6 Reason

Part 1, Luna's Pov

If there was one thing that I was sure about, it was that I had no feelings for the young master of the Augustine family.

He was the one that kept bothering me...and when the three girls brought this to my notice, it made me curious if that was the case.

Did he about me?

"...please deliver this message, Luna."

The girl asked with a smirk on her face, I couldn't help but feel annoyed by this.

"I am not your messenger...Merkel, you guys better understand that." I replied.

I didn't say it to provoke anyone and I was going to quietly leave them be, but...

" See what did I tell you Lena...she wouldn't deliver the message, why would she? when she had succeeded in seducing someone from such an esteemed family." One of her minions stood up from her seat and grabbed onto my arms tightly to not allow me from leaving.

" What makes you so brave Girl, do you think that your boyfriend will protect you from us?"

" What are you doing? I will report it to the faculty..." I protested.

Everyone was looking at us, as these girls were too loud, they had attracted the attention of everyone present in the canteen.

" Grab her," Lena ordered and the two girls moved to grab me. I tried to struggle but they were stronger...This was the first time that I realised that I was physically very weak, and the first time I have ever been in a situation like this.

"You are a very studious person...I wonder what will happen if you get banned from the library."

Lena said as she dropped my hot cocoa on the books...

For damaging the books, I will not be allowed into the library and I might have to pay a fine. But with so many witnesses around us, how are they planning to get away with this?

"You think you can do that openly, there are so many witnesses..." I pointed out.

" Hahaha...do you think anyone will report us? Only those who don't care about their own life will try to mess with my family."

The Girls laughed and openly mocked me in front of everyone...Do they think that this will bother me in any way?

" You still have that calm look on your face...looks like I will have to be more extreme with sluts like you," Lena said.

The two girls pulled my hair and then Lena started to slap me...

I was hoping that someone would step up to stop them but no matter how many times she slapped me. No one came to my rescue...

The method of torturing paled in comparison to what I had read in history books but...It was humiliating. Nobody had the right to do this to me...

My mind was filling with different methods that I could use to take revenge...Use a curse spell, no the academy will find out and it's forbidden. Use the help of the teachers, No, that's not even an option.

"Ethan Augustine is only mine...he is going to be my man so you better keep your hands away from him." She shouted.

'She is infatuated with that Idiot...Fine, I will use that Idiot against you...Stupid girl.' As the thought came across my mind, a plan was already formulated in my head.

. . . . . .

Part 2, Luna's Pov

"...I am sorry but didn't I say that I don't have feelings for you?" Ethan replied.

There was something wrong with this boy, I was expecting two types of reactions from him.

Either he would completely deny my proposal and will try to humiliate me like those girls or he would agree as soon as I offer to date.

He was considering it and was thinking carefully...

What was the goal of this guy? Was he truly making a connection with someone he thinks will hold a big position in the future...

'...Doesn't that mean, he is acknowledging that I will be one of the greatest mages...hmph, who needs his acknowledgement though.'

The thought made me happy for some reason but why isn't he giving a quick reply?

"Why do you want to be in a relationship with me?" He asked.

"For some reason... you don't need to know. I need you for something...You are necessary for what I have planned."

"...Then I must tell you that whatever you are planning might backfire. My reputation is the lowest of low among the nobles and even those with less power than my family try to pick a fight with me. If you think carefully, having a relationship with me will also affect you." He explained with a gloomy expression.

"It's not going to be for a long time, I need you until the end of this month only," I stated. "In return, I will help you form a vessel, I know a method to help you."

I don't know why I offered to do this but talking to him made me feel that this idiot might not have had any anterior motive, to begin with. He might truly turn out to be an ally I would need in the future.

. . . . . .

Part 3, Ethan's Pov

"...Alright, but you will have to first help me form the mana vessel."

I needed time to figure out the situation, what happened and what was she planning.

Also, I needed someone who will help me form a vessel otherwise I might have to do some dangerous things...She nodded her head in agreement and then we walked towards the alchemy class.

"...Hey, do you think I am ugly?" Just before we were about to reach the class Luna asked.

If I have to say, she was beautiful or not. Then yes but only according to me. She was beautiful but that might not be the opinion that others have of her because...

...She doesn't put any effort into presenting herself and she is quite skinny for her age.

...She Has no interest in anyone except books and learning magic.

...She is also a little bit unwelcoming and the type of person who others want to avoid, basically an Outcast.

There were a lot of things that needs improvement in her personality.

'Don't worry I will help you outshine anyone, just believe in me.' I gave her a positive response by raising my thumbs and showing a big smile on my face.




I and Luna decided to help me form a mana vessel on the weekend, on that day, students were allowed to leave the academy premises to enjoy their break outside. For now, I headed to my dorm room to deal with another important matter...

I opened the door to my dorm room and entered. The day had come to an end and intended to make up with my friend.

Davis was under his blanket...

'What is he trying to do?'

"Don't talk to me," Davis spoke. "We are not friends anymore."


"You are a traitor, you punched me for a girl."

"When? I never did that."

"You were going to do that... right?" Davis finally stopped sulking and spoke in a serious voice.

"Yes, but it was your fault," I replied.

"Are you serious about her?"

His questions weren't stopping, I didn't want to lie to my friend...

"I owe her...that girl is going to face a lot of hardship in the future and I want to repay my debt to her by helping her when she needs me."

"So, Do you like her or not?" He asked, Popping his head out of the blanket.

"...I like her as a friend," I answered, but I don't know why I hesitated in saying that.

"Liar...you like her so much that you can't even tolerate someone talking bad about her. Even if the person is your best friend, you are ready to bash their head if they say anything against her." Davis spoke.

Was that truly the case? No, it was not, I was sure about it...

"...Only love makes someone so daring." Davis continued to blubber slowly getting on my nerve.

" But I can't believe...For a girl...you will try to hit your best friend who had been by your side since you were a toddler."

"Enough...You bastard!" I finally reached a boiling point and picked up my pillow to attack him.

"Bring it on!" He was ready with his own.

'This is childish, but I have to teach him a lesson today.'

I thought as my battle with my friend begin...




" When did your swings become so fast and so strong?" Davis complained as he lay on his bed with his pillow torn from a corner and cotton leaking out from it.

" I am going gym nowadays..."

"Without me..."

"Why would I ask you? I thought you liked hanging around with chicks more after the classes."

"Yeah...I don't think I would have accompanied you even if you had asked, but I think I am free this weekend. I will at least try and see if I should do some exercises...now and then." Davis spoke and then added, "Let's go to that gym together early morning this weekend, since I have a lunch date with Laura Mauser in the afternoon."

"I also have a date this weekend..."

" Don't tell me it's that girl...I won't allow it...Never!"

" I need your help, Davis..."

" Yes, I will help you to run away from her...After all, we are friends. You might not know this but I am an expert when it comes to ditching chicks."

" No...I want you to find out if something happened to Luna yesterday."

" I can't..."

" Fine, I will do it myself."

Our conversation ended, and we finally made up. Although Davis was still persistent that I stay away from Luna and aim for a better option...He is young and doesn't understand that there is no better option.

The thing is that I never want to feel that way about anyone...

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