878 Rejoining the Battle, Mark's Underhanded Move that Took Advantage of the Heaven's Might

Day 240 - 11:15 AM - Barangay Ulay, Municipality of Vallehermoso, Province of Negross Oriental

The agitation in Fourth's behavior was clear, and it was not surprising.

From Mark's body, the strong presence and power of someone Fourth hated were being released.

Mark's absorption of the new crystal and the power inside it reached past the middle mark. And now, his body was about to undergo the final changes. This caused the energy inside his body to start circulating and transforming body.

And Fourth definitely recognized this flow of energy. There was no way she would forget the presence of the troublesome and hateful Demon Deity that she had failed to eliminate since immemorial.

The Earth Demon, Terrae. This troublesome entity escaped Fourth's judgment and hid from the [Eyes] for millenniums.


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