641 The Fate of those Who Fled, A Battle Above the Philippine Sea

Day 147 - 1:27 PM - Philippine Sea, 16 Kilometers North of Semirara Islands

"How in the world..."

Berrak was speechless.

Although Berrak was not confident of fighting the enemy, he was sure that he could escape, albeit with a few sacrifices. The ability of his pet, Baku, was not just turning day into a pitch-black night. It was capable of dulling the senses of everything engulfed by that darkness, erasing any chances of being tailed.

Berrak never expected that the enemy could still follow them. The enemy even brought his mount into the fray.

One more thing. Berrak learned what offense that Liden did to deserve his death. To say that he and his men would play with that thing's wife? Really? Liden and his men were courting death. That was, without a doubt.


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