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2 words: LOVE IT! I started reading from Chapter 1 to 131 in less than 8 hours which by itself already tells you how engaging the novel is. At this point, the FL is still in her prepubescent years while the ML (or at least the one that I'm currently rooting for) is 2 years older. I gotta say, because of this, I feel like a perverted auntie goading for them to do things they shouldn't be doing yet kekeke. I mean can't really blame me since these little buns were such a mature bunch even from the very beginning that I keep forgetting what their actual ages are! Anyway, can't wait for when they grow up since I already sense some serious monopolization from the wolf-like ML and it will surely be fun to read how our not so very sheep-like FL would put him in check 🥰

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Seriously speaking I do not understand why this book is so underrated it is even better than most books in top power ranking.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️The Fl is not a push over nor is she naive ( you will only understand what I am saying after reading till chapter 55 I think )😍😍The story doesn’t drag on there is no misunderstanding and the few sticky situations I have seen so far are taken care of rather quickly.🤔🤔 More than anything the relationship between the fl and ml in their teens is very realistic it really portrays the immature yet complex feelings they have I can tell because I myself am one. I like the fact that they are not mature from the beginning their actions can be childish sometimes but it’s still cute. Sometimes it’s just🥵🥵🥵 ( those who read till chapter 200 something will understand what I am saying ). If you did not read it I advise you to. If you did but because of the beginning ( that’s not so long since it only takes 55 chapters for her to grow a bit ) you did not continue I advise you to continue reading it because you will regret it I tell you😤😤🤧❤️


Honestly, this is the best book I have read so far. The ongoing and development of the story are well out together not too fast not too slow of a pace. The plots, twists, and surprises in this book are really good and the character development is magnificent as well. Overall an AMAZING book would recommend giving it a read. Trust the minute you read that first chapter you're already hooked in.


Hello Readers! This is the author of this book. I hope you will enjoy it. Share your opinions in the comments section and support the novel to the end. Lots of dog food and face slap are coming. Be prepared 😁 Love you~


In the beginning of the story already intriguing me to read it and of course wants for more. I believed in author’s capabilities in writing fascinating and beautiful story. Plus, she promised to give so much dog food and face slap. Obviously, the story is indeed a good story to be follow. Keep up the good work 💪. P.S. ’I want to rate more than 5 ⭐️’


If you like cute kids interaction then this is the novel for you. I’m getting cuteness overload from the main female character. It seems that this is going to be a childhood sweethearts type of novel.


Hi Author! I love your books from the very begging and you have an unique charm in each story. I've seen Mu Lan and Xue Lin and now I see Han Luo, they are all different characters and I'm not sure how do you come up with amazing plots. All the best wishes to your new book. Love you!


Yayy!! Another book from my favorite Author. Though I haven't started the book, I am pretty sure this book is going to wonderful. Synopsis has piqued up interest in me and I am already waiting for face slaps and surprises. All the best Author♥️♥️


Reveal spoiler


I have already fallen in love with this novel at first sight .......and what encouraged me to read it is that this particular novel is by the most interesting author I have followed when he wrote ' Handsome CEO's darling wife ' ..... The story is so lovely especially the ML ...I find Yuan is so domineering and possessive ...I really love such a naughty FL....Keep going author...I can't wait for more.....


This is such an interesting read. I was glued right from the first chapter. You will experience a wide range of emotions but mostly you will laugh. It's the kind of book that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. You'll be happy you picked this novel.


I haven't started reading yet*cause I'll be starting now only*but I'm gonna give my equal support to this book just like the other books of author flow_07..... because I knoooooo****** that my favourite author will not let me down*excited and full of enthusiasm*😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


Thanks a lot for the book author. It's filled with cute children interactions......Hi, guys pls help a friend and support the book Enchantia eternal love dynasties ( fate of Chengru)....vote, put reviews and comment it means a lot


This book is so pure!! I love it!! Definitely a MUST READ. The FL is so adorable and innocent and the ML is so protective and sweet!! I canttttttt. Trust me I definitely Recommend!!!! 😍😍😍😍


This novel is soo amazingly breathtaking that i just can't stop myself from reading more n more...😍😍😍 It is a mix of everything that u would want in a unique and different novel🤩😍💜 Trust me when i say this... It is unlike any other! Give it a try... 😍It is soo not thise boring and repetitive weak n dumb Fl n dominating Ml who is more on the abusive side.. no.. like i said, this is unlike any other novel!! Please author please please please update more n more and go for a 100 chapters mass release!😜😍💜😌🙏🏻 One of ur loyal fans.. waiting desperately!


I always love this author's work. Looking forward to the new book. I know my beloved author is ready to give me another amazing story. All the best wishes happy-go-lucky author will 😀😀😀


It is a good plot Flow07..hope you will give us more chapters....and one small advice..please try changing the 'cover of the book'. The person in the cover is Zhang Shuang, an actress from China..and it is to understand with a single look. It may lead you to unneccessary problems so try considering my advice. Thank you


At First, Five Stars for this wonderful novel......I came here today 🤗🤗🤗writing a review To celebrate Our Ah-Luo's revealiation of her feelings 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎆🎆🎇 ...I'm so happy for her and of course for our ML ...At Last , his torment is going to end...I really can't wait to see how would be his reaction when he knows about her feelings.....Good Luck for both of them and of course I can't wait for the other characters' happiness too...


The story flow is amazing..it gives youthe feeling of not just reading the novel at the same time it gives the feeling to visualize the scenarios.


Just started reading and I have read flow other books and I'm sure flow novels never going to disappoint you😁 so make sure to check it up 😉 Fighting flow and editor😇