My 100th Rebirth a day before the Apocalypse

Kisha Aldens is a normal office worker with average earnings, not until she suddenly sees a system countdown in front of her. Her mind suddenly received a prompt warning about the apocalypse and urged her to integrate with the system to assist her with her survival. "Have I overworked myself again?" She thought while pinching the bridge of her nose. She blinked a few more times but the system interface is still there. Little did she know that this system would be her last lifeline in the upcoming apocalypse where human morals would be the lowest, trust is only a word and betrayal could happen in the blink of an eye. A naive person like her had to learn her lesson the hard way on how to survive and navigate in the zombie-infested world. And the worst part, she had to die 99 times to harden her heart and learn how to read the human heart. How will her 100th time be different from the previous lives, will she survive this time? And will survival be her only problem in the heart of the Apocalypse? No, there was a deeper scheme in play which she has to uncover moving forward.

GoddessKM · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
227 Chs

Chapter 177 Looking for the Winters 2

Aston quickly clarified, "Don't misunderstand. The drone's battery is extremely limited, and with our restricted access to electricity, as you've seen from our equipment, we wouldn't have even had an upgrade if we hadn't raided the Coltons' base for supplies. We stumbled upon some heat-detecting drones in their camps and hoped to utilize them, but without a way to recharge them here, I thought it best to save them for when they're truly needed. Luckily, one of my men brought one along in his backpack, but that's all we have."

Aston spoke quickly, his nerves masked behind a facade of calmness. He was keen not to be misunderstood by Kisha and her team, wanting to maintain a positive connection with them even as they got back to the shelter.