My Beautiful Master Is A Yandere

Yan Shun. The Eldest Brother Of The Divine Sword Peak. Or...the weakest of the Divine Sword Peak. All four of his Junior Sisters hated him to the bone. The reason? He really doesn't know... He only tried to save them, but that always led to a big problem which made him look like the bad guy... And if he's the bad guy...obviously, there's a hero... He didn't know...but it seemed that the world was always against him... But, his fate changed... When, Luo Xueying, his beautiful master... Confessed to him... "Beloved disciple... Truth be told... I... I love you~!" [The Affection System Has Been Activated!] "Uhh...?" . . . Addition Tags: Anti-Hero MC, Beautiful Heroine, Calm MC, Devoted Lover, Extremely Handsome MC, Reverse Rape, No-Yuri, No-NTR, Mature Beauties, Divine Goddesses, Immortal Goddesses, Yandere, Demonic Goddesses, Witches, Immortal Fairies, Ancient Beauties, Unparalleled Sect Masters, Evil Empress, Gorgeous Empresses, Battle Between Harem, Yandere Harem

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My...Master Loves Me...?

"Senior Brother, if you dare approach me once again, I won't hesitate to draw my sword!"

A beautiful woman said directly to her Senior Brother, she noticed that he frowned, but ignored it.

Her Senior Brother was simply the biggest villain!

He tried to steal her underwear, and even pinned her down!

And like he still wasn't satisfied by that, he also attacked her three Junior Sisters!

Meanwhile, Yan Shun, her Senior Brother, found himself even more hurt than he ever was.

After being brought to the Sect by his Master, he started his cultivation journey!

However, due to his mediocre talent, he was still stuck in the first realm...

The Peak of the Bone Tempering Realm.

But, he still remained firm and continued cultivating while learning many techniques...

Until, one day, his Master brought out four Junior Sisters.

He was extremely happy!

He finally had someone to talk with!

After all, his Master only cultivated in seclusion...so, they really didn't have a close connection.

He...really tried to dot on them...but things...went wrong.

When he tried to save his First Junior Sister, he accidentally tripped down and squeezed her breasts...

When he tried to help his Second Junior Sister, he somehow pushed her skirt down and even fell under her legs.

When he tried to accompany his Third Junior Sister, he found himself on top of her...

When he tried to teach his Fourth Junior Sister... he was hit with an aphrodisiac and almost violated her.

It was like the world was simply against him!

And not that being enough, there's also an annoying guy, always 'saving' them, and easily...

All four of them fell in love with that same guy...

Although, he looked quite average...yet he was simply too overpowered!

He could beat a person with a big realm above him!

He also was a 3rd Grade Alchemist! And for his age and cultivation...he was simply too talented!

"Ugh... Why does this always happen to me?" He sighed, leaning against his comfy bed.

"The only thing good about me...is only my appearance, nothing more... I wonder why Master brought me here... she should've know about my mediocre talent..."

Yan Shun sighed.

As he looked at the ceiling, he couldn't help but wonder...

What exactly is the reason Master brought me here?

To have some company?


She always ends up in seclusion...

Then, for what reason?

"Master...I wonder why..." He sighed softly.


"Dear disciple, may I come in?" A voice chimed, its softness underscored by a hint of chill.

The words wafted through the door, reaching his ears with a certain elegance.

On the other side stood Luo Xueying, his beautiful Master.

"Master, the door is open for you."

With the creaking of the door, a vision unfurled—a woman of exceptional beauty...

A face of divine craftsmanship gazed out from under a crown of snow-white, cascading hair, falling like a silken waterfall.

Eyes, like twin sapphires, that shone like the blue ocean.

Her skin was as pure as newly fallen snow, a canvas of delicate perfection.

Her figure was a testament to her allure, with curves and a big bosom that could attract any man.

Her plump and beautiful long legs only accentuated her even more.

This was Luo Xueying, Yan Shun's Master...

And the strongest person in the Holy Land Of The Beginning.

In the past, Yan Shun used to blush completely when he saw her, but now... only a small faint smile remained on his face.

He grew...and now something like Lust, didn't affect him.

"Master? What can I do for you?" He smiled lightly.

Instead of replying, Luo Xueying approached the bed and sat down. Then, as she looked at Yan Shun, she patted her thighs.

Which, he immediately understood what she wanted, since, from the moment he came here, she had always done this to him.

He moved closer to Luo Xueying and laid down his head on her delicate thighs.

"Mas...Master... Do you need anything? Usually, we've only done this when there's something to celebrate..." He asked softly.

However, under his gaze,

His beautiful master tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. Her seductive red lips curled slightly, as she asked.

"Shun'er...is your Master beautiful...?"

Yan Shun found himself entranced by his Master's words; her gaze locked onto him, stirring a gentle storm within his chest.

Her smile, a rare treasure, illuminated the chambers of his once vacant heart, casting out shadows of loneliness.

Yet, amid the sweetness, a hint of puzzlement lingered...

Why would she pose such a question?

After all, she stood regal as one of the Seven Divine Fairies, a title encompassing the world's most exquisite women.

The Seven Divine Fairies represented a league of unparalleled beauty, where comparisons blurred like mist.

And among these illustrious figures, Yan Shun's own Master reigned as one.

So, why would she inquire about something so evident?

Yan Shun took a deep breath, and while locking his gaze on hers, he spoke in a soft voice.

"Master, you're gorgeous! Amidst all of the women I have ever seen, you will always remain the most beautiful of all of them."

He spoke sincerely, the words that came out of his mouth, were propelled directly from his heart.

