9 Talk to the pot, Dad!

oh hey! sorry was a little busy here. We are having a small function here... hehe

You noisy little brat would you mind shutting up!? Ah where is it again? Oh here it is! Okay .....let's do this...Ouch!!!! Irina! Irina! Where are you?! Get over here.

Babushka do you really have to shout so loud? Mama can hear you know, She's not deaf!

*A slipper flys across the room and hits Anastasia*

Anastasia: Ow! that hurt

Mariya: That's what you get for talking back to me!

Anastasia: Owww! Nonaa....

Irina: Ma! what's happening here?!

Mariya: Finally! you're here. come help me straighten my hair.

Irina: Are you okay, sweetie?

Anastasia: Yes mama.

*Irina straightens Mariya's hair with a straightener*

A few minutes later...

Anastasia: Ma...how do I look?! *fumbling around with her dress*

Irina: You look great sweetie :)

Mariya: Amazing! I mean... just look at her! she's just gorgeous! those beautiful features. The enchanting eyes and smile. The dazzling grace. She's pure elegance! I have no means to express the admiration. she's just perfect!

Irina: Psst~ hey... is she.... is she really talking to her reflection?

Anastasia: Yes, yes she is * sighs*

Irina: Okay maa.... We really need to spend some more time together....

Note: Irina is Anastasia's mother. :))