20 Lin Dong’s Advantage

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Although Lin Dong was trying to adjust himself and did not have the time to give orders, the battleship was still operating on its own.

The exterior simulation, optical computer, and detection radar were all operating.

The information scanned by the detection radar was quickly transmitted into the optical computer. The voice of the optical computer rang out in the command cabin, prompting the commander to take action.

"The detection radar has found traces of the enemy. The results are as follows: Rank 1 interstellar civilization. Planet-grade fortresses: 2 units., medium threat. Battleships: 2,456 units, medium threat. Habitable planets: 10 units, low threat."

The detection speed of the detection radar was quick.

This was a galaxy with 12 planets.

4 of them were habitable planets, 3 were military fortresses, and a large number of battleships were cruising around the galaxy.

However, this information was not the most important. The most important thing was that this was a rank 1 interstellar civilization!

An interstellar civilization that had the ability to leave the planet's surface and colonize other planets.

However, they were usually unable to leave their home galaxy and could only develop in the surrounding galaxy. Hence, they were also known as interstellar civilization.

To Lin Dong, this was a huge piece of meat!

Close to 2,500 units of battleships. This number was extremely shocking.

Lin Dong was outnumbered by a lot. The number of battleships could make up for the difference in strength to a certain extent.

However, Lin Dong was not worried. It was merely a rank 1 interstellar civilization.

Their battleships' combat power was even inferior to the unenhanced Spark battleship.

Furthermore, compared to the unenhanced Spark battleship that only carried the 5 standard modules without quality, the Thunder Flash was superior in terms of both the quality of the modules and combat power.

Regardless of whether it was the battleship's armor, firepower or speed, the battleships of these rank 1 civilizations were far inferior to Lin Dong's Thunder Flash.

As long as Lin Dong did not act foolishly, if he were to fight head-on in this battle, he would not be in danger.

More importantly, the battleships of a rank 1 interstellar civilization basically would not be equipped with energy shields. This was because the price was too high and it was impossible to popularize. This was another great advantage for Lin Dong's battleship.

Their main cannons were unable to penetrate the energy shields of his Thunder Flash and cause effective damage to the armor.

However, Lin Dong did not have such concerns.

As long as he was careful not to be surrounded and attacked by thousands of battleships, it would be fine.

"Rank 1 civilization. Hahaha!"

Lin Dong looked at the optical computer in the command cabin and laughed heartily. He was lucky this time.

Normally speaking, the enemies that the Spark battleship encountered in the alternate space battlefield were not all rank 1 interstellar civilizations.

Instead, they were determined by the level of each Spark battleship.

When the Spark battleship's overall combat strength was below LV5, most of the enemies that it encountered in the alternate space battlefield were rank 1 interstellar civilizations. There was only a small probability that he would encounter rank 2 interstellar civilizations.

When the Spark battleship's overall combat power rating exceeded LV5, the probability of encountering rank 1 civilizations was only 20%, and the probability of encountering rank 2 civilizations was 80% .

When its combat power rating exceeded LV10, it was basically impossible to encounter rank 1 civilizations.

Therefore, there had always been people saying that below LV5 was the novice stage of the Spark battleship.

To allow people to transition from newbie to veteran.

Currently, the Thunder Flash's overall combat power was LV6, and there was a high probability that it would encounter a rank 2 interstellar civilization.

The combat power of a rank 2 interstellar civilization was far higher than that of a rank 1 interstellar civilization.

The Thunder Flash's combat strength was not its advantage. The 5 standard modules it carried were considered common. The main reason was that the gold additional module, the exterior simulation, had raised its overall combat power.

Lin Dong could easily bully a rank 1 interstellar civilization.

The Thunder Flash would have a hard time fighting against a rank 2 interstellar civilization.

Another reason for being happy this time around was due to the number of opponents in this alternate space battlefield.

The number of source points obtained was limited by the number of times a battleship was passed down. For example, when the Thunder Flash became a 3rd generation battleship in Lin Dong's hands, the rate of obtaining source points was only 25%. In other words, destroying a rank 1 interstellar civilization's battleship would give 1 source point. However, when it came to Lin Dong's side, it was only 0.25 source point.

However, if Lin Dong could destroy more battleships, it would be able to make up for it.

In his previous life, the first time Lin Dong had entered the alternate space battlefield, he had met a rank 1 interstellar civilization's pioneer fleet. There were only 100 battleships, so Lin Dong did not obtain a lot of source point from it.

This time, Lin Dong directly appeared in the interior of the rank 1 civilization's home galaxy His could expect himself to obtain a good amount of source points.

A foreign battleship like the Thunder Flash suddenly appeared in this prosperous galaxy, yet people did not realize it.

The few fleets patrolling also did not make any unusual movements.

As time passed, more than 10 minutes after the Thunder Flash appeared, there was still no reaction from this civilization. Previously, when it was scanned by the detection radar, there was not much reaction from them as well.

This was not because of the civilization's technical problems or negligence.

Any civilization would be covered with detection equipment inside and outside their home galaxy. This was the most basic self-protection literacy.

Moreover, this civilization already had the ability to turn the planet into a fortress and put it into action.

This meant that they were aware of danger and were not unwary civilizations.

A civilization without any vigilance would basically not be able to develop to the current situation. Before they could fly out of their home galaxy, they would be destroyed by other forces.

The reason why Lin Dong was still not detected was very simple, exterior simulation!

When the Thunder Flash entered the alternate space battlefield, it had already activated the exterior simulation function. Its simulation ability was not affected by alternate space.

After all, it was the only gold additional module on the battleship. It was far from being comparable to other modules, and its ability was sufficiently stable.

If it were other battleships that carried exterior simulation modules, the effect would not be as good as Lin Dong's.

This was because when others entered the alternate space battlefield, They were just lucky to be able to find a alternate space signal, and time was not controlled by individuals.

Moreover, the activation of the exterior simulation required a considerable amount of energy. It would last for 24 hours and require 24 hours of buffer time.

Since they could not determine the time to enter the alternate space, it was naturally impossible to use the exterior simulation function before they entered the alternate space.

Lin Dong's personal support system and the exterior simulation brought about a new advantage.

When the 2 were combined, the effect was far better than expected.

Just like Lin Dong, the Thunder Flash had clearly appeared in this civilization's home galaxy and was eyeing it covetously. However, they still did not discover anything unusual.

This allowed Lin Dong to not immediately enter battle mode like the other Spark battleships after entering the alternate space battlefield.

Instead, he was able to gather information about the battlefield in a relatively calm manner. After which, he would decide on a strategy based on the actual situation.

If he encountered an enemy that he was unable to defeat, he could quietly withdraw and not reveal the slightest bit of his strength.

The alternate space battlefield would open for 24 hours. After which, the Spark battleship would be repelled by the alternate space battlefield. If he entered the battlefield without being discovered, he would be able to safely withdraw after hiding for 24 hours.

If Lin Dong encountered an opponent of similar strength, he would have the upper hand because of the exterior simulation.

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