11 Mana Vessel Part 1

Part 1 Ethan's Pov

Drax took out a ring with a red gem over it and used a cleansing spell to clear the ring. I stretched my hands to carefully hold the ring in my hand and stepped back.

Noticing the worried look on our faces, Drax rubbed the back of his head and spoke,

" I am cursed... I used to be a human but one day I was cursed by Goddess Yuradel... As you can see I turned into this and I am unable to take my own life... I can only be killed by someone blessed by goddess Yuradel."

When Drax spoke those words, Luna gulped and her face became even pale.

" Why did she curse you? She is the goddess of nature and life... She loves every being. You must have committed a heinous crime for her to curse you, there is no way that the merciful goddess would do that."

She shouted, her face enraged for some reason...

" I stole the miracle child from the temple..."

I didn't know what that meant but the situation between them was all of a sudden heating up. Before Luna could say anything else, I decided to intervene...

" Drax is a kind person Luna, I can guarantee that."

" Why would I believe you? What do you think you are?"

Huh? Did I say something that hurt her? Was she a devout follower of the Goddess?

" I am sorry Luna... But Drax must have had a reason. I don't know anything about that miracle child but I believe in Drax... Drax, tell us what did you do to that child after stealing him." I tried to side with Drax and then asked him what he did to the child. If he can't answer why he did that then he could at least answer what he did to the child.

" I gave her to my master... To the head of the Augustine family."

" My father?"

" Yes... He said that they needed to protect her from something. Your father would never hurt a child and I knew that she had a better future under the care of your father."

I was confused, I lost my parents when I was not even four years old but I have never heard them talk about another child... They were not very talkative in front of me. My mother was the only person in my memories who spoke with me, but even she used to spend very less time with me...compared to the servants so I was never able to understand what kind of people they were.

" Were they kind people?" I asked because I wasn't sure.

" Your father was the noblest man, I ever knew... Even your mother, she was the–"

Drax wanted to say something about my mother but stopped. I tried to analyse Luna's expression and saw that she was still not calm. I thought it wasn't the right time to ask her why she was this angry.

Is she the miracle child? No way... She even went against the temple in my previous life so how can she be? I dismissed these thoughts from my mind.

" Anyway... I have something else to ask."

I ignored her for now... We can always talk after I am done with what I came to do today.

" What is it, young master?"

" I want to contact Duke Angus..."

" The rebelling duke... Why? Why do you want to contact him."

Drax's face paled when he heard what I said...

The rebellion will form a big war for the throne between Duke Angus and the imperial family... I knew the future, the last time I fought for the Royal family but this time I have decided to choose another side.

" Just answer me Drax... Can you contact him or not?" I asked in an authoritative tone.

Drax was someone who had given a knight's oath to my father and as his knight, he had to serve me as well... Although, he has every right to refuse to be my knight as well. However, if he truly cares about his own being passed onto me then he will do as I say.

" Yes... I can."

After hearing that I asked Drax to arrange a meeting using the magical tools... And, I also asked Drax to arrange a room for me and Luna where we can form a mana vessel.

. . . . . .

Part 2, Luna's Pov

Everything was a lie whatever I was told up until this point was a lie... My mentors lied to me, was it to keep me safe?

I had various kinds of thoughts in my mind but would it be safe to ask them?

" Let's go... Aren't you gonna help me?" Ethan asked.

He was no longer the idiot... I couldn't just see him in the same light. Was everything a trap after all?

If that was true then I surely learnt something today... Humans like him can pretend to be kind in such a way that you wouldn't even doubt what kind of person they are.

Now it all made sense as to why he approached me. He knew about my origins and he wanted to use me for his own goals... It went far beyond the shenanigans of nobles. It seemed to be an objective passed down from the previous head of Augustine.

I gritted my teeth and followed him...

I would not hesitate to kill him if I sense something weird... I just want to get out of this place as soon as possible. No matter what I might have to do.

" So, you told me that we need an isolated place to form a mana vessel, is this place good enough?" He asked.

" Yes ... It is just a matter of time, but I must tell you that it would hurt a lot," I warned him... I was purposefully going to make the process painful.

That was my advance revenge plan in case he does something bad to me in the future. I will make him feel the pain that he had never witnessed ever in his life.

I told Ethan to sit in a meditative position and put my hand over his chest... The mana transfer method is not a well-known method. However, it's not very uncommon.

Normally a mana vessel is formed through one's effort but there are some cases where people lack the talent to sense mana in thier own body or find it hard to channel it.

Mana transfer is normally done by a family member who shares a genetically similar mana but it can also be performed by others.

What I was going to do was send my mana to Ethan's body and forcefully channel it. Normally it must be done slowly otherwise the mana veins might get damaged.

I was going to channel mana at a rate where it wouldn't cause significant damage but it would hurt a lot.

" Are you going to use the mana transfer method?" He asked.

" Did you know about this method?" I asked, if he knew something then I might easily get caught.

" I know a bit but not completely... But I don't think it is supposed to hurt much." He spoke confidently as if knew what it felt like.

" There can be variations ...it's also supposed to depend on the person who is doing it."

" Yeah, that makes sense... Don't worry I will stay still so that I don't cause any problems for you."

For a moment I felt guilty but suddenly I remembered that he might potentially be an enemy in the future...

" I am not one to break promises so I will help you from a vessel but I warn you that it will be pain like never before."

" You can start."

I pressed my hand in the middle of his chest and sent a quick wave of mana to allow the body to get familiarised with it. It was also to check whether or not he fulfilled the requirements to form a vessel.

I felt a response, my mana collided with his mana, and there was something that I haven't expected.

" You have more than one type of mana?" I looked at him... Was he aware? If this was the case then Ethan Augustine could never be a threat to me.

" Yes... But it should not be a problem if we disregard other types we can use one type of mana to form a vessel."

I didn't say anything about not being able to proceed... Did he not know that despite having more than one type of mana? There was still something special about him.

Despite having different types of mana, the mana was not fluctuating... His body made him special because it absorbed and channelled mana at a steady pace. No wonder he was such an energetic person.

That will not make him a strong mage but it should at least grant him versatility... We can use all types of mana to form a single core that will help him specialise in almost every type of spell faster than others.

However, I didn't tell him that and did as he said... If he doesn't know then it's his fault that he would end up with a lacking core.

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