10 The Fate of Time...

Inside a Room


'After waking up while stretching my body'

'What time is it now'

|11:34 pm|

'Its still night huh.

But I am feeling refreshed after just getting a 3hours sleep. But I want to just dive in the bed again and fall asleep, but let's drink water and then go to sleep.'

Arthur gets up and moves toward the mini refrigerator in his room and takes out the bottle and moves towards his rooms balcony gazing below,

"New York sure is still crowded at this time of the night, unlike ark...

I don't know why but I don't feel well today. '

<You are perfectly fine. You don't have any problem in your body and aren't ill. Your body is also functioning properly except your lack of sleep. So I don't think there is anything for you to worry about Arthur >

' I don't know, but how do I explain it to you, its just a feeling I am getting that something is going to wrong and something bad is going to happen.

Wait Jarvis since you are just as usual, so I don't think it's you but is Ultron safe and secure. He hasn't gained some self awareness or ego and has started a rebellion right'

<No, Ultron is under control and you don't need to worry about any of our creation rebelling >

'Is that so, well that puts my mind at peace.

I wonder if my parents have returned from their party? Let's check if they have returned, it's a bit late and their party should have also ended then if they have returned then let's ask father if he could provide those parts that you were asking for Jarvis'

*Sound of door opening and closing.


"Damon have my parents returned?"

"Not yet Arthur, its time they should have returned but haven't, so I tried calling them"

"Wait they didn't pick up"

"Yes, They aren't answering the call and even Sebastian isn't receiving the call. They must be busy"

"You should have told me that, they aren't in danger right? "

"Don't worry Arthur they have Sebastian and that party is secured and there should be guards in that party and I have already sent people to check on them, they should be calling any moment now"

"I am getting a really bad feeling about this Damon"

"Don't worry I am sure nothing has happened to them. They should be fine"

"Even so I can't really stop worrying"

"I understand it but don't worry much I will go there myself to make sure they are fine"

"I can't wait for you to go there Damon and then call me, so I am sorry, but I am going there now to check on them myself"

"I understand your concern but letting go there at this time would be bad and your parents would be angry at me, I know you used to go to ark daily at night but this is different. If they are really in danger then I can't let you go there. Your parent won't forgive me if I let you go towards danger"

"Then that's proves my point that I should go there myself to make sure"



Arthur runs towards the balcony and jumps off the building

"I'm off,


Arthur is falling down from the top floor of the building when he is covered in green flash and after the green flash dies down


"The party was going to take place in some hotel but where the hell is that hotel"

"Don't scare me like that Arthur"

When Arthur turns in the direction of the voice he can see a red skinned man with a pair of bat like wings and tail, flying beside him.

'Well I only did it because I thought it was cool when I had seen it in movies and wanted to try it, but now that I think about it and I did mnt check for my safety and just jumped out of a what 40th floor of the building. If I hadn't transformed then I would have turned into a paste. No use worrying about it now, what's done is done'

"So Damon which direction is the Hotel in which the party was going to take place"

"Its towards the east and the building is one of the tallest building there"

"So which building is it, there are 3, no 4 tall buildings there"

"For that you will have to come with me and not just go straight towards it alone"

"Ahh damn it."

'I completely forgot about it but Jarvis can't you trace their location with their phone location'


'Then show the way'

"Bye Damon, I don't think I need your help this time so see you later"


Jetray speeds towards the building his parents are at.

'The party is at the top floor right Jarvis'



'As soon as I reached the hotel, I stopped in my tracks or stopped mid way.

My blood ran cold or perhaps it is better to say I was sad and angry at the same time after seeing what was at the last floor below roof, which I guess was the party venue.

I saw bodies of people lying there... Dead bodies lying there bloodied, stabbed and covered with cuts all over their bodies.. and then i saw... '

*Sound of wings flipping

' I saw my parents body lying there lifeless and bloodied.

I was soon beside them,

*Green flash

I moved near them in my real or original form, they were at arms reach but I couldn't find the courage to touch them, I was scared.

I finally held them after what felt like an eternity. Their bodies weren't warm like before, they had holes in their bodies, gaping holes to be more precise.

