3 It's raining men hallelujah!

Nonnaaaa... nonaaa

Nona where are you?

Oh lass! goodness what's the matter with you? let me just watch these handsomes in peace.


Grandma the handsomes you say are old geezers!

For you! Not.For.Me.

You know what I'm not even gonna say.

I just came to ask you why are random things on the floor again?

I thought you were over it!

Oh come on lass you know my system.

Grandma but you never follow it.

what?! of course I do

I throw random stuff on the floor because whenever I see them out of place agin I'll remember what I'm forgetting. See? Hella smart.

This would have been a great system if you wouldn't have messed up.

What mess up? I remember everything clearly! That pillow over there is to remind me that I am supposed to switch the stove off-

oh shit! * Mariya rushes off*

Grandma! don't tell me you burnt the house down!!

I didn't... it's fine.....

Btw, on a totally unrelated context..... do you know where the hose is? he he

Okay this is not gonna work

See you guys later while I fix this.

prinesi shlang babushke!

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