My 100th Rebirth a day before the Apocalypse

Kisha Aldens is a normal office worker with average earnings, not until she suddenly sees a system countdown in front of her. Her mind suddenly received a prompt warning about the apocalypse and urged her to integrate with the system to assist her with her survival. "Have I overworked myself again?" She thought while pinching the bridge of her nose. She blinked a few more times but the system interface is still there. Little did she know that this system would be her last lifeline in the upcoming apocalypse where human morals would be the lowest, trust is only a word and betrayal could happen in the blink of an eye. A naive person like her had to learn her lesson the hard way on how to survive and navigate in the zombie-infested world. And the worst part, she had to die 99 times to harden her heart and learn how to read the human heart. How will her 100th time be different from the previous lives, will she survive this time? And will survival be her only problem in the heart of the Apocalypse? No, there was a deeper scheme in play which she has to uncover moving forward.

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Chapter 8 Car Chase

Her call with Duke only lasted for a few minutes and they were just a few blocks away from their apartment building when two SUV blocked their path. 

Kisha could already sense that these people brought trouble, so she eyed Keith and asked him to exchange seats with her. Keith protested and shot a questioning look at her but he still obediently followed his sister's demand and went to the passenger seat.

"Buckle your seatbelts and hang on tight." She reminded.

"What's happening Shasha?!" Grandma asked a little flustered.

Grandpa, throughout his military career, had an idea of what was going on, so he just did what his granddaughter asked of him and secured himself and his wife. He made sure to hold his wife's hand and gently rub it with his thumb to silently tell her not to be afraid. 

He trusted that his granddaughter, with her experience, knew what she was doing. He knew that they couldn't confront them as there were 3 non-combatants on their side and they were unsure of the number of their enemy. It was stupid to charge head-on.

"Do you have a plan?" He asked.

"We don't know if these people are the advance force or the overall people that were sent to deal with me, if they were only the advance party, it would be bad if we ran to ask Duke for help to deal with them." She stared coldly at the vehicle that had no movement yet.

"Deal with you? Who would even want to deal with you sister? The apocalypse has yet to start?!" Keith stated with gritted teeth, wanting to skin the people who want to hurt his sister.

"I have only provoked my Manager and the Director, her lover."

"How so?" He questioned.

"They'd probably suspected me of sending their skeleton in their closet to the police. They got in serious trouble because of it, and Lisa must still be in the police station for investigation. So these must be the director's people." She smiled smugly.

"Should we wait for them to make a move? Shouldn't we ask for help?" Keith's said flustered.

"We are far from Duke's main party and we don't know what would be their next move. I just hope that they will not be bold enough to deal with us with guns now."

It is also a good thing that the apocalypse has yet to start as people will not mindlessly kill like before.

The people from the two SUVs seem to reached their patience as Kisha and her family have yet to step out of their vehicle and have noticed their motives. So one by one, stey started to come out with their weapon of choice. they are mainly steel baseball bats and steel pipes.

"Let's thank the heavens that we are ruled by law." She let out a sigh of relief.

She took advantage of this action and stepped on the gas pedal and zoomed out in the narrow alley to her left. She grew up in this old neighborhood so she already memorized every nook and cranny of the place.

Stunned, they momentarily fell into a daze as they watched Kisha's car speed up in the alley. Their leader, even though stunned, was still composed and immediately gathered his thoughts and shouted. "Move! MOVE! Don't let them get away!"

They all rushed up to their vehicle, and without even buckling their seatbelts, they tried their best to catch up to the car in front.

Keith held onto the handle on top of his head. His heart almost beating out of his chest. "Sister, I didn't know that you drive aggressively like a race car driver." His lips twitched.

"This is normal in the apocalypse." She didn't even care if she hit a trashcan or any obstacles on the road. Things flew around as the car chase continued for hours around the city. When she noticed that the gas was about to run out, she led them onto the outskirts where trees are denser and don't have many people.

The skies started to brighten up, and Kisha abruptly stopped at an abandoned factory a little far from the city. "Keith sit in the driver's seat if anything happens. Don't hesitate to drive away."

