My Amazing Smartphone

In 'My Amazing Smartphone,' follow the extraordinary journey of Akira, a seemingly ordinary boy who, after a tragic accident, finds himself reincarnated in a parallel world resembling Earth but concealed beneath a veil of hidden magic and supernatural wonders. Unaware of his past life, Akira discovers newfound abilities that defy the laws of nature. And the source is a Smartphone? ....................................... NOTE: This novel was originally written by MR. Pervert. But he stopped his work on this book in the middle because of his personal issue. So I picked it up after getting confirmation from him. He uploaded 30 chapter. And I will start from there too. I will also change a few things and add a few things this in the previous chapters too. ........................................ Tag: Incest, Harem, Hentai, Kinky ........................................ Warning: This is a Hentai story with Incest tag. So read on your own decision. It also has a lot of weird and Kinky sexual act. So don't complain later. ....................................... World 1: Twilight X Teen Wolf 2: Solo levelling 3: 4: 5:

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Mother needs help

"Even in this backward area, the pizza is quite good," Susan said as she ate pizza.

They are watching TV and eating pizza now. Akira has to feed her as her hands are injured. He can buy a potion and give her but then she will question him about it.

But he already has an idea. He won't give her all at once. If he gives her taking a gap, three times, then she won't notice and it will heal in two days.

Akira nodded and said, "It's okay." After the food, they continue to watch TV.

Susan asks him about school. He told her about his meeting with Bella and their being in the same class. Susan nodded and continued to listen to him.

After an hour the forecast news tells about the weather in their area. It will be cloudy for the next few days and there are also chances of rain.

Susan looked at The TV and said "I heard this town always has this weather. That way it is not hot here and always has good humidity."

Akira nodded and agreed with her.

Susan stood up from the couch and went to the toilet.

Akira continues to look at the TV and listen to the weather report.

"Akira," Susan called him.

"Yeah, mom?" Akira replied from the sofa.

"Come here, honey," Susa said. Akira stands up and walks towards her.

Akira saw her standing in front of the bathroom and asked "What happened?"

Susan raised her hand and showed him her hand. No, the bandages. "I can't use my hand."

Akira looked at her hand and his eyes widened. He then nodded and said "Okay."

Susan goes inside the toilet and waits for Akira to come in. She stood there without saying anything.

Akira walks toward her and acts normal. He grabs her shorts and pulls them down.

She is wearing the same black panties he used last time. Akira then grabs her panty and pulls it down.

She is cleanly shaven down there.

Susan casually sits on the toilet seat. Akira didn't get out of the toilet. Nor did he move his eyes from her. Susan also saw his eyes but acted as if it was normal.

Soon the sound of water falling on water echoed inside the toilet.

Akira looks at his mother peeing without missing anything.

After Susan finished peeing she said, "Can you wipe me?"

Akira nodded and took a piece of tissue. He moved his hand towards her pussy and wiped it with the tissues.

He can feel the hit on her vagina on her hand.

This is his first time touching her here.

The wiping took longer than the time she took to pee. After completely wiping her Susan stands up and Akira again lifts her pants and shorts.

Susan smiled and said, "Thank you for the help."

"It's okay, call me if you need more help." Susan nodded then they left the toilet after flashing.

Outside rain has already started to pour with the sound of thunder.

Susan looked out of the window and said "Rain always lights up the moods." Akira said, "Then your mood will always be good in this place."

After another ten minutes, they turned off the TV and went upstairs to sleep.

Susan entered her room and Akira went to his room.

Akira went to the Almira and opened it and searched for his favourite things. But he can't find one.

'Oh, put everything in the washing machine together.' Akira thought

He lay on the bed and took the hand he used to wipe his mother towards his nose and started to jerk off.

He opens his mouth and takes the finger inside and licks it.

"Akira, wake up. It's morning already." Susan calls Akira and wakes him up. Akira opens his eyes and looks at his mother "Good morning, mom."

