My Beloved Super Fierce Wife

"The new book 'Scolded as the Star of Death, All the Big Shots in the Capital Rush to Spoil Me' is now available!" Also known as "Reborn Era: Getting Rich with the Check-In System." [A physical powerhouse of a female lead vs. a vindictive, sarcastic, and elegant male protagonist] After a laboratory explosion, Lin Tang returns to that impoverished era and is bound to a check-in system. Before she has time to claim the newcomer gift pack, her fiancé, sporting an air of confidence, comes to break off the betrothal. The reason being, he's about to secure a stable job. Lin Tang looks at the ordinary yet self-assured man, parted her red lips slightly and said, "...break it off!" Less than a month later, her ex-fiancé was fired for some reason. Lin Tang took a stroll around the county and became the executive officer of the Broadcasting Station in the Textile Factory. Ex-fiancé's internal OS: Is it too late to reconcile now? - Those times were tough! Despite being treasured by her three big brothers and parents, everything from food to cloth and even soap required coupons... Even living frugally couldn't alleviate the miserable condition. Looking at the black mush in the bowl, Lin Tang fell silent, “......” Thankfully, she had a system! Need anything? Just check in to get it. - Many years later. A handsome man looked at his delicate wife with a fair complexion, managing to keep a straight face as he said, “I heard you could knock out a wild boar with just two punches?” Lin Tang's eyes sparkled, her fingers gently exerting force, and the Enamel Jar in her hand deformed. She responded in a stern manner, “Nonsense! Don't believe those rumors. We're civilized people and can't be that barbaric!”

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491' was spellbound, the word 'slaughter' brought back to reality.

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Lin Tang smiled and placed the little one into her carrying basket.

Without further delay, she quickly headed towards the location of the grunting beast.

Hunting required no code of honor in combat.

Passing through the jungle and spotting a wild boar, Lin Tang aimed and fired.

A sharp whistling sound sliced through the air.


The crossbow bolt pierced the right eye of the large black mass not far away.


The Black Mountain boar let out ear-piercing wails.

It assumed an attacking stance, ready to charge.

The next second, another crossbow bolt flew, whistling through the air.

It pierced right above between its eyes.

This was the fatal weakness of a wild boar.

After being penetrated, its massive body collapsed with a thundering crash.

The dust and fallen leaves on the ground were blasted high into the air.

Generally speaking, wild boars appeared in groups.