My Abilities Come with Special Effects

In the world of dynasties and martial arts, Lin Yan awakened the memories of his past life and struggled to survive with his half-sister. Fortunately, he awakened cheats. As long as the ability proficiency reached 100%, he could sublimate the skill to the extreme and give rise to strange special effects. Swallowing - [Transforming Poison]: Invulnerable to all kinds of poisons, swallowing poisons can be transformed into qi and blood to feed oneself. Five Birds Hand - [Spring Return]: consume qi and blood to recover from injuries Dragon Fist - [Cloud from Dragon]: Ride the wind to swim the dragon, and speed instantly doubled. Mountain Breaking Fist - [Wind from Tiger]: White Tiger breaks the army, and instantly doubles the instant damage. Attack - [Ape God Strike]: The whole body force converges in one point. Defense - [No Phase]: Distribute the attack received evenly to all parts of the body ... A secret realm wrapped in poisonous miasma, where no one could enter without being killed by touching it? I had [Swallowing - Transforming Poison]. I could enter and leave the secret realm at will. The secret medicine must be used to counteract the injury? I had [Five Birds Hand - Spring Return], and I could practice at will without fear. Every special effect was a cheat. The world was in turmoil with demons, the people were like ghosts, the ancient world was revived, and the world would be in chaos. Only with the idea of invincibility, I should open up a path of prosperity, overlooking the nature of the rivers and mountains.

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Assistant Instructor

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Lin Yan was secretly vigilant about what Pang Tong said about Mi Tai taking revenge on him, but he wasn't too worried.

After all, as his strength increased, his courage and boldness increased.

Eldest Senior Brother taught in Wu Yard in the afternoon.

When Lin Yan found Eldest Senior Brother and asked where he could test the Dragon Pattern Liquid in advance, Zang Wei did not say anything and only asked Lin Yan to wait.

After the instructions were done, Zang Wei dismissed the disciples before turning around and saying, "Lin Yan, follow me."

Lin Yan followed Zang Wei out of the martial arts arena and turned around the stone path. Soon, they arrived outside the Instruction Yard.

The Instruction Yard was where the instructors and hall masters of Dragon Gate Pavilion lived. Lin Yan had only seen it from afar under Elder Wen's lead.

"Come in with me."

With Zang Wei taking the lead, Lin Yan did not understand and followed him into the Instruction Yard.

The courtyard was antique. There were not many houses, but the area was not small at all.

The path was paved with white gravel, and the mahogany corridor was simple and unadorned. The layout was well-arranged and far more elegant than that of Wei Yard.

Lin Yan was slightly envious. Living in such an environment would affect one's temperament. If he could live in such an environment, it would be very beneficial to him and Xiaozhi.

Zang Wei brought Lin Yan straight to a spacious martial arts hall.

The two of them stood opposite each other. Lin Yan hesitated and said, "Eldest Senior Brother."

Zang Wei nodded. "I heard that you've been undergoing actual combat training for the past half a month?"

Lin Yan paused and nodded. "Yes."

Zang Wei looked a little regretful. "I happened to miss it every time and didn't see it even once."

Lin Yan was slightly silent. Eldest Senior Brother naturally wouldn't see it. This was because Lin Yan avoided Eldest Senior Brother every time, worried that his fusion of the five forms would be discovered.

Of course, after half a month of tempering, he was confident that even Eldest Senior Brother could not tell the true realm of his Five Animal Hands Technique.

Zang Wei moved one hand. "So, come, attack me!"

"Eldest Senior Brother?"

"Didn't you want to know in advance if you can pass the Wu Yard assessment? The Dragon Pattern Liquid is too troublesome. Just attack me directly and I'll tell you the answer!"


"Why? Don't you trust me?"

The corners of Zang Wei's mouth curled up as he suddenly said, "How about this? As long as you pass my test today, you don't have to participate in the monthly assessment in half a month."


Lin Yan's eyes lit up.

During this period of time, what he was most worried about was the conflict between the 100% proficiency of the Five Animal Hands Technique and the Monthly First Evaluation.

If he could directly enter Wei Yard without passing the monthly assessment, it would be the best of both worlds!

Zang Wei smiled and said, "You don't believe me? If your Five Animal Hands realm is really as I heard, I'll immediately bring you to handle the transfer later. In addition, I'll give you an additional surprise."