Albert or my father who was always loving and caring towards me, was just lying here lifeless.

Jeanne or my mother was lying here dead, I couldn't accept it that the person who was always there loving and caring for me had just died. She was bit doting towards me and a bit different from other mothers and extreme at times but after considering her position I think I can accept it, I don't know much as I had never been in such a position myself or had married in this life nor my previous life, but I had to admit that she only had my well being in her consideration. I had just talked to her and my father this evening and now they are lying here dead.

I didn't want to accept it but my trembling hands which were soaked with blood made me realize what was happening was as real as it could be.

They were my parents. They were Arthur Stark's parents.

I had accepted them as my parents but I would lying if I said I loved them as much as my real parents..

No that's wrong, I can't keep on going like this. I have to accept it, these two are my real parents, even if I didn't love them as much as my previous parents but they were the ones who gave birth to me in this second life of mine, and brought me to this world.

But after spending eleven years with them together, I had grown attached to them. They were very precious to me.

NOW that I have come here I can see the dead bodies lying here, today a lot of people died. There is even a distinctive smell here, I don't know the source of the smell, but it could be blood as there is so much of it lying here. I didn't k ow what blood smelled like specifically, I hadn't tried smelling it before.

I was scared, seeing this many people daed here. I had never seen a massacre or a genocide in my life, sure I had seen them in movies, shows and documentary's and even news but there is a distinctive difference between reality and shows or seeing it live or in a video. It wouldn't affect you much when you see it in a television, unless you are present there at that time. I had never been subjected to such violence or seen something like this in this life or in my previous life.

I am scared, I didn't have time to register what I had seen, just as I had come here, I had spotted my parents body and I didn't have time to process the situation but now that I am here standing in between these piles of bodies it's dawning on me, I don't know what to do now.

I felt like throwing up but i was able to control it. My hands and legs were trembling and I don't think I have the strength to stand up. I don't know what to do, should I wait for Damon to arrive and then take the next course of action or do something myself.

It will be some time before he arrives,as Jetray travels in super sonic speed I have arrived here early, it will be some time before he arrives....

But i dont want to accept this, this is.. is not real. But the smell of blood forces me to admit this. But.. But..


So Could I have saved them if had come with them. Say Jarvis could I have saved them'


'Maybe, huh... i shouldnt think about that and focus on what to do next'

*Sound Elevator door opening

'Just as I was lost in my chaotic thoughts I heard the sound of the elevator.

I wanted to look up and see who they are but I couldn't bring myself to look up. I don't know when but I had been crying this whole time'

"You shouldn't drop your ring like that"

"Sorry it won't happen next time"

"There won't be next time and now hurry up we should go before anyone arrives"

"Yes.. Wait who is that kid there?"


'When I did look up and saw them.

The first thought I had after seeing this people were who were they and why are they here?'

"There, I don't remember seeing him before, was he somewhere else when we killed this people"

'Killed this people'

"No he wasnt present in this party for sure, I have list of people who had come to the party and there was no one in the list like him"

"It doesn't matter anyway, we will have to dispose of him. We can't let anything point this incident towards us"

"Yes, so kid are those your parent lying there?"

"It doesn't matter if they are his parents, wait isn't that Arthur Stark and those bodies beside him Stark couple"

"You are right but how did he get here?"

"It doesn't matter it just makes our work easier"

'So these guys were the ones responsible for this massacre, you shouldn't have come back I will make you pay for what you done'

'Just as I was processing what I had heard, I heard Jarvis's voice'


'I jumped back a bit from my previous position after the warning'

"Ohh.. I missed, he is good for a kid to dodge that"

"Don't waste time just finish this up, we don't have much time"

"Okay, so kid now dodge this one if you can"

'In my previous place there was a sickle sticking to the ground sprouting from that man.

