36 News About Anderson

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This time, Lucas' criticism and punishment of all the freshmen ended with this farce.

Most of the students present admired Mike even more.

How could he be an ordinary person if he could be directly exempted from the freshmen assessment by Principal Bucky's invitation?

For a moment, all the girls looked at the calm youth on the stage with an admired expression.

Of course, the other students in the King Class did not approve of Mike.

In their eyes, Mike was just lucky that Principal Bucky had pulled strings for him.

If they really had to rely on the strength of the Pet Beast, Mike would not be able to compare to them.

After this matter was over, the crowd naturally dispersed.

"Mike, come to my office for a moment," Bucky said to Mike.

Nodding, Mike walked towards him.

Even if Bucky did not say anything, Mike would still meet him.

Soon, they arrived at a spacious and bright office.

Before they sat down, Mike noticed that Bucky's face was a little pale and looked a little weak.

It was really strange.

General Bucky was a 1-Star Brigadier General, and his strength was already at the top of the human race.

Who could hurt him?

"Mike, I know what you want to ask. It's about Anderson, right? Take a seat first. We'll talk about it later." Bucky called Mike over and asked his assistant to pour him a glass of water.

"Principal, are you okay? Do you need to rest first?" Mike asked softly.

"Haha, you found me out." Bucky nodded to Mike. He admired Mike's subtle observation.

"Mike, do you know the black-robed man who was surrounding your house last time?"

"Yes, could it be that the black-robed man is a member of the Beast God Sect?"

"That's right."

"However, what does the Beast God Sect have to do with my father?" Mike's father had nothing to do with the sect, so how could they be related this time.

"Ten years ago, Anderson had been researching on Soul Beasts, focusing on Spiritual Energy. However, the magical abilities of Soul Beasts were targeted by an organization called the Beast God Sect. They searched everywhere for information about Soul Beasts. Very soon, Anderson was on the list of people they were paying attention to.

"In the end, you also know what happened after that. During a practice trip, Anderson just disappeared. Until now, there has been no news. It is very likely that it was caused by this cult organization."

"What? The reason why my father disappeared is actually because of this!" Mike's face was filled with anger.

"That's right. This business trip of mine was precisely for this reason. I searched for the power of the Beast God Sect in Star City. In the end, I discovered that they had grown stronger again. I was careless and actually fell into their trap."

After saying that, Bucky coughed a few times, his face a little paler.

"Principal, What about my father?"

Hearing this, Bucky fell into deep thought for a moment before speaking slowly.

"You can't rush this matter. Anderson has been missing for such a long time, so there's not much of a difference if it takes a little longer. What you need now is to raise your strength. After all, Beastmasters need to raise their strength through their Pet Beasts. Your Spiritual Energy talent is very strong, but the strength of your Pet Beasts also needs to be raised."


"No buts. If you want to handle the affairs of the Beast God Sect with me, then increase your strength properly.

"Raise the strength of your Pet Beast to transcendence level. You need to raise your strength to C Rank and obtain a powerful Spirit-Type Pet Beast.

"Only then will I allow you to handle the affairs of the Beast God Sect."

Hearing Bucky's words, Mike calmed his restless heart.

He was right. The most important thing at the moment was to raise his strength.

Only then would he have a better say in this world.

"Oh right, Mike. According to the school's arrangements, there will be an after-school trial soon. Prepare well. If you can get a good ranking in this trial, then the school's resources will be given priority to you."

"Okay, I got it."

Mike nodded. Principal Bucky had already helped him too much.

Mike did not want to trouble him anymore.

Soon, he left the principal's office.

However, regarding Bucky's suggestion.

The Pet Beast's strength, his own level, and the study of the Spiritual Energy, these three aspects all needed to be improved as he said.

While thinking, Mike also unknowingly came to the King Class.

This time, after he came to the class, no one dared to show him the same disdain as before.

Everyone was angry but did not dare to speak up.

After all, from Principal Bucky's words just now, he had already shown that he had high hopes for Mike.

If these rich kids dared to provoke Mike again, it would just be one more reason to throw them out the window.

When the students in the class arrived, Owen spoke up as well.

"Over the past few days, everyone has gotten to know each other better. You're all talented youths who have awakened as Beastmasters. After joining the Star Military Cadets, you'll still focus on improving your own strength, focusing on your Pet Beast's strength, and increasing your affinity with your pet."

"In the next week, everyone will undergo a period of basic knowledge in school. If everyone can get more than 95 points in this exam, then our military cadets will take everyone on a field training session!"

The exam that Owen was talking about was the most basic knowledge for Beastmasters. This knowledge was naturally not a big problem for these students who were born into an official family.

Very quickly, in this week...

Mike learned that Spiritual Energy could expand the size of a Beast's space and that the enhancement of his Soul Energy could control powerful Soul Beasts. Moreover, he could train his pet beasts to become stronger through some special medicinal herbs, and that there were also some Pet Beast battle techniques... ...

This knowledge was basically useless to Mike, but he still listened attentively.

That was because he realized that after these few days of learning, he used the Cultivation Technique and Soul Technique to make his Beast Space a little bigger.

Moreover, as his Soul Energy gradually became stronger, the sleeping Green-Eyed White Dragon showed signs of waking up.

However, the Green-eyed White Dragon's body size was strangely much smaller than before.


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