It seemed that Eldest Senior Brother was like Pang Tong and knew that he had cultivated his true form.

Lin Yan's breathing tightened slightly. He could not miss such a perfect opportunity. He immediately said seriously, "Eldest Senior Brother, sorry for offending you!"

Lin Yan knew that his Eldest Senior Brother's cultivation was profound, so he did not dare to be negligent. His first attack was to use his full strength, Bear Form: Bear Strike!

His movements were like lightning as his entire body tensed up. He pounced forward and charged straight at Zang Wei.

Zang Wei's eyes flashed. "What a bear form!"

However, his body did not move. When Lin Yan was about to hit him, Zang Wei pressed Lin Yan's shoulder gently.

Lin Yan felt a strong force pushing him to turn around and stagger to the side.

Lin Yan couldn't help but be shocked. He knew that the force of his collision could knock an adult unconscious half a month ago.

Now, it had grown exponentially. If he collided with his full strength, he could easily break a tree trunk the size of a bowl.

However, Eldest Senior Brother casually stretched out his hand and dissolved this force gently.



Lin Yan tensed up and moved like an ape as he punched out.

This punch was incomparably powerful. It was enough to break an adult's sternum.

However, Eldest Senior Brother bent his right arm like a steel rod and firmly caught the powerful blow.

Immediately after, Lin Yan used all his strength to attack Eldest Senior Brother's body. However, Eldest Senior Brother only stretched out his hand every time and easily blocked Lin Yan.

It wasn't until Lin Yan was panting that Eldest Senior Brother pressed his hand. "Stop."

"Eldest Senior Brother."

"Your strength after the blood energy transformation is simply strange. It's almost twice as strong as the other disciples."

Lin Yan paused slightly. Did Eldest Senior Brother tacitly agree that his blood energy had transformed?

"I heard that some martial arts geniuses are born with stronger physiques and bones than ordinary people. After their blood energy transforms, their strength will also be much greater than others. I didn't expect you to have such physique talent."

Lin Yan pretended to be at a loss. He was really a little surprised. He had yet to undergo a blood energy transformation, but he was already twice as strong as others after his blood energy transformation?

According to this conversion, wouldn't Lou Xing and Xu Hongchang's blood energy have already transformed?

However, Zang Wei sighed and revealed a regretful expression. "This kind of physique and talent is extremely rare. Your starting point is not bad compared to some rich disciples. Unfortunately, you ate the Spirit Recovery Pill…"

Lin Yan could only remain silent.

"Forget it. Your Five Animal Hands is more powerful than I imagined! Previously, I heard that you had mastered the true deer form. I didn't believe it. But now, it seems that you have also mastered the other forms very well."

"You flatter me, Eldest Senior Brother."

"If you are, then you are. If you aren't, then you aren't. In terms of the Five Animal Hands, you are indeed stronger and more suitable than me."

Lin Yan was puzzled. "Eldest Senior Brother, more suitable with what?"

However, Zang Wei kept him in suspense. "Let's go. I'll bring you to handle the transfer."

Lin Yan looked up with uncontrollable excitement on his face. He had already mentally prepared himself. If he really couldn't achieve it, he would abandon the Five Animal Hands in exchange for the safety of entering Wei Yard.

However, things had turned for the better. It was the best of both worlds.

He was in a good mood, and his footsteps were much lighter.

He followed Zang Wei forward again.

After taking a few steps, Lin Yan realized that something was wrong.

The martial arts arena of the Wei Yard was clearly next door to Wu Yard, but Eldest Senior Brother took him deeper into the Instruction Yard.

"Eldest Senior Brother, this path doesn't seem to be going to the Wei Yard."

"Huh? Did I say I was taking you to Wei Yard?"

"If we're not going to Wei Yard, where are we going?"

"Instruction Yard."

Lin Yan was slightly stunned. "Eldest Senior Brother, why would a disciple like me go to the Instruction Yard?"

As Zang Wei walked, he said, "You've practiced the Five Animal Hands very well. You should have been admitted to Wei Yard or even Dragon Yard, but…"

He sighed. "You've eaten the Spirit Recovery Pill, haven't you?"

Lin Yan stopped in his tracks. He really couldn't refute or explain this matter.