If I had been a little late, I could have been sliced in two, thanks jarvis'

<It's my duty to help and protect you Arthur >

'I don't know why but I could feel that the corners of my mouth had etched a bit upwards, and I was smiling.

what an irony, I guess I am now making the same smiling face as Rengoku when he smiled towards Tanjiro in the end of Mugen train arc. I couldnt exactly comprehend or feel the thoughts or his feelings at that time when he made that smile but I guess, now i am feeling something similar. '

<You could say that>

"Now you monorels who dared to kill my parents,you people have some answering to do and don't forget I won't be leaving you so easily, you will face my judgement. I will show you what hell is"

"Do you think that you could fight us boy"

<Incoming, jump backwards >

'I did as I was told and in my previous position there were some conical shaped needles etched to the ground'

"Ohh.. You managed to even dodge that, its impressive for you to dodge my partner's attack and I guess you dodging my attack wasn't a fluke."

"Tch.. he's persistent, we should finish this fast"

"Now let me teach you mongrels a lesson for your audacity to kill my parents"

"You got some balls kid, I was going to make your death merciful but I will make it as painful as hell"


*Green flash


"Stand alert, he will atack any moment"


Villain Grunt 2(Ring guy's partner) Pov

'I work for a certain powerful person, all my life I had been working for that person and i am doing everything he asks of me. But I don't know the identity of that person but I am doing his every bidding. Some may think that he doesn't trust me and I am a dispensable tool to him but this statement has only half truth, I am not a dispensable tool to him and it is not that he doesn't trust me but in this world of ours there are certain quirks which has the power to read your mind or hypnotize you, so we have taken all the necessary precautions for this. We the members who work for him and do his dirty deeds have our own lives but he has our full loyalty as he had saved us before, when we were in our darkest times. Some of us have our own personal life while some like me don't.

Just like everytime we, me and my partner had been given a mission to kill some vvip's and a certain family in some party. This mission was more difficult and important than any other mission we had done in the past, but we accepted it anyway and we didn't have much of a choice in it.

As per the mission we did everything, it was difficult but we had support and that person had done everything to make it easy for us and for the mission to go smoothly.

After the mission was completed, we made our way to exit before anyone from outside could find out about it, but my partner had to mess up. He had dropped his ring somewhere in the party venue. So we had to go back there to get it. It was his wedding ring and we also couldn't leave any evidence.

We took the elevator, as we had killed everyone in this building and left no survivors, from ground floor to the roof. When we reached the venue we saw a boy sitting near our main target of this massacre, Stark couple. It was easy to tell that those couple were related to the boy, I thought he might be the Stark family heir Arthur Stark, but he shouldn't have been here and it hasn't even been that long since we killed them. There is no way he could reach here that fast without alerting us or the surveillance of other members. But to our surprise he was exactly what I had thought him to be, he was Arthur Stark. I don't know how he came here but it was our job to dispose of everyone and it was a plus, as he was on our hit list. We had been told to dispose of him later.

This could make our job easy and how strong can a 11 year old kid be with his transformation quirk. Boss had sent some other dispensable pawns to infiltrate the island to collect information on him and others. We had been told about it but we can easily defeat him, even if this isn't going according to plan and we don't have the planned quirk users which boss had prepared to get rid of him. Iam sure we could manage, he maybe act like a dim wit but he is sharp and a good fighter.

But I don't know why but I have very bad feeling about this fight.

We engaged in fight with him and to our astonishment he managed to dodge all our attacks, then he suddenly shouted transform i guess and we were suddenly blinded by green flash light for a few seconds but after the green flash died down there standing was a completely unknown being instead of his known forms.

I was sure of something after seeing this transformation of his, that this was going to be a pain in the ass and i dont know why but i feel something is off.


Mc Pov



"This certainly is surprising but don't you think that this is going to change anything, I am gonna kill you and it sure won't be easy"

"Stay alert, don't be rash we don't know much about this form of his, we should fight carefully and not drag this fight much"

"Yea yea, I understand this isn't going according to plan and yes this isn't one of his normal forms that we know but we have to be flexible sometimes. Don't worry we can do it"


'So they know about my quirk, and even know about my different forms, this is worrying but this doesn't change much in this fight, it's first time I am using Whampire so they won't know what to expect anyway.

Here comes another batch of missiles, let's call it that anyway. So they are directly going start attacking huh.


