6 Childhood me!

So yeah! I wasn't always this cold.( atleast that's what mum says). So to be frank I was kind of a softie. Yeah, so mom often tells me stories of when I was a child. This one was when my Babushka tried inculcating some family tradition in me. Take it away author~

* Mariya puts a toy gun and a weird looking mexican hat on Anastasia's favorite teddy.*

Alright pelmini! imagine that this guy is coming to attack you, what would ya do?

Hi I'm Anastasia! you can call me Ana for short. I know we aren't friends now so that's why you want to hurt me. But my teacher says that hurting is bad. So why don't we be frien-

What the- No! That's not it ya little munchkin. You're supposed to attack ya no! Go for his knees. well that's the only place you can reach....so yeah... ATTACK!

*Anastasia running towards the bear*

Babushka: Oh yeah!!!!!

* Anastasia goes near the teddy only to lunge on his knees,hugging his knees*

Wait what?! No not like this. Scratch him or something.

But that would hurt him! And hurting is bad!

Listen you munchkin! What I'm teaching is supposed to hurt people. okaayy?

Anastasia: But if I hurt him would he still want to be my friend?

Babushka: *inhales deeply*

*****!! Your child is broken!

(Note: ***** is the name of Anastasia's mother)

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