He could only remain silent.

"When you ate the Spirit Recovery Pill, did you know that the Spirit Recovery Pill would damage one's foundation?"

Lin Yan remained silent.

Zang Wei sighed. "Martial arts are divided into realms. The transformation of blood energy is the beginning. Only by grasping the circulation of blood energy and striking out with force can one be called a Strength Realm martial artist.

"A Strength Realm martial artist's strength is as great as an ox. It's easy for them to defeat four to five ordinary people.

"And further up the path of martial arts, there are still the Tough and Noble Realms. It can be said that they're in different worlds.

"I don't know why you wanted to eat the Recovery Pill. Since you've already eaten it, you have to accept reality.

"The Spirit Recovery Pill damages a person's foundation. It's almost irreversible. Unless you can find the legendary treasure medicine, you'll never be able to break through the Strength Realm in your life and never be able to see a higher scenery."

When he said this, Zang Wei's eyes revealed a hint of sorrow, as if he was not talking about Lin Yan but himself.

Lin Yan didn't know how to explain and could only remain silent.

However, Zang Wei misunderstood and sighed. "Very good. It looks like you're already mentally prepared. With your situation, even if you enter Wei Yard in the future, you'll at most become a guard and escort. You'll guard a shop or work in an escort agency for the rest of your life. Have you seen such people?"

Lin Yan thought of Geng Bing and nodded. That was the goal he yearned for the most when he had just transmigrated. Now that he had mastered martial arts, he was no longer satisfied with it.

"For people like Lou Xing and Xu Hongchang, this is the direction of their future development. There's nothing wrong with it. However, since your Five Animal Hands has cultivated the true form, it would be a waste of talent if you took this path.

"So, you can choose another path."

Zang Wei brought Lin Yan to a small courtyard surrounded by fences. There was an elegant wooden house in the courtyard with a separate courtyard. There was also a stone table and two stone stools in the courtyard. It was very quiet and was located in the corner of the Instruction Yard.

"This is…"

"This is the Instruction Yard. I heard that you often practice alone at night. You must like peace and quiet, so I specially chose this place."

"For me?"

"It's for you to live in, not yours. As long as you agree to be an assistant instructor, you can live here from now on."

"Assistant instructor?!!"


An hour later, Lin Yan walked out of the administrator's office with a wooden token with exquisite patterns and the words "Instructor" engraved on it. The confusion in his eyes had yet to fade.

"Assistant instructor, two taels of silver a month. Teach the disciples of Wu Yard the Five Animal Hands Technique. Contract for 20 years. No breach of contract. If you break through to the Tough Realm, you can end the contract early."

A twenty-year contract was almost equivalent to binding oneself to Dragon Gate Pavilion. Two taels of silver a month was not much.

However, when he saw that the contract could end early after he broke through to the Tough Realm, Lin Yan signed it without hesitation.

After returning to his room in Wei Yard, Lin Yan sat there in a daze for a while. Even when he started to pack his clothes, he still felt that it was unreal.

Did I get specially recruited in advance for no reason?

From a disciple of Wu Yard to an instructor of Wu Yard, from a student to a master?

Nearly two months ago, he was still a bookkeeper in a rice shop. With 300 copper coins a month, he had to lose more than 100 copper coins just from paying taxes. He only got 200 copper coins.

At that time, even if he signed the contract that tempted him a little, he would only get 500 copper coins a month.

But now, his monthly salary had increased by ten times, and his status was even higher!

Of course, two taels of silver did not seem like a lot to a martial artist.

However, the invisible benefit it represented was not something other martial artists could compare to.

If Dragon Gate Pavilion was compared to a university, Wu Yard was first-year, Wei Yard was second-year, and the guards were workers who had graduated from school and went out to work, then the assistant instructor would be a university teacher!

In terms of status, it was completely different.

Was this considered as reaching the heavens in a single step?

Of course, what made him the happiest was that he finally did not have to cultivate the Five Animal Hands Technique to perfection before the end of the month!

These days, this matter was like a huge mountain, pressing down on him until he did not dare to breathe for a moment.

Now that he had removed the heavy burden, Lin Yan felt his limbs lighten. His body seemed to be floating, and he felt very comfortable.

Finally, his life had stabilized, and he no longer had to worry about his life.