8 Mother.....

Hi guys! Good to see you..

Babushka is now busy gossiping with the neighbour and roasting her so we got some free time over here.

Umm.... so this episode is just for telling you guys something more about my past.

So, the reason why I live with my grandma is because my mom works overseas.

She's a high end fashion designer who travels a lot, So it had been very difficult for me to go on with my studies. Most of the time I would be home. Alone.

I didn't get to spend much time with my mom when I was a kid. This was because she was always busy making our ends meet. There was hardly any money when I was a kid. It was really difficult for my mother to pay the bills. And as I started going to school she had to work 3 jobs a day to manage everything. She hardly had any time for me.

Every weekend we would go to Babushka's home because my mom wouldn't come home the day. Each Monday as she picked me up we could see how tired she would be. Her eyes had become very red due to the lack of sleep. Her once flawless skin was now very dull and pale. The once gorgeous woman u knew now was having dark circles. Babushka would always ask her if she needed any help. But mom would always deny it. Back at that time, I would always be terribly angry when she sad that. I wouldn't talk to her for days. Little did I know what she was going through. Now as an adult I feel terribly ashamed of myself. But mom has never changed. She has always been the loving fairy I always knew.

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