They arent holding back at all, they are both attacking at the same time.'

<Missiles Incoming>

' Okay, and thanks for the alert, this is frustrating I cant attack them at all. Jarvis do remind me later if we survive this fight to practice fighting along with my quirk and to learn how to fight against quirk users.

All those fighting skills and all the martial arts that I have learned aren't of much use against quirk users like this guy's.

This skills are good and I might have been, no I would have been unparalleled in my old world with this skills coupled with Superhuman strength but here I can't do much other than dodge.

This alien is sure amazing but what is more amazing is Jarvis, I didn't know you could predict the missiles even before they were launched, sure I can sense those attacks and dodge them with my speed and reflexes.'

<I am just reading their attack pattern and analysing their quirk to make prediction using something you had learned in your previous life Mathematical Modelling>

"How the fu*k does this kid, keeps dodging our attacks"

"Don't panic, keep on attacking i am sure some of them will hit and when they hit you know what to do next"

"Yea, I am gonna break every bone in his body for this trouble he is causing us"

"We should make this quick, before anyone else arrives here"

"I'm on it, you don't need to say it"

'I guess they aren't going to slow down, so now that you have analysed their quirk, correct me if i am wrong Jarvis the guy 1 who was talking about his ring being lost has some quirk which let's his hands change shapes and also becomes hard and the guy 2 his companion has some quirk which let's him shoot some conical shaped objects or missiles from his body. They sure have some good quirks which let's them attack from both close quarters and long distances both combined.

This doesn't help us much Jarvis as their quirks are strong and coupled with the fact that their every attacks have speed, strength and durability.

This situation really looks hopeless....

Jarvis do you think I should use it, that surprise gift card.'


' Then here I go'

*Green flash

"Ultimate Whampire"


"He turned again, this is such a pain"

"Look carefully, this time he looks a bit identical to his last form and even the name is same he just added ultimate to it.

So I'm guessing he just evolved, be careful"

"This wasn't mentioned to us or I guess they also didn't know about it just like this form of his"

"Yes, we should get this information back, he was dangerous enough as it was but also getting a powerup form is straight away cheating"

"Yea but this doesn't change much, we have to kill him now or later. So let's get this over with anyway"

"You are right but we are stuck here in this mess without proper plan or support because of your ring"

"But we did run into him because of it. I understand what you're trying to say but if we managed to kill him now we could get everything we want"

'This isn't like I expected it to be, but I sure feel different from before. My looks have changed and I feel more energetic and it is even more easy or simple to dodge their attacks now.

They are busy chatting but they didn't stop attacking me for a single moment while they were discussing their plan.

My lack of experience and skills to fight with and against quirks made me use ultimate option. Well I can fight with my quirk against some newbie or weak but against professional or experts like this people it is a whole different matter. I could defeat this guys if I tried really hard and had mastery in fighting against quirk users with my normal form. I should have learned to fight them.'


' I know I procrastinate a lot but I will really learn it this time after getting out of this situation.

I am thankful to Rob for that surprise gift card but as it had surprise word in it I had been skeptical about opening it but after opening it it was really a good feature. He gave my omnitrix or added a feature to my quirk which let's me create my own fusion or ultimate forms but I can't use it for the forms I got from gift or MCU draw. It sure is useful even if I can't use it with those MCU forms.

Damn it...'



I curse myself while dodging another combo attack from them,

"He sure is a good dodger, but that won't save you much longer. You sure have gotten fast after you went ultimate or something but I keep my word and as I said your death won't be merciful"


5Min later

<Attack Incoming>

'Tch.. It's their combo attack again, their combo attack wasn't enough, that missile launcher guy even has special missiles which explode on contact and even one's which are acidic and it is strong as it is melting everything upon contact. I can even hear acid burning sound.

Here comes their attack again, I wanted to test my powers and capabilities and then attack even before I went ultimate as I didn't want end up killing them but this is really a bother'

"Fu*k this Sonic Explosion"

"What the?"

"He is counter attacking now be ready to intercept and counter-attack"

"I'm always ready"

'I guess it was powerful enough to blast all those missiles and even make that that hand guy withdraw his attack.

