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Coming into this I thought it would be a MVS clone but surprisingly that wasn't the case. Sure there will be some moments where you can see that the novel was heavily inspired by JKS's works but, it's pretty different in its own right. The beginning is pretty much the same but around a couple of chapters in, the story starts to become it's own. Kye meets a pretty cool cast of characters most of which aren't similar at all to MVS's be it their personalities or the way they interact with one another. The events that have taken place and the way Kye develops also differ from MVS. The story is still in it's infancy stage but I can see that it has potential, it's up to the author to utilize it and turn it into something great.

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I have been a fan of this Web novel since it came out loved every chapter it does take inspiration from bigger books but not in a bad way and though the update stability isn’t the best most starting writers and people in general don’ have enought time to write or don’t have enough ideas anyways it is an amazing Webnovel


Review: Chapter 58 This story is excellent. Though it may have similarities to "My Vampire System", they are essentially different stories. The beginning has many similarities with "My Vampire System", like how a weak trashy mc got a system to start his road to face-slap all those higher levels than him and how high levels look down on low levels like our mc. Though both stories are still different from each other. For starters, the mc in both stories has different personalities and perspectives. This may not seem important for now but it will gradually dictate how the story will proceed from thereon. This is also why I love reading stories with similar concepts since it will save time searching for other stories. Now for the breakdown as to why I rated this as 4 stars. Writing Quality 5/5- There are small grammatical errors, phrasings, and some sentences but the writing is good enough that you won't notice such details while immersing yourself in the story. There are no major mistakes in the writing. Though there's still room for improvement but I will give it 5 stars due to the writing being understandable and comprehensible enough. Unlike, some other stories on this website. Stability of Updates(5/5)- The author stopped updating for a while but gradually returned to updating the book with around 1-2 chaps a day. Pretty stable if you ask me. Story Development(4/5) - The story takes place on Earth after monsters invaded and humans lose at first but gradually fought back after having some supernatural powers. Then we have the MC who is trash at first but gains a system to help him on his path to glory. Pretty cliche, but the story is still at the beginning stages and not much is revealed for now. Though the MC is showing signs of being a Gary Stu and most likely a golden thigh that his friends will hug. Thus, the 4 will change it though after 100 or so chaps. Character Design(3/5)- At this stage of the story side characters and small-time villains are pretty much one-dimensional. They hate the mc just cause he's a low level. Pretty much everyone hates him aside from a few 'friends' who happen to be children of some bigshots cause why not? Also his 'friends' the so-called main cast of the story aside from our mc are the only ones with their own character development. Side characters and mobs just hate him to the bone cause they can without not much reason than him being low level. The reason I gave character design 3-stars is solely because of Kye, the mc, his character as a naive, innocent, yet cruel when necessary little brother is what makes this story different from all other stories with cruel, calculating, or even cold overused MCs. Though his character development is still in question as it is still early will change it later though when there is development. World Background(3/5)- As of this part in the story, not much is revealed about the world background. Heck, there's still no info whatsoever about the inside or even surroundings of the city/base where MC is staying aside from the military base(or school?) he's currently studying and living. Even then aside from where he sleeps or where he goes for his studies, there's still lacking info on the background.


I like the story. It's really great. The way Kye's emotions are shown is well good and the way you show how your characters think is great too. They aren't just some people to decorate the scene but real people with emotions. Continue author-nim


This is seriously great. I like the way you manage to show Kye's sadness and anger, as well as how you introduce the universe. Everything is fluid and didn't disturb my reading time. Let's see what you will write later


The beginning is kind of looking like MVS, but the story is great. I like the writing style too since it's quite easy to understand, and the angel theme is well found too. Let's see what you will do later author ;)


this is literally a copy paste of "my vampire system", it like reading the opposite of my vampire system where the mc got stronger when expose to light bruh


Angelic System More like Devil System legit kills someone for disrespect its a mehhhhhhh for me .......................................................


A really nice and and great story. Even if the beginning is like the beginning of "My Vampire System" and "My great demon System" keep reading and it will be differences and interesting plots!!!


It's a great novel that different from other.. i know the beginning is like MVS.. but everythink is like mvs nowadays tbh ahaha. Please give it a chance and you wont regret it. Plus i like the difference. For example mc is a cute and little brother type, it was my first time seeing a mc like this. Idk but it was quite refreshing for me. Author is a kind person, and always can chat with. There is a discord server. So dont forget to join there, we will be waiting~! Well, after reading my review until here, why are you still here and go read ahah~~!


Like author mentioned before, inspired from MVS, you will see those touches everywhere. If you've read the great demon system or whatever it's called, it's like a blend between that and MVS. Very similar to those two, combined. The story is interesting, the grammar isn't perfect but you won't find yourself questioning yourself too much. I do hope the MC can become ...less pure, I guess, I know it's supposed to be the angelic system but there can be bad angels too anyways, don't always trust reviews, read it for yourself


i love it :) ...................................................................-------------------------------------------------------------------


So far I like the novel, it has the potential to be up there with MVS and the rest. Hope to see it continue and eventually succeed. ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


Great story and very interesting . I have nothing left to say so I will just keep doing this until I can post it because need 140 characters sorry.


Such a good novel, sadly I can’t afford it anymore😭😭


If this doesn't remind you of "My Vampire System" you must be crazy even the start is basically like a copy (in a good way). Its kinda funny 5 star.


Ima bad before the good kinda guy so here it goes ✌️ The only issues I have with this wonderful book are minor grammar mishaps. They’re not really confusing so it doesn’t take away from the story just ease of reading. Good parts are literally everything else haha character develoyis pretty on point and the idea of the mc maintaining his “innocence” but still growing in value is a beautiful design


I really like the novel. Sure it looks like some other big novels out there, but it's only at the beginning. The more the story is advancing, the more it changes and the more I like the story. (。♡‿♡。)


Ps la historia se ve interesante, Pero los capítulos son muy cortos. Se que es difícil escribir una historia buena pero deberías hacerla un poco más larga


Really amazing novel. Really hope the author continues sometime soon.