19 Powerful Attack!

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Following the Green-Eyed White Dragon's response, a faint red halo spread out with Mike at the center.

Instantly, a circle with a diameter of 100 meters appeared on the field.

Everyone who was covered by this circle felt an ancient pressure in the depths of their souls!

This was the Green-Eyed White Dragon's first skill.

"Dragon Soul Protection!"

In this domain, the Green-Eyed White Dragon was the absolute leader.

It could reduce the attributes of all fierce beasts below its level and aptitude.

At the same time, the pressure in the circle had an extremely strong repulsive effect.

Very quickly, all the Poisonous Wasps in the area were suppressed to the point that they could not move.

For a moment, everyone heaved a sigh of relief and finally put down their worries.

In this domain, the uncle's nervous mood quickly eased up.

This relief came from his soul.

Soon after, he realized how powerful this skill was.

This skill was able to suppress the enemy's Pet Beast while increasing the attributes of Mike's Pet Beast.

This skill could perfectly increase the chances of victory in battle!

"You... You're really a high school student who became a Beastmaster today?" The uncle asked in disbelief.

"Yes, he's my friend. I can testify to that," Cook said.

"Then why are you so different from your friend?" The middle-aged man asked in disbelief.

Hearing that, Cook looked at the high school uniform he was wearing, as well as the Iron-Feathered Eagle he was so proud of, feeling extremely ashamed.

After all, the difference between the two of them was too great.

However, when Cook said that, everyone immediately burst into an uproar.

"He just got a pet, and he can already establish such a close relationship with a pet. That's amazing."

"I remember the first time I summoned the Flaming Horse, it didn't let me ride it and directly kicked me down."

"The stronger the pet, the harder it is to tame, let alone a proud dragon. I really don't know how this high school student did it."

"Can you give me a slap? I feel like I'm dreaming now!"

The crowd was in an uproar. Many people found it hard to accept that Mike had a Dragon-Shaped Pet Beast.

However, at this time, the uncle started to explain to everyone again.

"This is a Dragon-Shaped Pet Beast, and it's very likely to be a Hero Level Pet Beast or above!"

As soon as these words were said, the crowd became even more enthusiastic.

A Hero Level or above Battle Pet, and a Dragon-Shaped Battle Pet at that.

This was not something their level could accept.

"As expected, the stronger a Battle Pet is, the stronger it will be when it's summoned."

"When my Golden Beetle was summoned, it was only an Ordinary Level 3-Star battle pet."

"Judging from its aura, this Dragon-Shaped Battle Pet is at least a Rare Level Battle Pet. Its aura is extremely close to that of a Warrior Level Battle Pet."

"Its talent is too strong. Why is my pet just an Ordinary Level Yellow Mud Monster?"

There was a reason for everyone's complaints.

After all, Beastmasters and their pets complemented each other in the process of battle.

High-quality Pet Beasts could enhance a beastmaster's abilities. Similarly, the skills and strength brought by a Pet Beast would increase a Beastmaster's strength.

In other words, Mike's strength was previously at G Rank, but due to the Green-Eyed White Dragon's successful nirvana, his strength had now been successfully upgraded to F- Rank.

The two complemented each other. Beastmasters and pet beasts could not be separated by a large difference of one rank.

In other words, if Mike became E rank, then the Green-Eyed White Dragon would definitely be at the Warrior Level.

If the Green-Eyed White Dragon was at Warrior Level, then Mike would naturally be at E Rank.

"Crap, those damn bugs are starting to surround this dragon."

Just as everyone was still imagining things, a panicked voice sounded.

Hearing the voice, they looked over and saw Cook pointing at the Green-Eyed White Dragon. His face was filled with worry.

Following his hand gesture, everyone also reacted.

Although this white flying dragon had great growth potential, its current level was probably at the Rare Level.

Compared to the Poisonous Wasps, it was only one level higher.

Moreover, there were close to a million Poisonous Wasps!

No matter how strong it was, how could it withstand a million wasps?

If this giant dragon was defeated, then they would all be finished!

Heavy emotions instantly appeared on the scene. No one cared about this dragon's growth potential anymore.

They all looked at the scene in the sky in panic.

Different from everyone's panic, Mike's face was calm and indifferent.

He commanded the Green-Eyed White Dragon to attack the Poisonous Wasps in the sky.

This scene shocked everyone present!

The densely packed Poisonous Wasps in the sky continued to attack.

Even though the Poisonous Wasps covered the Green-Eyed White Dragon's body, they still could not break its armor.

"Green-eyed White Dragon, activate the second skill!"

"Red Flame Dragon Breath!"

Upon hearing its master's command, the Green-eyed White Dragon's eyes glowed with a scarlet light.

With its large mouth, a ball of scorching fire several meters wide rose up from its mouth.

Finally, a loud bang sounded.

A scarlet flame engulfed the sky and the earth.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The berserk and shocking dragon flame was like a giant python, devouring the lives of countless Poisonous Wasps in the air.

"Ding! Congratulations to the Green-eyed White Dragon for killing 10,000 Ordinary Level 1-Star Poisonous Wasps. Obtained 50 Experience Points."

"Ding! Congratulations to the Green-eyed White Dragon for killing 20,000 Ordinary Level 2-Star Poisonous Wasps. Obtained 100 Experience Points."

"Ding! Congratulations to the Green-eyed White Dragon for killing 15,000 Ordinary Level 3-Star Poisonous Wasps. Obtained 200 Experience Points."


With a dragon breath, a large number of Experience Points entered the Green-eyed White Dragon's body and were simultaneously transmitted back to the system.

Under this terrifying attack, some of the vegetation on the ground began to wither.

Even those who were around100 meters away from the Green-eyed White Dragon could feel the burning pain on their faces.

It was hard for them to imagine that this berserk fire python could actually appear in real life.

The burning aura in the air was constantly telling them that everything was real.

'So powerful!'

'A terrifying beast!'

This was the only thought in everyone's mind.

"This kind of attack skill, is it really a skill that can be released by a Rare Level Pet Beast?"

"The more I look at this Pet Beast, the more jealous I am. I really want to have such a Battle Pet."

"Yeah, I wonder if he will sell it. If he wants to sell it, I will give him five million federal dollars."

"You want to buy it with five million federal coins? I will give him 50 million federal dollars!"

"I will give him 100 million. You go and buy one for me. I will give the extra money to you as a gift."

Everyone was talking about the value of the Green-Eyed White Dragon.

However, at this moment, a boy interrupted their discussion.

"Please, can everyone consider the current situation? Haven't you noticed that the Mana fluctuation of this skill is extremely high?"

"This skill must consume a lot of Mana. This was not something that a Rare Level Pet Beast can afford to consume."

Hearing his worry, everyone's heart immediately stopped.

This was because the more powerful a Pet Beast was, the faster it would consume Mana.

Although the Green-Eyed White Dragon's attack was powerful, it did not kill all the bugs. It only killed one-third of the bugs.

Moreover, it had activated its Dragon Soul Protection to protect the civilians behind it, so the Mana consumption was even greater.

It was still unknown if the remaining bugs could be dealt with.

Thinking of this, everyone began to feel uneasy.


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