This fight has been going on for sometime now, I thought I could tire them out atleast but I dont it is going to happen anytime soon. It hasn't been more than 20min but what is taking Damon so long.'

"Let's get this started"


Ring Guy POV

' We had been fighting for sometime now, it was shocking that this kid could dodge our attacks and even more shocking was that ultimate transformation of his. This kid could dodge our attack and by seeing him dodge and defend against our attacks I can tell that he has some fighting skills. He is just 11 but he skills are no joke, he must have trained really hard as he is able to detect and predict our attacks and dodge them so easily.

As we kept attacking and he kept dodging, it suddenly happened there was a green flash light similar to when he transformed but this was different I just know it, it's my intuition telling me so I withdrew my hand when that green light appeared. That green light was accompanied with a screeching like sound and all those missiles Daniel had launched were all reflected away from him. I guess he is now ready to fight back.

Just as we were going to attack him again with our dual attack he had disappeared from his previous spot. I tried searching for him but couldn't find him when,

"Look above"

"Where? Huh.. how the fuck is standing like that? "

'He was standing upside down on the ceiling like some sort of bat. He did have ears which are shaped like bat wings though. He must have powers like a bat's.

"Let's get this started"

' No sooner had he said that he disappeared again from our view.

I felt a chill down my spine, I tried to interpret the attack as soon as I could. He was right behind me, but after stopping his attack.

I tried to cut him with a hand which had been turned to sickle but he was gone again'


'When I turned to see reason for that scream, there was that kid holding Daniel' s face, who was smashed into the ground. His body was etched onto the ground and had created a crater. He was fast, crazy fast. He wasn't this fast before,i guess he was holding back before and now he has gotten serious. But that speed isn't normal and even his strength isn't normal.

Fu*k he was just there near Daniel and now he is here attacking me. I turned my hand to hammer and I tried smashing him.

I tried but he was able to stop my attack with his left hand and punched me with his left hand, I turned my other hand to a shield to block his punch but the strength in his punch wasn't what I expected or could withstand it. He is strong.


Mv Pov

'After knocking out the missile guy. I moved to fight the ring guy. He was also strong but after some continuous hit and run or Punch and run tactic, I was able to weaken him.

He was there standing weakened in front of me when I moved as fast as I could but for him I must have vanished and had suddenly appeared in front of him and then I threw a punch at him, i punched him with a lot power straight on his chest.

The punch was powerful enough to shoot his body towards the wall when my fist connected his chest. His body was stuck in the wall in his body shaped hole.

It seems he is also out of commission.

God I'm tired. This guy's were such a pain. Let's move onto next part of the plan'

"It's time you answer my questions"

'This guy's are fine as I checked their nerves and their body for anything major problem with my infrared vision.'


After 15 Minutes

Mc Pov

'I managed wake them up but to be safe I used corruptura to control them. Later by hypnotizing them I got all the answers I could get from them.

I did get some answers from them but it I feel like I didn't get any answers at all. Their answers only left me with more questions than the information I could get from them.'

*Green flash

After reverting back to my original form, I just sat down on the floor leaning against the wall after tying those two up and hanging them upside down from the ceiling.

' This is giving me headache, who is this person that wants my family dead. I can only say that, this person knowns my family very well or is working for my family if not then he is in some way connected to my family.

As most of the work this two did was in some way connected to Stark Corporations and Enterprises.

Most important information was that this people know about my quirk. It wouldn't have been anything major if they knew about my quirk being a transformation quirk but they have information on eleven of my aliens.

With this I could only assume that the person is working with or for us and is very close if the said person is not working for my family then we have a spy on our hands, who is feeding him this information and also those idiots who had infiltrated my home, whom I had thrown near outskirts of the island with wildvine had been sent by this person, if not for his assistance then those idiots would have never made it in.

Considering this information, I don't want to believe it but someone who is very close to us is this person or is a spy for this person.'

' Is my assumption correct Jarvis '

<With given information we could believe that the truth is something along those lines only but we will need some more hard evidence to confirm for sure>

' Yes Jarvis, but the only person who has this much information must be very trusted by my parents and was very close to them and this very person has betrayed my family.

