7 Red Umbrella

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"Brother, why do you keep smiling?"

"Do I?"

"Brother, you're laughing again!"

Lin Yan couldn't help but smile. He hugged Xiaozhi with one hand and carefully touched the wooden piece in his arms with the other.

That was his future, his hope.

He walked out quickly and soon arrived at the alley outside his house.

However, as soon as he entered, he stopped in his tracks, and the smile on his face instantly disappeared.

At the end of the alley, two people were standing and squatting. They were whispering to each other.

As soon as they saw Lin Yan carrying Lin Xiaozhi back, the person squatting stood up. He was burly, had dark skin, and a strong physique. It was obvious that he was not to be trifled with.

And the person standing was the person he had seen in the alley yesterday!

At the same time, they looked at Lin Yan… Lin Xiaozhi, who was in his arms.

Lin Yan's heart sank. He crossed his arms and walked over as if nothing had happened.

The two people opposite her had a faint smile on their faces as they sized Lin Xiaozhi up. Their gazes were unscrupulous, as if they wanted to see through Lin Xiaozhi from the inside out.

Lin Yan tensed up and couldn't help but speed up.

Fortunately, neither of them did anything else until he pushed open the door and entered the house to close the door.

After inserting the wooden bolt, Lin Yan broke out in cold sweat. His back was already drenched.

"Let's go."

"Let's go."

Two low footsteps outside the door passed by his door from the end of the alley.

Lin Yan slowly exhaled.

Clang! Clang!

Suddenly, the wooden door shook violently. They were hammering on the door!

Lin Yan reached out and grabbed the thick wooden stick beside him to block the door.


However, there was a burst of unrestrained laughter outside, and he gradually walked away.

Lin Yan's heart sank to the bottom.

Oh no, he was really being targeted!

These damn human traffickers, their eyes were like radars. Xiaozhi's face was clearly smeared with mud, how could they tell?

It was too late now.

Lin Yan was afraid and angry. His heart was pounding. What should he do?

Consoling the frightened Xiaozhi, Lin Yan pondered as he cooked.

Asking Elder Li for help?

No, Elder Li had a cold personality. Their relationship was purely a transaction. It was impossible for the man to help him easily. Moreover, he could not remember any more articles in the short term.

Looking for Wu San and Lu Yan?

Putting aside the fact that the three of them were just colleagues, the target of the human traffickers was Xiaozhi. Even if they were chased away once, they would still come back!


A cold glint slowly surfaced in his eyes.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

At this moment, someone knocked lightly on the door. Lin Yan tensed up.

"Xiao Lin, it's us."

Lin Yan opened a crack. It was Uncle Wang and Auntie Wang next door.

Uncle Wang looked a little embarrassed, but when he saw Lin Yan, his expression couldn't help but freeze. He looked frightened. "Xiao Lin, you…"

"Uncle Wang."

The coldness in Lin Yan's eyes was suddenly hidden.

Seeing that Lin Yan had returned to normal, Uncle Wang heaved a sigh of relief and said, "There were two hooligans in the afternoon who went door to door to ask about you. They'll probably come again tomorrow!"

"Uncle Wang, do you know who they are?"

"Who else could it be? Damn human traffickers! I know one of them. His surname is Hu. He used to be a child in our alley. They all called him Dabiao. After he joined the Black Tiger Gang, he changed. Trafficking, robbery, and atrocities. Sigh, how did such a good child become like this…"

Aunt Wang, who was beside him, slapped Uncle Wang on the back. "Shut up! Let's get down to business!"

Aunt Wang's tone wasn't very good, and Lin Yan frowned slightly.

Uncle Wang stammered, "Xiao Lin, you also know that my grandson Laohu is only six years old this year. Who is this Hu Biao? He's a human trafficker. I heard that the Black Tiger Gang specializes in abducting boys and girls. None of them can escape. I'm really afraid."

Lin Yan's expression gradually turned cold. "Uncle Wang, I didn't invite the human traffickers here."

"Why aren't you the one who invited him?" Aunt Wang spat softly from behind.

Uncle Wang quickly pulled Aunt Wang.

"Why are you pulling me? Did I say anything wrong?" Aunt Wang suddenly became energetic. "Xiao Lin, don't blame Aunt Wang for speaking badly. You were the one who got Hu Biao here. You have to take responsibility. If he hangs around here all day, what will happen to my Laohu? He's so cute, different from your sister. He's really a treasure in our hands. What if Hu Biao targets us? What will we do?"

Lin Yan was already as cold as ice. "What do you think, Aunt Wang?"

"Why did Hu Biao take a fancy to your sister? Isn't it just for money? I know Hu Biao's father. I can help you contact each other. It'll be over if you spend money!"

Uncle Wang also said, "It's best to spend money to avoid disaster. Xiao Lin, you're still young. You can earn money anytime. Don't be impulsive."

"What if Hu Biao doesn't want to spend his money?"

Uncle Wang hesitated, but Aunt Wang waved her hand. "Xiao Lin, Aunt Wang has been through this before. I'll say one more thing. Don't be angry.

"Isn't your sister only here for three months? There's no such thing as feelings.

"Besides, who knows if she's your biological sister or not? So…"

"Hey, why are you closing the door! I'm your elder. What's wrong with talking to you! Pfft! You're rude!"

After closing the door, Lin Yan took a few deep breaths to calm the burning anger in his chest.

People's hearts were like ghosts. This was the way of the world.


Lin Xiaozhi stood timidly by the door. She grabbed the gap and said softly, "Brother, I'm really useless. Did I cause trouble again…"

Lin Yan's heart trembled slightly.