Aggrieved, he asked. "But sister, are you planning to face them alone?"

"Then, do you know how to fight?"

He looked worried but at the same time helpless because he knew that he couldn't help in any way.

Their grandfather broke the awkward silence. "Trust your sister, she survived and fought in the apocalypse longer than anyone, so she must be confident to win this. You'll just drag her down if you come with her."

Kisha did not wait for another word and stepped out of the car with a kitchen knife in hand.

Why kitchen knife you asked? Because the weapon dealership was closed yesterday. For unlucky reasons, it had to be close when she needed cold weapons urgently. 

The people on the other side were happy to finally see their target out in plain sight, they rejoice in their hearts as they slowly got down with their weapons.

For them, Kisha is just like a newborn calf, unafraid of tigers. But seeing her beautiful face and curvacious body, another thought flashed in their mind and they started to look at her with undisguised desire.

008 started to pray for their poor soul. Kisha most hated it when men looked at her like that more than when her capabilities were being questioned.

Her demeanor turned ten degrees lower, like the Goddess of death. She walked slowly, in her every step, their heart beats coldly, and they gulped down the lump of saliva in their throat.

They don't understand why a weak-looking woman was able to emit such a dangerous aura, but as gangsters who grew up in a lawless and dangerous place where their other feet are deep in the grave.

Their gut feeling tells them to run. But their body doesn't want to listen to their thoughts, their trembling legs glued to the ground.

This can be considered the most danger they felt throughout their lives and they suddenly felt regret for accepting a seemingly easy money but was actually a pit.

But before any of them made a move, two black armored cars stopped behind them. 

Men in black overalls and black army boots stepped out and without a word started attacking the gangsters. Even Kisha was shocked.

"What's going on?" She murmured.

But as if to answer her question, a figure emerges from the second car.

"Duke?!" She exclaimed. 

He jogged towards her and looked at her from head to toe to know. After confirming that she was unhurt he let a sigh of relief. 

A little puzzled, tilted her head to the side and she asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Didn't I say that we'll go together?"

"Didn't I say you can go ahead and I'll follow from behind?" She pouted a little.

Amused, his lips subconciously lift a little. "I never agreed to your suggestion." He paused and looked at the gangster lying on the ground. "It's a good thing I didn't." And he nodded as if to agree to himself.

Displeased with his smug face. "Tsk. I could beat them just the same without your intervention, though!" 

"You could just thank me honestly you know." His lips purse like an aggrieved child.

The men cleaning up the mess unintentionally look at the two of them and happen to see this and are shocked, rub their eyes and look again but the same image is still there.

Duke, the cold, unfeeling, and uninterested in women is acting coquettish in front of a beauty?

This had never been heard or seen before. Not until today. But they were glad, not because they were happy for their boss, but because he was rumored to be gay and interested in men instead.

They were afraid that if they caught Duke's eye, they might lose their asses. That's why they were always on tenterhooks around him but now they felt relieved. "It's not that Boss is uninterested in women but he has not met the one." They thought as they silently cheered.

Duke who doesn't have a clue about the rumors or what his people think, was still standing near Kisha, uncaring about the rest. He has no idea that his men misunderstood his actions.

"Let's go and meet up with the rest." He suggested.

The gangster that was beaten up black and blue was still lying on the ground pretending to be dead so that Duke would forget about them.

Who among them did not know Duke? Everyone knew Duke but he was more of a legend in the underground world as the unforgiving and ruthless ruler of the light and dark part of the society. No one in their right mind would provoke Duke or his people.

They did not know that this woman knew this tyrant. Hatred for the Director surged in their hearts and vowed to take revenge on him if they survived this.

"People of the same feather flock together. So no wonder they seemed close." They thought in their hearts as they did their best to lessen their presence.

Duke knew what they were thinking and had noticed their every action but he chose not to do anything, for him, they were as good as dead anyway, they might die in the apocalypse so why exert effort if nature can take care of them for him?

Thinking of the pros and cons, Kisha decided to relent and follow Duke closely. She can consider this as another layer of protection for her family.

So they drove back to the city's direction in a convoy.

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