So we have a traitor on our hands. They have decided to betray my family and have decided to kill us.

Huhhh.. But whoever this person is very smart and dangerous. He knows eleven of my aliens, where as even my family or those close to me also don't know much about my aliens.

Even my parents only know.. I guess ten of my aliens, and only my father's knows this even my mother doesn't know 11 or 10 for that matter. Since awakening my quirk I have only transformed into 15 aliens I guess,not counting those from MCU draw but it seems this people don't know about any of my MCU forms.'

"This is frustrating, fu*k"

' I guess, I should revive my parents now that I have dealt with this duo and it is safe here now. I wouldn't have been able to fight or been in this state without a way to bring them back. I could only fight knowing there are aliens, using their power I could bring them back and this world doesn't even have the galactic court so I won't have to face any repercussions for it. '

I start walking towards my parents body when I heard,'

* Sound of Elevator door opening

'When Elevator door opened, to my surprise the person who had come here was Damon in his human form, he had some injuries on him but he was okay'

"Arthur are you okay, what happened here? And where are Sir and madam"


"No way, this can't be happening. How could they die"

'After explaining the situation to Damon he lost control of himself. Anyway I should do it now.

I decided to do it infront of Damon now, not because I trust him but to check for his reaction. The alien I am going to use is the one he has never seen or better to say I haven't used it at all. This is my first time using this alien like Whampire. Those two had been confused and were on alert after seeing Whampire. They didn't show it but they were afraid seeing Whampire and were also nervous. Let's see what you think of it Damon. Everyone in my life is a suspect now. I can't trust anybody, anyone of them could be a traitor. '

"Damon did you meet Sebastian or know where he is?"

' I havent seen his corpse nor heard anything about him from those two about him. We didn't even hear about this from him nor was he here I guess when my parents were killed. This clearly makes him a prime suspect for being the traitor, but I don't even know if there is a traitor or there are traitors. If there is only one traitor then it could be easy catching him or her but if there are more than one than this could make it a bit complicated. '

"Arthur... How do i say this, I am very sorry but I found Sebastian' s corpse on my way here"

"Is that so.."

'then this does clear up somethings but why was he there and not here, but that can wait for later.

"Anyway Damon what took you so long coming here"

"You went very fast and I couldn't fly with the same speed as you but when I reached near this building and was trying enter I was attacked by some people but I managed to eliminate some of them. I was really very worried about you Arthur"

"I'm fine, so don't worry, now move aside a bit"



*Green flash



"What are you trying to do Arthur?"

'There is no change in his expression much, he is just like always. Damon if you are the traitor then you have some great acting skills'

I stood there in all my glory infront of my parents as clockwork.

'I didn't answer Damon and didn't say much about this and used my powers as clockwork to reverse the time of my parents body.'

"What? How is this possible?"

'Their body started healing or accurately speaking their body started reverting back to to how they were this evening before leaving the house to come here for the party'

"What happened to them Arthur? What did you do?"

"I reversed their time.."

'Wait something isn't right. Why aren't they waking up'

As I got closer to take a look and check them

'They don't have a pulse.

Their heart isn't beating.

They are still dead.

They are still a corpse but don't have injuries or mark on them to find their cause of death'

"Is everything alright Arthur? Are they okay? Have you healed them? "


Why isn't it working?

I did reverse their time, so they should be alive now. They weren't dead this evening in our home. They died here in the party.'

'Why Jarvis? What happened?

I did everything right but why aren't they waking up and why are they still dead?'


'Lets just reverse time back to 24 hours.


Still no change.

So let's go 1 week.


Still no result.

Let's go 1 Month


Its same.

NOW 1 year ago.




Its still the same.


Let's go 11 Years before I was born.'

<Reverting time back to when you weren't born isn't recommended since you werent born then, it could cause time paradox.

Which has already been caused due to you manipulating time, which has created multiple realities, but this one, it will erase your existence >



'Then 10 Years'











'It's still same'



'Why is this happening Jarvis? What did I do WRONG?'









-----------------------------THE END-------------------------------

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