My Abilities Come with Special Effects

In the world of dynasties and martial arts, Lin Yan awakened the memories of his past life and struggled to survive with his half-sister. Fortunately, he awakened cheats. As long as the ability proficiency reached 100%, he could sublimate the skill to the extreme and give rise to strange special effects. Swallowing - [Transforming Poison]: Invulnerable to all kinds of poisons, swallowing poisons can be transformed into qi and blood to feed oneself. Five Birds Hand - [Spring Return]: consume qi and blood to recover from injuries Dragon Fist - [Cloud from Dragon]: Ride the wind to swim the dragon, and speed instantly doubled. Mountain Breaking Fist - [Wind from Tiger]: White Tiger breaks the army, and instantly doubles the instant damage. Attack - [Ape God Strike]: The whole body force converges in one point. Defense - [No Phase]: Distribute the attack received evenly to all parts of the body ... A secret realm wrapped in poisonous miasma, where no one could enter without being killed by touching it? I had [Swallowing - Transforming Poison]. I could enter and leave the secret realm at will. The secret medicine must be used to counteract the injury? I had [Five Birds Hand - Spring Return], and I could practice at will without fear. Every special effect was a cheat. The world was in turmoil with demons, the people were like ghosts, the ancient world was revived, and the world would be in chaos. Only with the idea of invincibility, I should open up a path of prosperity, overlooking the nature of the rivers and mountains.

Lin Tuo · Action
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Teaching in Wu Yard (1)

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At the same time, in the Instruction Yard.

Pang Meng pushed open the door of Pang Yinlong's cabin.

"Brother, it's so late. Why did you call me over?!"

In the courtyard, the moonlight was bright.

Pang Yinlong was sitting in front of a stone table with a small stove placed on it. He was drinking tea in small sips.

He raised his chin and gestured for Pang Meng to look at the center of the courtyard.

Pang Meng took a look. "Isn't this Mi Tai? Why? Did he get beaten up?"

In the middle of the courtyard, there was a person lying on his back. It was Mi Tai, who was in a miserable state. He was still unconscious.

Pang Yinlong took a sip of tea and said, "I picked him up from the martial arts arena in Wu Yard. I've asked my disciple. Lin Yan hit him in front of all the disciples in Wu Yard."