My Battleship Can Receive Infinite Upgrades Book

novel - Sci-fi

My Battleship Can Receive Infinite Upgrades

Nothern Snow

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In the interstellar era, spaceships had become the most powerful fighting vehicle in existence. The special Spark battleship had the power to periodically enter the alternate space to collect resources and enhance the ship. With the help of a personal support system, Lin Dong had entered the alternate space. “Scan” could inspect a ship’s growth potential so that Lin Dong could choose the most perfect one. “Double source point acquisition” could increase the obtained resources by two to a hundred times. “Module characteristics selection” allowed Lin Dong to choose the module for his ship instead of having it randomly generated like everyone else. “Alternate space signal acquisition” allowed Lin Dong to notice and discover the energy emitted by alternate spaces. With the help of the system, Lin Dong began his interstellar journey. By acquiring all the resources he came across to strengthen his ship, he had become the strongest commander in the universe. He would travel across galaxies to conquer planets and civilizations, killing those who chose to fight against him. This is a story of endless discoveries and challenges.


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