2 A try to give you guys some content

Babushka!!! it's getting late! our readers are already here!!

Oh calm down will you?! Let a grandma get ready in peace!

*Anastasia whispers while rolling her eyes* And by the time you finish the World War 3 will also be done and dusted.

What did you sayyyy?

I said you are beautiful!

Yeah? * raises eyebrows* aaaannndddd for some reason I don't believe you.

*After an eternity*

Ok people I'm here!

* Anastasia whispering* And my end is also near.

You say something Pelmini?! *the death stare* DUN DUN DUN!!!

Nothing up to your standards your highness.

Good that you know!

Ugh...Seriously grandma? that wasn't a good come back. that was just so lame. I guess now I know the reason why we don't have any readers, huh.

Ha! and what would you know? It's like that Dead Sirius joke! Get it? Get it? like the sirius black in Harry Potter.

*Anastasia pulls the poker face*

Ha! And this idiot says I'm not funny!

you. are. not.


Anyways let's begin!

Wait! oh my lord! what is that on your head?!


the red thing!

The hat? that's black...

no beneath it!

what? I don't have anything beneath it-

oh okay I get it

that's my hair... Babushka -_-

oh my! where did you get those from?

You! Grandma you! We all have your stupid carrot hair! *rolls eyes*

oh then you must be the odd one out! *humph* Honestly readers both her mother and aunt got these wonderful genetics of mine. Only she was stuck with this cheap $20 wig. I pity the lass you know.

Babushka are you done hair- shaming me?

oh no! I'm not! God forbid how could I ?

*sighing* here we go again

Honestly sweetie! your hair looks like toilet paper. If I didn't have my glasses on I would have wiped my heinie with it.

grandma could you please not? our readers might puke.

oh shut it lass. Ah yes! talking about puke. the dress you bought the other day was just like puke not human puke tho something like alien puke. Has anyone actually seen an alien puke? No? Yes? ooh and what if they also...

Ok guys I don't think we are gonna get anything done today so yeah see ya next time!

Hey how could you sign off without me!

plokhoy rebenok *humph*

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