My Amazing Smartphone

In 'My Amazing Smartphone,' follow the extraordinary journey of Akira, a seemingly ordinary boy who, after a tragic accident, finds himself reincarnated in a parallel world resembling Earth but concealed beneath a veil of hidden magic and supernatural wonders. Unaware of his past life, Akira discovers newfound abilities that defy the laws of nature. And the source is a Smartphone? ....................................... NOTE: This novel was originally written by MR. Pervert. But he stopped his work on this book in the middle because of his personal issue. So I picked it up after getting confirmation from him. He uploaded 30 chapter. And I will start from there too. I will also change a few things and add a few things this in the previous chapters too. ........................................ Tag: Incest, Harem, Hentai, Kinky ........................................ Warning: This is a Hentai story with Incest tag. So read on your own decision. It also has a lot of weird and Kinky sexual act. So don't complain later. ....................................... World 1: Twilight X Teen Wolf 2: Solo levelling 3: 4: 5:

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23 Chs

Surprise call

Akira and Bella sit side by side and listen to the teacher. Bella asks softly "Why didn't you come yesterday?"

"My mom was sick," Akira replied as he checked his phone.

Bella didn't see the phone as anyone except him couldn't see it. Bella's eyes softened when she heard him. She also loves her mother very much.

Bella asks with concern "Is she okay now?" Akira nodded his head. He moves his eyes from the phone and looks at her.

He can already see the boys in the class looking at her from time to time. Our Emo boy is also the same.

Akira notices Bella also looks at him. 'So the boy contacted her while I was out.'

Akira smirks inside. He is not so into her like the boys here. But he won't let the story progress as it should be.

He doesn't want the trouble to come into this town while he is here with his mother. And the only way to stop that is by stopping Bella and Edward from falling in love.

Akira and Bella talk for some time and concentrate back on the class.

Akira finds that his IQ has increased after he puts those stats to Intelligence. Because all this studying looks easier than before.

During the break, Akira and Bella chat. Jessica and her friends also join. The boys tried to hit on Bella. It was as clear as day but Bella had no idea.

Akira also notices the jealousy of Jessica towards Bella but she hides it really well.

During the whole time, he felt two gazes on him very often. He knows whose this belongs to. But he doesn't know why.

One is Alice and the other one is Rosella. Akira looked toward them and his eyes met with them. Rosella is as cold as ever. Alice smiled and nodded at him.

"Well, that's first," Jessica said who noticed Alice nodding at Akira.

Bella looks at Akira and Alice. Jessica being the chatterbox asks "Did something happen between you guys?"

Akira shook his head and said, "No, I haven't talked with them."

Suddenly he saw Alice coming towards him. This move made everyone in the cafe pause. They look at Alice and then look at the group she is walking to. They want to see what will happen.

Alice came beside Akira and said with her lively smile "Hello, I am Alice. You must have heard of me."

Akira nodded and said, "Yeah, you are kinda famous." Alice chuckled and said, "Well you are famous too."

Bella looks at Akira and Alice and looks at others on the Cullen side. She notices the Emo boy looking at her. She moves her eyes and looks at Akira.

Akira smiles and asks "Do you want something?"

Alice smiled and said, "You can join us if you want."

Akira looked at Bella and then looked at Alice and shook his head and said "I don't want my friends to leave here."

Jessica smiled. Bella also smiles a little. Alice smiled awkwardly and said "I didn't mean that. They can join too."

But the bell rings. Akira stood up and said, "Well another time maybe." Alice smiled and nodded her head.

Akira looked at Bella and said, "Let's go." Bella nodded and stood up.


Akira opens the door and goes inside the house. He takes off his shoes and goes towards the hall room. He couldn't find his mother there.

He walks upstairs and goes inside his room. Akira smiles as soon as he enters his room. He saw Susan sleeping on his bed.

Akira puts the bag down and goes towards her. He got on the bed and lay beside her.

He poked her cheek softly. She is sleeping soundly and looks very beautiful now.

Akira grinned and lifted her T-shirt. He looks at her red nipple and licks his lips.

He leaned towards her nipple and nibbled it. He sucked her nipple and rested his hand on her stomach.

Akira slowly moved his hand towards her lower body. He put his hand inside her panty and touched her pussy lips.

Susan wakes up feeling the movement. Her eyes meet with Akira. She immediately smiled, "you are back?"

Akira nodded and put one finger inside her vagina.


"Missing mommy's pussy?"


Susan touched his head and looked at him sucking her nipple and said "You really like mommy's boobies, huh? When you were a kid you wouldn't let go even during sleep."

Akira moved his mouth and said, "It's so good."

Susan smiles and chuckles. She moved her hand inside her panty and touched his hand.

She held his hand and took it towards her clit and said "This is a woman's most sensitive part. Rub here." She uses his hand and rubs it on her pussy.

Akira also rubs her clit and sucks her nipple.


Susan takes out her hand and looks at her finger. It's a little wet. Akira also looked at her finger and moved his mouth from her nipple and widened his mouth.

Susan smiled and put her finger inside his mouth.

"How is it? Do you like the taste of mommy's juice?"

Akira smiled and nodded. Susan feels horny. She takes out her finger and pulls Akira towards her and kisses his lips.

She then inserted her tongue inside his mouth and licked his inner mouth. She then pulls his tongue inside her and Akira also licks her inner mouth.

They suck each other's saliva. Meanwhile, Akira continued to rub her pussy.

Suddenly her phone rings. They stop kissing and look at the phone. Susan looked at the phone and was pleasantly surprised.