"Good morning, honey." Susan said then she said, "I need to use the toilet, right now." Susan said and went to his toilet.

Akira's sleepiness vanished and he got up from bed instantly. He followed her inside the toilet.

Susan looked at him and said, "Hurry up, I can't hold anymore."

Akira moves towards her and takes off her shorts hurriedly.

Susan sits down and starts to pee. She looked at Akira and said "Thank you, baby"

Akira shook his head and said, "It's fine." Susan smiles.

After she finished Susan said, "Use water, I don't want to stay unhygienic all day."

Akira nodded and did as she asked. Susan spread her leg to make it easier for him.

Akira uses his utmost care while he washes her. As if it's the most precious thing in the universe. Well, it is most precious to him. It was his first home.

Susan looks at Akira's care during the wash and feels hot. Susan smiled and said, "Baby, clean more thoroughly."

Akira nodded very seriously and did as his mother told him.

"Umm!!" Susan moans softly.

The thought of this being unethical never crossed this mother and son's mind.

With the constant cleaning Susan "peed" again.


Susan leaned back closing her leg with her son's hand in between.

Akira looks at Susan while his dick now wants to burst out.

After Susan finished she slowly relaxed her leg and let her son's hand go.

"This is the best morning ever," Susan said softly.

She looks at the tent on Akira's pants and asks "Baby, do you need to 'pee' too?"

Akira looked down and looked at his tent and said "Yes, I only 'peed' last night."

Susan continued to sit on the toilet and said "Go ahead and 'pee'."

Akira nodded and took out his long hard dick in front of Susan.

Susan looks at his dick and gulps. She has seen it countless times. But she can't have enough of it.

Susan looked at Akira and said "You must have built too much pee. It's not good for your health."

Akira looked at Susan and nodded. He touches Susan's pussy and takes some of her juice and rubs it on his dick.

Susan moves closer and her face is now close to his dick. She looked up and looked at his dick again.

Akira can feel her hot breath on his dick.

Akira moves his hand back and forth and looks at Susan.

Susan looked at his dick and asked "Do you need my help", Akira looked at her excitedly and nodded his head.

Susan opens her mouth and takes Akira's dick inside her mouth. She looked up which meant to keep holding his dick.

Akira keeps it held in its place and Susan moves her mouth back and forth.

Getting his first blowJob from the woman he loves the most, excited him too much. The excitement was so much that he couldn't hold much longer and cum.

Susan's eyes widened but then she smiled and sucked everything out and drank it.

After Akira finishes, he looks disappointed. He couldn't hold much longer. He cum even before a minute.

Susan looked at his disappointment and said "Don't worry, Mother will help you to have better control of your bladder."

Akira's mood takes 180 turns. He nodded like a chicken and said "Thank you."

Susan licked her lips and said "I haven't brushed my teeth yet. Help me with that too. You can go to school after that."

Akira shook his head and said "I will stay. You might need to use the washroom more."

Susan smiled and nodded her head.

After that, Akira brushes her teeth. And they order food again.

Actually, Akira bought it from the Phone Shop. He was happy and willing to spend some points for the day.

After that, he went to 'pee' 4 times and she went for 5 times.

And Akira also understands what is going on all of a sudden.

It seems his sweet beautiful mother is feeling jealous and insecure.

Yeah, every time he brings up any topic about Bella, she needs to go to the toilet and then she would help him too.

He didn't understand that immediately, but the third time he suspected it and the fourth time he was sure of it.

'Wait, did she injure herself for this?' Akira thought and started to worry about her.

With the phone, he surely will have a few girls. But he can't let her get jealous of everyone and do something unexpected.

'So I have a Yandere mom. No wonder everything happened so fast.' Akira thought as he looked at Susan who was sleeping on his lap soundly.

'I have to make things clear fast.' Akira thought as he combed his mother's hair.