4 Chestnut!

"Ah, fuck it. If I die after eating this mutated fish, at least I will die with a full belly."

Yang Zhang ate the fish, and after the first bite he swallowed, he closed his eyes, waiting for any side effect inside his body.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds…

And nothing happened.

Yang Zhang opened his eyes and checked his hands, thinking he might've grown another pair of eyes in his palms or something.

But it turned out he didn't suffer any side effects from eating the mutated fish!

He knew that humans unaffected by the Z-20 virus had immunity to the virus and infection from zombie bites. But it turned out he was also immune to whatever side effects there could be from eating mutated fish!

This was very beneficial for him in the long run. At least he didn't need to worry about eating weird mutated stuff!

"Though, I will still eat things that look more normal…." Yang Zhang said as he glanced at the dead catfish with legs.

"Squeak, squeak," the squirrel approached Yang Zhang again. It didn't seem to have any fear towards him.

Yang Zhang picked the squirrel and happily nuzzled their cheeks together, "Oh, my cute little Pokemon, you're definitely my lifesaver! We can be great partners, and I will take you on an adventure!"

Well, of course, Yang Zhang had no plan on journeying for an adventure. What was there to see in a world full of feral zombies anyway?

He just wanted to settle somewhere and live comfortably.

The squirrel looked excited as well and squeaked and discharged electricity again.



Yang Zhang's body trembled after getting electrified again, but at least his body started to get used to it.

"O—Okay, let's give you a name."

"Hm… how about… Pikachu—Wait, I can't use that. I'll get in trouble. Oh, how about Bolt—Ah, that one is taken too."

The squirrel didn't understand what Yang Zhang meant, so it just jumped out of Yang Zhang's hand and started collecting chestnuts again.

Yang Zhang observed the squirrel and called it, "Hey, Chestnut!"

The squirrel turned its head and ran towards Yang Zhang again with roasted chestnuts in its cheek pouch. It jumped and sat on Yang Zhang's lap, taking off the roasted chestnuts for him.

Thus, that idea popped into Yang Zhang's brain, "Ah, your name is Chestnut! Yes, Chestnut, we will make a great team!"



After befriending the squirrel he named Chestnut, he put the squirrel on his shoulder. He could feel the constant tingles from the electric discharge, but it wasn't as bad as he expected.

He had plenty of things in mind right now, especially after receiving that information about the function of the Brain Bead and Mana Bead.

But his main priority right now was…

"Now, how in the hell can I get my luggage back…." Yang Zhang asked himself. The luggage was still near the tree stump of that living territorial tree.

The luggage had a big hole in the middle, and everything inside was probably destroyed. But he could probably get a few essentials, like a blanket, spare clothes, or a water bottle. At least he could get his phone. Although, after the virus outbreak, there was no signal whatsoever, at least he could listen to some of his favorite songs.

He tried to enter the tree's territory quietly, but once his feet stepped inside, the face on the tree rotated towards his location and showed an angry look, instantly attacking him with the giant vine.

Yang Zhang altered his plans and tried to find a long branch. Maybe he could hook and pull it.

But once he found one and tried to reach the luggage with the stick, it proved to be too heavy, and the stick broke in half in the process.

He started searching for bigger and longer sticks.

And after the third try of breaking the stick, Yang Zhang finally gave up and tried to find another method. He continued walking around the forest to find shelter because the sun was about to set.

He continued walking until he stumbled upon a wooden hut in the middle of the forest.

It looked dusty and abandoned from afar, but he still had to be careful.

Of course, not because of ghosts. After seeing those zombies, a ghost was the least of your worries.

Yang Zhang was scared there might be a zombie inside.

So he stood in front of the hut and yelled, "Hello! Is there anyone inside?"


"Guess not!"

Yang Zhang opened the door only to be greeted by the sight of a zombie lunging at him.


"AAAAHHH!" Yang Zhang pushed the zombie away before it could bite him and ran away. The zombie started chasing him and caught up effortlessly. Of course, Yang Zhang was immune to zombie bite infection, but the wound was still a wound, and it might get infected in the process.

Yang Zhang could feel the zombie's fingers brush against his shirt, almost grabbing it. Thinking quickly, he suddenly remembered that he had an electric squirrel that could zap anyone. All he needed to do was give him his favorite food.

Yang Zhang pulled out a chestnut that was still in his pocket and turned around.

The zombie was literally three feet away from him, so he reacted quickly.

"Chestnut! Catch this!"

Yang Zhang threw the chestnut at the zombie, straight into the zombie's gaping mouth.


Chestnut, the electric squirrel, jumped from Yang Zhang's shoulder to the zombie's head, and then…



Chestnut zapped the zombie with high voltage electric discharge, and the zombie's head exploded into pieces.

Yang Zhang watched in shock when the little squirrel picked up the roasted chestnut covered in blood. In fact, its body was completely covered in zombie blood right now.

Chestnut continued scavenging around the zombie's corpse and then picked up something and jumped to Yang Zhang's shoulder, "Squeak, squeak!"

Chestnut dropped a bean-sized red nucleus on Yang Zhang's palm. Yang Zhang observed it and was surprised, "This is… a Brain Bead."

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