raised him from the dead. Therefore, God Channing pleaded with the Great Emperor Brylee Salvador, Supreme Lord of the 13 Realm God Kingdom to place Stellina by his side in the Eastern Palace where the God resided. God Channing besides wanting to be closer to Stellina, he also wanted to know why Stellina could resurrect him. Still unanswered, God Channing saw Stellina possessed by the Aura of King Arthur the Demon King who was imprisoned in the Hell's Cave on Mount Kramat. Meanwhile, Stellina saw that God Channing was often attacked by the Heat due to a duel with King Arthur on the Battlefield in the West Tower 50 years ago which resulted in his death. What happened next?

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