1 Prologue

Provence café

This was not the best café in the capital, perhaps not even among the best, and not many people came here. Perhaps this was one of the reasons that it was chosen…

Wan Jia ordered her favorite espresso macchiato and sipped on it slowly as she waited for her friend. Four years ago, she had come to this exact café and ordered the same drink, met the same person but under different circumstances. Back then, she made tough choices; some right , others wrong, ruffled a few feathers…well, not exactly, she had probably ruffled a lifetime supply of feathers.

However, given the circumstances back then, she could almost swear that she would make the same choices even if she were given another life. Eer…most of them, really. The past was gone. She could not predict the future so how about facing it as it comes?

After all, it's not every day that she offends a very influential big shot, leaves the country for three years and comes back intending to offend the same man! Does she have a death wish? Wan Jia laughed at her own mashup of fear and determination. What other choice does she have? Let him take what is hers and lay low and do nothing? If she doesn't make him beg for her mercy then her surname is not He. Pfft…as if her surname is He in first place.

Oh, wait! That's not the main point. The main point is…can she really make Lu Aotian beg for her mercy? THE Lu Aotian who runs Lu Enterprise, the largest company in the capital which has business running in at least 75% of the industries in the capital( and rumor has it that the CEO Lu Aotian is actually planning to venture into the remaining 25%. Dude! Is he trying to take over the city? He even has power in the underworld not to mention his overseas influence. He's probably not after the city but the world.)

Messing with such a man was really…..

At that moment, Yun Xuan came in. she had a 500 mega watt smile plastered across her beautiful face and literally threw herself onto Wan Jia to hug her.

"Wanwan! I missed you! She exclaimed and kissed Wan Jia's forehead which was very similar to hers.

Wan Jia, who was still in a daze after being almost thrown off her seat smiled back, revealing two rows of white teeth which looked even whiter against her pink lips. She hugged her best friend back. This was their third meeting in their lives. The first meeting had only been to make a deal, the second was under a much worse situation…

Strictly speaking, they had not met for almost three years and had become best friends just by chatting online. Even weirder was the fact that they should in fact have been enemies considering the uncountable number of times they caused trouble for each other. Sure enough, women are the most unpredictable creatures.

Wan Jia twisted her hip which was aching slightly from being uncomfortable for a while. Yun Xuan realized her move and pulled herself from the hug embarrassedly and sat opposite her, ordering the same drink as her best friend when a waiter came around.

"So…are you back for good?" Yun Xuan broke the momentary silence as she took a little sip.

"Probably not. "

"How long will you be staying?"

"Depends on my progress dealing with you-know-who"

"I see…" Yun Xuan fell into thought. Although she claims she wants to deal with him, why does she feel like there's a trace of loneliness in her eyes? While it's normal to be lonely in her situation, she seems to be longing for something different, neither justice nor revenge. Eer…this girl wouldn't be still having feelings for Lu Aotian, would she?

That was quite possible, after all the first love is always the hardest to forget and she and Lu Aotian had loved each other so much that there was almost no love remaining for other couples to love each other, the Lu couple had taken it all! Lu Aotian doted on her to the point of making other men feel self conscious and all other women jealous of her. Really, there's such a thing as too much love! Yun Xuan subconsciously rolled her eyes just thinking about it.

While their separation relieved her from having to watch their public display of affections all the way from a very different corner of the planet, she felt bad for her friend who had almost gotten severe depression from their break up.

After gossiping for long enough to finish three cups of espresso macchiato, the two friends left the café and strode along the street for a while before parting ways. Just before they hugged each other goodbye, Wan Jia spotted something from the corner of her eye.

A tall man stepped out of a white sports car and helped out a little girl,seemingly three years old. She wore a lace pink princess dress with pink ribbons tied up her long pigtails and was hugging a white stuffed koala. She blinked her cute, big eyes towards her father and stretched out one arm towards him white the other still held her toy, expressing that she wanted to be carried.

Wan Jia couldn't stop herself from clenching her fists. That adorable little girl was practically a miniature version of herself.

That must be her daughter...

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