706 The Bad News, The Announced Arrival of the Second Wave

Day 152 - 12:30 AM - Ruined Mountain Farming Village, Barangay Mabini, Municipality of Viga, Catanduanes

The arrival of the two people, Bathala and Fourth, was very surprising. It was even more for Mark, Mei, and Amihan. After all, they knew that the two were not supposed to be together.

"HEY! What happened here?!"

Fourth's eyes fell on the group below.


The surroundings felt heavy. Berrak and Morlkil fell on their knees immediately.

Although Diwata Iraya did not go down like the first two, she was having a hard time just standing up. However, despite the situation, her attention was more focused on the old man than the source of the coercing pressure around them.

As for the last three, Mark, Mei, and Amihan, Mark took quick action fast. When he felt that Fourth was agitated, he immediately put his glowing hands on their heads to protect them from the pressure.


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