1 A pale looking necklace

"Oh my god, Kye, you're so embarrassing. Get out of my sight." A young girl said while passing by him in the school corridor.


"Shut up, who told you to speak, huh?" Kye tried to say, but the girl just waved her hand and water splashed him.

There were a lot of people in the corridor since it was lunch break, and they all witnessed what happened. And as if it was a daily occurrence to see Kye in this state, they all began to laugh uncontrollably. He was just a level one without any ability, after all, so why would they even care about how a tr*sh would be treated?

Even the professors that were walking in the hallway just passed by the wet Kye, and didn't even stop their conversations. They just glanced for a second before continuing what they were doing.

That is how life was after the war.

When monsters from beyond the space invaded humanity, the latter couldn't even defend itself. They were too weak, whereas those monsters were like animals, but a hundred times more intelligent and dangerous. They had advanced technology, even more advanced than what humans had. And because of that, in just one day, a large portion of the Earth got destroyed.

They couldn't even retaliate because the machinery that was coming near their flying fortress where disabled instantly as if they were hacked. Even nuclear bombs didn't manage to do anything because every time they sent one, it was just being teleported somewhere.


No one knew. The coordinates of the teleporter were unknown.

Thankfully for the human race though, some people and families came out from the shadows with strong abilities. Some were controlling the elements like air, water, fire, or earth, whereas others were doing different but great things too.

Some of these people shared their knowledge, while others didn't. They wanted to keep their abilities to themselves, deeming them too precious.

But who could blame them? One wave of their hand and entire cities could be transformed to ashes.

So with patience and hard work, humanity managed to push those monsters back, until they signed a treaty of non-attack because if they didn't, they would have just killed each other.

And because of the war, a lot of people died. However, it was disregarded quickly because humans gain something valuable: Abilities.

Those abilities were then passed down to the younger generation, and as time passes, the old system came back to place.

A system where the stronger were at the top of the food chain.

And Kye was at the bottom of this food chain.

Orphans, after the war, were regarded as no more than garbage. They were poor, didn't have any influence, and last but not least, they didn't have abilities.


Because abilities cost money. A lot of money. Even the most basics abilities cost a lot of money for an orphan.

So since Kye was no more than garbage in this society, everyone, be it to relieve their stress or because they wanted to, was bullying him. They were able to do that because he was just a poor level one. Someone that didn't have abilities or a really poor talent.

So after having been completely wet, Kye didn't move for a long time. A lot of students, which were all high-school students, were passing by him, and after seeing the number he had on his watch, they all began to laugh and continue doing what they were doing.

After some time, the bell rang, indicating that lunch was ending and that it was time for students to go to their last few classes.

However, Kye didn't go anywhere. He stood there and his face was looking toward the ground. Tears were flowing down his face.

'Why?' He thought. 'Why do I need to endure all of these things?! Why does the only thing that I had inherited from my parents is this necklace that doesn't do any sh*t!? Why? Why? Why?'

He thought multiple times of throwing away his necklace because of all the emotions that were bottled up inside of him, be he managed to hold back. It was the only thing he had left from his parent, so he needed to act wisely with it and not act based on his emotions.

Kye had suffered a lot since he lost his parents during the war. He was only a middle-school student at that time, and since then, not a single day had passed without receiving any sort of bullying at school. The friends he had before his parents died just vanished after that day, and instead, they turned into his bully.

He managed to hold for a very long time, but today, just one day before school ended and military school begin, he broke. He couldn't contain any of this sh*t in him anymore. So instead of heading to class, he decided to go to the house that the military has given him once his parents had died.

The military was once of the strongest force that was protecting Earth. So they naturally needed to defend everyone, even those who were rejected by society. However, this aid was poor, because it just covered the basic expenses a teenager would need to grow properly.

Once Kye got out of his high-school building, a strong gust of wind came upon him. He thought that it was someone that wanted to bully him again, but instead, it was just nature.

"Even nature doesn't want me to live." He said to himself.

He had around ten minutes of walking to come to his house. It was pretty quick usually since he just ran straight home to not be bitten by other kids. But today, even though there weren't any students in the street, he was just too tired to run. He didn't know if it was because of the water the girl had sprinkled him with, or the heavy wind that was making him feel cold to no end, or both, but he didn't have the strength to run.

"I think I'm going to catch a cold," He said as he saw his apartment block. "How nice, just the day before I go to military school," He continued with sarcasm.

Once in front of his building, he immediately entered it. It was getting colder outside, and he had the impression that he was going to faint any time now. So he just ran up the stairs to come to his apartment's door and went inside once he was there.

He didn't even take the time to change his clothes, and instead, he fell on his bed. He entered inside his bed quilt and began to sleep. He was freezing, so the only way was to stay like that. He even took his leg between his arms to warm himself a little.

Though, before he fell asleep, he took his necklace between his hands.

"Please, make that my fate change once I will be in the military. I beg you," He asked whoever could hear him with his necklace in his hand upon his forehead.

After saying that, he fell asleep.

Since he was sleeping, he didn't see it. But his necklace shined in a golden color that even illuminate his room whereas he was under the quilt of his bed.

After a moment, the light dye down, and slowly, the necklace disappeared into tiny golden particles.

[Congratulation, you have been granted the 'Angelic System']

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