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My Arrogant Alpha


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Alpha Axel Ash is a destroyer. He's a savage and a dangerous werewolf. Undefeated, the wars have turned him into a monster, feared by most. He likes to kill the weak and those who dare to harm his pack. For years, he thought the moon goddess has punished him by not giving him a mate, his life forever left in misery. Cassie is the Alphas daughter. For years, she had seen the war that destroyed her pack and killed hundreds of innocent lives. Warriors died on the battlefield, never returning home. To stop the war from further destruction, her father sets out to offer a truce to the enemy pack. But the infamous Alpha Axel requested for something else — his daughter’s hand in marriage. Axel Ash my Alpha gazes down at her with a bunk expression, his eyes roaming all over her body. Cassie squeezed in her legs, her mind aware that she is only wearing a shirt with nothing underneath. “You’re wearing my shirt,” he states deeply and she sees his eyes flicker down to look at her chest. “I-I couldn’t find a-any comfortable c-clothes,” she stutters, taking a few steps back. He growls at the distance she put between us, coming closer at her with a look of disapproval. She gulps just as she bumped against the wall, locked in between him and the hard surface. Why does he smell so good? “Don’t hide from me,” he growls, finally standing tall before her with dominance and demanding obedience. “N-No,” she says stubbornly, gripping her shirt and bringing it up at him. His eyes darken as he grabs her wrists and holds them above her head. Shocked, she gasp and her shirt raises up her waist, showing him the full view of her bare body. She whimper as he stares down at her with lust. Axel Ash drew closer, gently tucking the rose behind her ear. The floral scent perfumed every breath, Cassie took as he brushed his thumb lightly over her lips sending a shiver down to her spine. Axel Ash smirked feeling his effect on her, " “If I knew showing you the pool would get you na**d I’d have done so this morning,” he said, pushing the hair off his face The attraction between us is very convenient, you know? She was immediately out of the reverie, "Convenient!" His gaze darkened, "Of course, how could it not be convenient for me to feel desire for what's mine?" "Calling me cute is nice. Calling me hot is great. But don't you dare call me yours. I am not a thing to own." She said fire blazing in her eyes and wriggled in his hold to get free. Smirking, he pulled her even closer. His voice got thicker than she had ever heard, "That's where you are wrong, sweetheart. I am an Addict and you are my Drug." Alpha Knox Is a good friend of Alpha King Axel Ash.


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