A faint blush colored his Master's cheeks in response to his words, her heart dancing as Yan Shun's confession unfolded like petals in bloom.

With her intuition, she recognized the sincerity in his words—his feelings were genuine.

And then, unexpectedly, a soft vulnerability infused her voice as she posed her own confession,

"Then, my Dear Disciple, I have a confession to share. But first, promise me this—will you stand by your Master, even if my words threaten to alter the fabric of our Master-Disciple bond?"

Yan Shun's reply was a simple nod.

"I swear upon my Dao Heart," He proclaimed, a declaration that kindled a radiant smile upon Luo Xueying's countenance.

Beneath his unwavering gaze, she inhaled deeply, her cheeks faintly flushed with a rosy hue.

"Beloved disciple... Truth be told... I... I love you~!"

[The Affection System Has Been Activated!]


"My...Master Loves Me...?" He blurted out.


In an instant, Luo Xueying vanished from Yan Shun's sight...

Though it happened in a flash, he caught a glimpse of her flushed, tomato-red cheeks.

His head met the soft mattress of his bed as his mind swirled with thoughts...

"My Master... loves me..." He repeated, the weight of the confession sinking in.

"...So that's why she mentioned her confession might change things..."

With a gentle sigh, he whispered to himself, "...I'll share my feelings... later..." His gaze shifted to a holographic display...

[The Affection System has been Activated!]

"Affection system...? What's that?"

[Ding! This system will help you become stronger!]

"Stronger... How can I become stronger?" He asked, his expression neutral.

He had abandoned his cultivation a few months ago...

[Basically, you just need to earn the affection of many women! Then, you can unlock various special rewards!]

"Affection, huh? I guess my appearance can finally be useful..."

[Plus, you can view your attributes by saying "Status Window"!]

"...Status Window?"

Suddenly, an enormous blue panel materialized in front of Yan Shun, widening his eyes in astonishment.

[Status Window—

Host: Yan Shun (21)

Identity: Holy Land Of The Beginning: Divine Sword Peak, Eldest Disciple.

Cultivation: Bone Tempering (9th-Layer)

Cultivation Technique: Basic Qi Method

Special Physique: Heavenly Fragrance Charm Body (Unawakened)

Bloodline: N/A

Martial Arts: Clear Sky Sword Art (Low Spirit Grade), Mountain Breaking Palm (Low Spirit Grade)

Battle Prowess: 1.7 Times Weaker Than Average.]

"1.7 times weaker than average? I'm really trash..."

[Seeing the host's current strength, a modest enhancement is warranted.]

[Initiating the Awakening of the Heavenly Fragrance Charm Body...]


In an instant, a gentle pink radiance enveloped Yan Shun's entire form.

The sensation was akin to a warm embrace, spreading a comforting heat throughout his being.

Subtle yet discernible changes began to ripple across his features.

His facial contours experienced a subtle tightening, and his muscles gracefully shifted and aligned, as if guided by an invisible hand.

As the rosy radiance dissipated, Yan Shun's gaze widened as he beheld his own reflection in the mirror...

He bore long, cascading locks of snow-white hair that seemed to gleam even in the dimmest light.

His eyes, as deep as the darkest abyss, held an air of mystique.

His physique was a masterpiece of artistry, sculpted with precision and care, embodying both flawlessness and fragility in perfect harmony.

It was as if a master sculptor had meticulously crafted his form, ensuring every curve and line conveyed elegance.

However...as he touched himself, he noticed that his skin, his muscles, and everything...were quite delicate...

As if he had the body of a woman and a man at the same time...

But, everything made sense as a hologram appeared just before him.

[Heavenly Fragrance Charm Body

Rank: Unknown

Description: An unknown ranked body. Grants the host boundless beauty, aroma, pose, and stature! The host's charm will grow for eternity!

Disclaimer: The host will have a skin of a woman.]

"This feels weird..."

However, as he looked back at his status, he noticed that his battle prowess hadn't changed anything.

"Only my beauty, huh?" He exclaimed softly.

"System... anything more?" He asked expectantly.

[Opening Affection List...]

[Affection List—

• Luo Xueying (Master): Love [Tier 3]

- Rewards: Not available.

- Special Event: To gain rewards, the host needs to answer Luo Xueying's Love Confession.

• Yao Meili (Divine Phoenix Peak's Master): Strangers [Tier 5]

- Rewards: None

• Gu Youwei (First Junior Sister): Extreme Hate [Tier 4]

• Feng Xian (Second Junior Sister): Hate [Tier 4]

• Gao Yue (Third Junior Sister): Hate [Tier 2]

• Wan Meixiang (Fourth Junior Sister): Extreme Disgust [Tier 3]

Warning: The Host can only get rewards from people with good affection towards himself.]

"Huh... could you explain this Tiers?" Yan Shun asked, tilting his head with a confused expression.

[There are Five Tiers, from 5 to 1. 5 is the highest meaning that it can break through to another grade of affection.]

[1 is the lowest, meaning that if the host makes something unfavorable to the target, it can lower the grade of affection by a certain amount.]

[The grades of affection are: Mortal Enemy, Extreme Hate, Hate, Extreme Disgust, Disgust, Strangers, Friends, Best Friends, Crush, and Love. There are also more grades...but those are almost impossible to reach.]

[However, if one of the targets reaches that level of affection, the host will gain Godly Rewards!]

"...Uhm...why are there only 6 women on the list?"

[Only Top-Tier beauties can appear in the list.]

"Oh... makes sense..." He sighed.

"Then... I guess I'll pay my dear Master...a visit."