12 Mana Vessel Part 2

Part 1, Luna's Pov

Forming a mana vessel wasn't supposed to be a complicated task but something unexpected was happening. His body was wildly absorbing mana out of me... I thought that I would make him feel the pain myself but it seemed that his body was doing that without any intervention from me.

'...Why am I even helping him? Is taking revenge against that Bi*ch so important that I am helping someone who could potentially be an enemy?' I thought.

However soon I recounted the embarrassment that I had suffused from Lena and changed my thoughts...

'I would crush her no matter what I do.'

Now, I didn't even feel guilty about using Ethan for this after all it's not going to be for a long time.

I kept on spreading my mana through the mana veins and reached then dragged the weakest essence I could feel in his body towards a specific part. There were many places where my mana was entangled with more than one type but after several tries, I was able to segregate them.


I heard him gnashing his teeth because of the pain, how was he enduring it? Was he used to this kind of pain?

Any normal person would have become limp with pain and would have been groaning.

" Hey, Does it hurt?" I asked.

I was done with segregating the mana and what remained was to help him form that mana vessel.

" It hurt... But it's not as bad as I thought, thank you very much for making it less painful."

He smiled ... Suddenly my expression grew darker, and I felt guilty.

I don't know why did I feel that way? The expression that Ethan showed me just now was that of complete trust... What if Ethan is genuinely trying to help me? What if he had no hidden objective behind his action up until now?

I was no longer questioning whether or not I could trust him...

' Whatever, he will always be weaker than me.' I thought and restarted the process.

Instead of Segregating one type of mana, I drew all of it towards the core to form a vessel. I drew whatever type he had in his body at a slow and steady pace... I no longer tried to harm him. It was childish and cowardly... I shouldn't stoop too low, I was thankful that I realised that.

More and more time passed but I wasn't still done because of slowing down the process for effectiveness... And to not cause him unnecessary pain.

" I am not feeling pain any more... Are we done?" He asked.

" No ... Sit still," I ordered.

He seemed doubtful about something but didn't say anything. Maybe he wasn't a dimwitted guy after all... When he looked back at me from the corner of his eyes, I could feel the suspicion.

"Once we are done... I will reward you for helping me so much." He spoke.

' A Reward ... I guess there is no need to play nice, I should ask for as much as I can.'

Getting money from him for this work shouldn't leave any guilt in my heart about helping an enemy for no reason. I can use that money to enhance my progress.

Slowly I helped him form an ethereal mana vessel in the middle of his chest. The process was like making clay pots... Spinning the mana and making the surface as much solid as possible. There Shouldn't be any gaps.

Sweat rolled down from my forehead as this was a very complicated task if one is trying to avoid making the other not feel any pain... Ethan also stayed still as he must have felt the vessel in his body. I never had to instruct, it was as if he already knew what to do by himself.

He was slowly taking control of his mana and as the process came to an end I withdrew all of my mana out of his body... He ended up with a high-quality core after all.

He was familiar with this method more than I expected and... He was prepared for anything.

After I told him that we are done and he sensed his mana, a smile of relief appeared on his face and he looked towards me with no hostility in his eyes.


For some reason, I couldn't stop avoiding his gaze... Guilty or not, I was weirded out by my behaviour.

. . . . .

Part 2, Ethan's Pov

. . . . .

The vessel, I had this time was completely different from the one I had in my previous life...

It was complete and didn't hurt... How did Luna do it? I was sure that she did the same thing that was done to me in my previous life but why didn't it hurt this time?

" Thank you," I said.

She suddenly avoided my gaze and pondered something.

" You said that you will reward me... Well, then how much are you going to pay? I must tell you that it was very difficult because you have an unusual constitution... So– I expect a big reward."

Hmmm... I didn't mind if she asked for a reward but Luna seemed different.

I guessed something...

My father ordered Drax to kidnap the Miracle child... What if Luna was that child? It was believable since what she will be able to do in the future was nothing sort of a miracle.

" Yeah... About the reward, I wanted to give you this." I spoke and suddenly a pendant appeared in my hand out of nowhere.

The Ring that Drax had given me was a magical item to store things... It contains the two things that I had asked him to give me.

" What is this?"

" This is the 'Pendant of Elements'"

The Vessel of Red Dragon is a family heirloom so I can't give that to Luna... However, the Pendant of Elements had no affiliation with me or the Augustine Family. It was just a very valuable artefact that allowed one to control any element freely.

" Hmmm... I will take it." She took it easily, I thought I would have to convince her to take it.

Although she took it, her face instead of showing a satisfied expression ... looked like she had something to say but she couldn't.

" I don't know much about this pendant, I just know that it will help you control elemental magic more efficiently, if you want to know more ...you can ask Drax."

Her expression stiffened when I mentioned Drax and she looked at me with furious eyes.

What's with me? I knew the possibility of her being the Miracle Child of Yuradel and still ended up suggesting to talk with the person who kidnapped her.

At this point ... I was sure about her origins.

It would be better for everyone if those two didn't meet at all.




" Young master, The Duke will be contacting us soon..." Drax informed me once we returned to his office.

He had also prepared something to eat for us on the table... I sat down and started to do it. Luna sat in front of me but didn't eat anything ... I didn't mind, I wasn't going to say that she should eat because I knew she had become extremely suspicious of me because of Drax.

I will need to resolve this matter at a later time.

A few minutes later, When I was just about to be done from eating?

Drax informed me that the communication crystal is connected...

There was a huge crystal ball placed on his table which showed an image of Duke Angus...

He was one of the Sword Masters in the kingdom and many of his knights were also around his level... Even some mage families worked under them.

Duke Edvard Nox Angus, was a man in his forties. Despite his age, his face and body were full of vitality. With focused eyes like a predator and the demeanour of a king, he sat on his throne in the image with elegance.

" I am Ethan Augustine," I spoke without any greeting. " I don't have much time so let's discuss the important things only."

" Hmm... What is it?" He asked.

" You can win the rebellion war if you become my ally." I offered, waiting to see his reaction before giving more details.

" I don't want to ally with the Augustine family."

" I don't mean my family ... I want you to ally with me."

" Hoh... That is indeed possible, you have much more to offer compared to your family since you are the only Pure Blood Augustine who is alive. However, I have heard a strange rumour that you haven't even formed a mana vessel."

I didn't expect the Duke to know about such things... Were influential people keeping an eye on me because I was Pure Blood?

" I have a mana vessel... You are wrong."

I was nervous, even in my previous life I avoided talking with people of high status. I was never taught how to... One has to make sure to hide their true intentions while speaking with people like Duke Angus.

" Then it's fine I guess... But how will you be helpful to me in winning the war."

I wasn't sure why the conversation was flowing so smoothly but it seemed that the Duke was also interested in an alliance with me for some reason.

" I will tell you a weakness of the imperial family."

" What weakness?"

" You have to do something for me before I tell you what is that weakness."

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