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If you like strong female leads that is sarcastic, badass, and isn't afraid to speak up her mind, and male leads that are possessive, sexy af, and are protective then this is definitely the story for you.

I assure you, there is no toxicity between the male leads.

This is a werewolf story if you haven't guessed that already by the title. It is going to be cliche yet a lot different too.

This contains swearing and a lot because I personally swear a lot and I can't help but reflect that on my story as well, lol sorry for that.

This is my first story ever, and I am doing as best as I can to write without any sort of mistakes and typos, and still if you see any mistakes or whatsoever, feel free to point them out nicely.

I appreciate constructive criticism but please be kind and sweet.

Also, there is basically 75% of me in Riley so please be kind to her :') cuz i m a sensitive person lol.

This may or may not contain mature themes, I haven't really decided that yet.

Although, this will contain violence, and our female lead is also pretty violent, and murders and death so if any of this is triggering please refrain from reading :)

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