37 Star Military Academy’s Field Training

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Soon, a week had passed, and the basic beast examination began.

After this examination, all 30 students of Star Military Academy's King class had passed. Among them, 23 had scored 95 points, six had scored between 95 and 100 points, and one had scored full marks.

Mike was naturally the student who had scored full marks.

On the Green Wind Horse Train, Owen brought 30 students to the Andes Mountain Range.

The Andes Mountain Range was the closest training mountain range to the Star Military Academy.

There were many Fierce Beasts inside, but most of these Fierce Beasts had been controlled by the Star Military Academy. The Fierce Beasts inside had been divided into corresponding regions.

Facing these rebellious students, Owen took precautions against them.

"Students, this trial is everyone's first trial. You mustn't slack off. Every Beastmaster must have the ability to fight on the spot. Moreover, don't think that actual combat is the same as the theory in books. As a Beastmaster, you must understand the characteristics and habits of Fierce Beasts of the same level. The stronger your abilities are, the greater your chances of surviving in the wild in the future."

The students of the King class replied in unison, "We understand."

"This time, we are only going to the outskirts of the Andes Mountain Range for the trial. Every area has been divided. As long as we don't randomly barge in, everyone will be able to reap a full harvest..."

Just as Owen was about to continue speaking, he suddenly paused and looked into the distance. The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

"Haha, someone is here to welcome us. Hurry up and get off the train. We have arrived."

Hearing this, Mike's eyes lit up.

Just now, he had felt a very faint Spiritual Ripple on Owen's body. This Spiritual Energy seeped out from all directions and was able to sense the surrounding environment very keenly.

Mike had not thought that Spiritual Energy could be used in such a way. From the looks of it, there were still many areas that were worth exploring for the use of Spiritual Energy.

As soon as they got off the Green Wind Horse Train, a group of people walked up the green steps. In front of them was a majestic mountain, and they were currently at the bottom of the mountain.

There was a large number of houses at the bottom of the mountain.

These houses were all different in appearance.

Some were simple lodgings, some were thatched huts, and some were exquisite villas.

Owen brought the students to one of the lodgings and waited quietly for a few minutes.

At this time, two teachers walked out.

"Let me introduce everyone. These two are the teachers of this trial, Barnard and Bania. For the next month, everyone's trial will be arranged by these two teachers."

Barnard was about forty years old. He had a big beard and a strong body, like a lion.

On the other hand, Bania had a lean body, but he had a pair of sharp eyes as if nothing in the world could escape his eyes.

Through their introductions, the students also knew that Barnard and Barnard were both D Rank Beastmasters. With just the two of them, they could manage most of the Andes Mountain Range for the school.

Thinking of this, the students were full of admiration for them.

"Hahaha, Teacher Owen's strength has improved again. I haven't even seen you yet, and you already noticed that we're coming. As expected of a Spirit-Type teacher," Bania said with a smile.

"If the usage of Spiritual Energy isn't at the peak, it's just a support. You two brothers think too highly of me." Owen shook his head and smiled. Although it was a refusal, the smile on his face showed that he was very confident.

After the teachers from both sides praised him, they began to explain the relevant matters.

"Everyone, quickly put down your luggage and go find your own rooms," Barnia said.

"Then where are our rooms?"

"There." Barnard pointed at the shabby thatched houses and said.

Seeing these thatched houses, some students immediately ran over to look. They were immediately shocked.

They realized that not only were the roofs of these thatched cottages broken, there was not even any furniture inside.

It could be said that other than a bed and a washroom, there was nothing else.

"No way!"

The faces of these students immediately fell and they let out a wail.

They were the spoiled rich kids. How could they tolerate such a harsh environment?

"I'm not convinced!"

"Yes, I'm not convinced either. Why aren't we allowed to stay in the dormitory?"

"Yes, why?!"

Facing the students' doubts, Barnard smiled.

"The dormitory is reserved for teachers. Even if there are any extras, students can only stay in the huts. Unless you can obtain the corresponding Beast Cores during this assessment, then you can exchange for the right to use the dormitory."

Hearing this, Mike also understood.

This arrangement was also part of the trial.

"However, there isn't even a kitchen in here. We can't even eat and drink water. What should we do?"

"Eating and drinking water also requires Beast Cores." Bania pointed to a room in the lodgings and said, "There are many daily necessities in that room. As long as you have Beast Cores, you can come to me to exchange for the daily necessities you want."

"There are many living supplies, various medicines, food, and even beer that you can buy. Of course, you only need Beast Cores," Barnard added.

"Oh my God, the school is training us as Barbarians."

After hearing the news, one of the students let out a wail.

However, Bania and Barnard did not pay attention to the dissatisfaction of the students. They just introduced themselves.

"Everyone, take your signal devices. If you encounter an uncontrollable force, press the signal device. Teacher Bania will save you immediately."

"Of course, if everyone just stays in the outer area, then everyone won't need these things."

Hearing this, Mike was puzzled.

"Teacher, what's in the inner area?"

"The inner area is mostly some more powerful fierce beasts. Although it's a bit stressful for you to deal with them, it's best not to go. This communication device is prepared in case you accidentally enter the inner area."

After saying this, Bania nodded to Mike. He had a very good impression of him.

After all, Mike was the only one who asked about the training content, not the living conditions.

"Okay, everyone, go back and rest. We'll start the Field Training Tomorrow," Owen said.


Many students replied weakly.

They were dejected. They could already imagine what the future cavemen-like life would look like.


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