12 Five Animal Hands (1)

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The next day, Lin Yan woke up early. He first brought Xiaozhi to have breakfast before sending her to Muqing Book House.

Liuying District was right next to Longhu District, so it was very convenient.

When he returned to the martial arts arena of the Wu Yard, there were already many people standing in twos and threes, all of them exercising.

The disciples of the Wu Yard were all at the North Ground. Just as Lin Yan reached the North Ground, a tall figure walked up.

"You're Lin Yan?"

"And you are?"

The man was about 17 or 18 years old. There was a layer of fine fur above his lips. His figure was very strong, and his gray shirt was full.

He seemed to be quite easy to talk to, and his expression was slightly smooth. He smiled and said, "My name is Wei Yan, and I'm also a disciple of the Wu Yard. You can call me Big Yan."

"Senior Brother Big Yan."

"Yesterday, Eldest Senior Brother told me that the two of you have just entered the academy. If you have anything you don't understand, you can ask me."

"Thank you, Senior Brother."

Wei Yan looked around and smiled even more eagerly. "That girl called Yu Qian was admitted to the academy with you, right?"

"That's right."

"Is she a relative or a friend?"

Lin Yan shook his head and said, "I just met her yesterday."

"You don't know her?" The eagerness on Wei Yan's face suddenly faded a little. He said in disappointment, "So you're not together."

At this moment, the surrounding voices suddenly became softer. Everyone looked in one direction.

It was Yu Qian.

Her makeup today was rather exquisite, making her oval face look even more beautiful. Her big watery eyes seemed to be able to speak. She had also changed into a set of light red clothes, giving her a more mature charm.

Most of the people practicing martial arts around them were men. They were already vigorous. When they saw such a cute and beautiful girl, their eyes widened.

"Junior Sister, you must be Yu Qian!"

Big Yan smiled like a stone blooming as he welcomed her. He left Lin Yan behind and went forward.

The gazes of the surrounding people were too intense. Yu Qian's face was filled with shyness as she chatted with Big Yan.

Lin Yan was not in a hurry. He secretly observed the actions of the people around him.

He discovered that everyone in the Wu Yard was doing something similar to stretching their muscles and bones. There were legs, feet, waist, and back. It was as if they were imitating some animal. Some people even needed to use stone chains and ropes.

At a glance, it was similar to the fitness exercises in his previous life. There was nothing special about it.

However, he had seen Kui Shan make a move and kick someone to death. Obviously, the martial arts in this world were not that simple.

After a while, Big Yan returned with Yu Qian. His face was full of smiles. "Eldest Senior Brother is here. Lin Yan, come with us to pay your respects."

The three of them went up to welcome him. Coincidentally, a vigorous figure walked over from outside the drill ground.

The newcomer was 25 or 26 years old. He was extremely tall and had an indifferent expression. He was wearing a white martial suit and his left arm was extremely strong. However, his right sleeve was empty. It danced in the wind. He actually had one arm.

"Eldest Senior Brother!"

Wei Yan bowed respectfully, and Lin Yan and Yu Qian hurriedly greeted him.

Eldest Senior Brother nodded coldly and glanced at Yu Qian and Lin Yan. "Follow me!"

He brought Lin Yan, Yu Qian, and Wei Yan to an empty area.

Eldest Senior Brother's expression was dignified and oppressive. "My name is Zang Wei. You can call me Eldest Senior Brother. From now on, I'll teach you the basics. Every three days, at this time, I'll personally guide you for two hours. After three times, I'll personally guide you every seven days. You can come and listen with the others. Is there any problem?"

Yu Qian raised her hand timidly. "Eldest Senior Brother, isn't Master going to teach us?"

"You're not qualified to be anyone's disciples before you enter the Wei Yard. I'm more than enough to teach you!"


Wei Yan hurriedly stopped her in a low voice. "Junior Sister Yu, all the disciples of the Wu Yard are taught by Eldest Senior Brother."

Zang Wei snorted coldly and said sternly, "Yu Qian, I know you've spent a lot of money to come here. However, two months of cultivation in the Wu Yard is an iron rule of our Dragon Gate Pavilion! Also, what's this on your face? What are you wearing? You're here to practice martial arts, not attract bees and butterflies! From tomorrow onwards, you're only allowed to wear the training clothes that were given to you. Stop messing around!

"Don't think that everything will be fine just because you can enter the Dragon Yard. If you don't practice martial arts with all your might, no matter how much money you pay, it will be wasted! Do you understand?!"

Zang Wei's voice was stern, scaring Yu Qian into tears. "Yes, Eldest Senior Brother."

After displaying his might, Zang Wei's voice calmed down. "Your muscles and bones are too weak. If you practice martial arts directly, it will harm your bodies.

"Therefore, you must first build the initial foundation of your muscles and bones. There is only one fist technique in the Wu Yard called the Five Animal Hands. Its function is to expand your muscles and open your meridians, strengthen your muscles and bones, and adapt to your blood energy…"

Halfway through his sentence, he glanced around and saw that many people had gathered around. Their gaze was focused on Yu Qian as he shouted, "Don't any of you need to cultivate anymore? You only know how to watch the show every day. Can watching the show increase your strength?! Everyone, get lost and practice thirty times. Tang Shi, count them one by one!"

The crowd immediately wailed.

After chasing them away, Zang Wei continued, "The essence of practicing martial arts is to beat people up. To defeat people, you have to rely on four things. You have greater strength, can withstand more beatings, are more agile, and have better eyesight."

Lin Yan muttered, "In other words, attack, defense, speed, and experience."

Zang Wei nodded approvingly. "Not bad, your summary is on point. There's no need to talk about experience. If you want to increase your attack, defense, and speed, you have to squeeze out the potential of the human body and fully utilize it. The more potential you have, the more you can excavate. Naturally, you will become stronger.

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