He remembered that Lin Xiaozhi was very afraid of strangers when she first arrived. He did not know what she had experienced, but she kept saying, "I'm really useless," "It's all my fault," and "I'm terrible."

After three months of interaction and education, she rarely said such things.

He did not expect to hear this sentence again today.

He rubbed Xiaozhi's head. "Xiaozhi, what are you thinking about? It has nothing to do with you. Come, let's wash our faces and eat."

Hu Biao, Black Tiger Gang…

Turning around, Lin Yan clenched his fists tightly, his expression deep and terrifying.

Ding'an City was the world of the influential, wealthy, and gangs.

He had never thought of using the advantage of being a transmigrator to earn money. It was also because the gangs firmly controlled the lower-class governance in the middle and outer circle.

As long as he made a little money, these gangs would surround him like greedy sharks and kill him for money.

"I can't have any wishful thinking. I can't have any wishful thinking…"

The night passed uneventfully. The next morning, Lin Yan took out more than half of his family's savings. There were more than 2,000 copper coins in total, and he carefully kept them.

After sending Xiaozhi to the Book House, he rushed to the rice store and found Old Chen.

"Uncle Chen, I have something urgent to attend to at home today. I need to apply for leave."

"You know the rules of leave. 30 coins a day."

300 coins a month. Logically speaking, it was only 10 coins a day.

However, rules were rules. Lin Yan was powerless to resist and could only nod silently.

Then, he headed to Chengguang District.

The word "Cheng" was exclusive to the nine districts of the inner city.

Unlike the middle circle, there was a brick wall about ten feet tall in the inner city. It was isolated from the outside world.

After paying the ten copper coins entrance fee, Lin Yan couldn't care less about his heartache and went straight to Chengguang District.

Outsiders had to pay to enter the inner city, so Lin Yan rarely came to the inner city.

Along the way, there were carved railings and jade buildings, green willows and beautiful bridges. The roads were clean and tidy, and there were row after row of high buildings. The pedestrians were all dressed in luxurious clothes, and there was no place that was not romantic and magnificent.

It belonged to a different world from the Outer and Middle Circle.

Lin Yan lowered his head and asked for the location of Chengguang District before rushing to the Bright Jade Building.

After asking passers-by, Lin Yan found out that Bright Jade Building was a restaurant during the day and a brothel at night. It belonged to the same industry as the Spring Jade Restaurant in the outside world.

The difference was that the Bright Jade Building was of a much higher grade. It was specially for the nobles in the inner city to play with.

"Go, go, go. Who are you to cause trouble? Hurry up and leave!"

Just as he approached Bright Jade Building, a tall manservant chased after him. He waved his hand and chased Lin Yan away like he was chasing a fly.

Although he was a servant, his clothes were more exquisite than Lin Yan's.

"Little brother, may I ask if there's a person called Kui Shan in Bright Jade Building?"

"Master Kui? Master Kui is on leave today, he's not here!"

"I wonder when Master Kui will be here?"

"What are you asking for? Is Master Kui someone you can meet? Go away!"

Lin Yan smartly took out ten copper coins and secretly handed them to the servant. "Brother, help me. I really have something to discuss with Master Kui."

The servant put away the copper coins, and his attitude became slightly better. "Master Kui takes three days off every ten days. Today is the second day, and he will only come in the afternoon. Come again the day after tomorrow!"

With that, he turned around and left.

Two days later…

Lin Yan was slightly disappointed. It seemed like it was too late to take advantage of this situation.

He made up his mind and immediately left the inner city to rush to the marketplace of Chundu District.

He took out more than 2,000 copper coins and decisively began to purchase.

One catty of meat, three goat hooves, a handful of mushrooms, a handful of vegetables, three pots of green ant wine, two large sacks of linen, a large bag of sawdust, a large bundle of ropes…

After spending all the money, he hired another person to help protect and deliver the goods. He only had a few dozen copper coins left.

After the items were transported home, Lin Yan knocked on the door of Uncle Wang's house next door.

"Xiao Lin?"

Lin Yan pretended to be helpless. "Uncle Wang, I've thought it through. I can't take it myself. Aunt Wang, please invite Hu Biao and the others over. I'm willing to spend money to avoid disaster."

"You've thought it through? That's great!"

Aunt Wang walked out from behind and said sarcastically, "I thought you were so tough. You didn't even last the night. Your biological sister?"

Lin Yan pretended to be ashamed and took out a small piece of meat from behind him. He handed it over. "Auntie Wang, please forgive me. Please go and invite Hu Biao and the other guy immediately. I'll be your host today and settle this matter!"

Uncle Wang said in shame, "Xiao Lin, there's no need to give us anything. We…"

Aunt Wang snatched the meat strip into her hand. "What do you mean? You asked me to do something, so shouldn't you bring something? Xiao Lin does things right. Listen to your aunt. Get rid of that burden. Aunt will introduce you to great girls!"

"Thank you, Aunt Wang!"

Seeing that Aunt Wang immediately went out to invite someone, Lin Yan lowered his head to hide the coldness in his eyes and returned to his room.

Cut the waist meat into strips, cut the mushrooms into pieces, pick the vegetables clean, and use charcoal to burn the hooves' hair and brush them clean…

After dealing with this, Lin Yan took out the wooden box with the red umbrella mushrooms again.

He took out all four red umbrella mushrooms. As he carefully scraped off the red on the surface with a knife, he chanted softly in a low voice, "Red umbrella, white pole. After eating it, you'll be lying on a slab, sleeping in a coffin, and buried in the mountains together…"

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