My Account Banned, I Drove Game Developers Crazy

Author: Heavenly Eye Demonic Dragon
Magical Realism
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What is My Account Banned, I Drove Game Developers Crazy

Read ‘My Account Banned, I Drove Game Developers Crazy’ Online for Free, written by the author Heavenly Eye Demonic Dragon, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering SYSTEM Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: In the cutthroat world of gaming, game developers grew rampant, making this field dirty and chaotic. Game quality was lo...


In the cutthroat world of gaming, game developers grew rampant, making this field dirty and chaotic. Game quality was low and only focused on making money. They never bothered to fix the numerous bugs in their games. They put effort into marketing but neglected the players. One day, Zhou Tianhao, who was striving for the highest rank in a particular game, suddenly found his account banned. Upon contacting customer service, he discovered that the company had used robotic customer service to brush him off. When he tried to appeal, he realized that the final decision rested with the company, and his appeal was bound to fail. Unable to find a solution to his account suspension, he became furious and activated the BUG system. From then on, every aspect of the game was filled with bugs in his eyes. Each time he exposed a bug, it forced the game company to expend countless efforts to fix it... As a result, numerous low-quality games began to shut down, and major gaming industry leaders trembled in fear! Ninecent: "Please, please stop playing our games! We promise to make better games! No more acting as intermediaries!" Netunease: "I'll give you money. Just spare our programmers. They haven't slept for a month, and they're going insane!" MiHiYi: "I've hired a thousand more programmers. I want you to join me in creating the most perfect game in the world!"

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The game Company name in the synopsis: Tencent, Netease, and Mihoyo


Raw: 开局账号被封,反手逼疯游戏厂商


Just the idea brought me tears. ......


I have not read it but am giving 5 stars as the opening happened to me once. A week into the launch of a new mmo and I was playing for 16 hrs a day. In playing in an area meant for groups solo (they had revive scrolls so it wast impossible) and got red drops, the highest at the time was supposed to be yellow.. Anyway my account got banned and support was like yeah your banned no explanation or anything. The anger and rage is real... where was my system though?


The author goes completely crazy with how law, companies and games work. The later chapters are just nonsense after nonsense


way too much peanut gallery. it's OK if you're bored but it's not worth taking it on. not interesting


It's decent. I read ahead on the raws, but stopped when I got bored of him going after "actors" in whatever game that was. It's got some pretty satisfying face-slapping, if you enjoy that.


Considering this has been abandoned, not sure how I should rate stability of updates. But this is so far a fun little novel. Without unneccessary and nonsensical gangster fighting. With actual characterization, and development. And, at least so far, a developing story. It does have a lot of the standard conflict tropes you see in a lot of webnovels, but its between a person and a company, not actual kill your father silliness. Overall a nice change of pace.


It's slightly entertaining, but the author is quite uneducated about many of the things he talks about in the novel. For one, he doesn't know a single thing about computers, but he still had to write about hardware components. Can you even imagine how silly it would look if someone who knows absolutely nothing about computers tried to write details about building a computer? Well, you don't have to imagine it anymore. Author delivered. It physically hurt to read it. He also doesn't know anything about laws. In this novel, a gaming company can randomly create new laws at will and have the police arrest people for breaking those new laws. In conclusion, there are glaring issues due to the authors lack of googling and general life experience, but it's still somewhat entertaining to read. Mostly because I'm interested in the other aspects and seeing how things will change in the future. Author is given various combat skills and body strengthening elixirs, so it has potential.


update more but it's complete but not drop?


Such a bland story. Nothing really unique about it.


good read don't know y they think I need to put more words in


Bland, monotone, no development, random characters with no impact to storyline, 26 chapters in and i couldn't force myself to continue reading, waste of time


yea it's your typical face slaping however it is forced face slaping. it has no proper buildup up to the face slap, and 2/3 of the book are comments about the stuff going on


This would be really good if it were not a typical “skip a couple paragraphs” keyboard warrior book.


(filler words) The fitness center as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as well and eventually the mc hammer ⚒️ I can see you later then the regular salted butter for the next two days ago and it was a bit of wine 🍷 the one


A lot of unnecessary "face slapping "He created a problem out of nowhere when he bought his computer that forced me to drop it . I have no idea will it be better afterwards or will continue on this way .Anyway i don't recommend it.


Very little racism. Characters are relatively realistic and well-rounded so far.


Finished the raws, it went to 210 and had a super rushed ending. I was amazed at how rushed it was.


Wow.description sounds good. Pls be good 😌


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