668 Impenetrable Ice, Emellynn's Rage and The Saving the Captured Males

Day 148 - 12:25 PM - Factory Area, Rebel Base, San Pablo Poblacion, Municipality of Viga, Catanduanes

Smoke screened, obscuring everyone's sight.

Intense heat surged across the place.

Blood painted the scorched ground.

Dismembered body parts littered the surroundings.

In the middle of it all, Emellynn stood.

Emellynn's golden hair was now clear blue like icicles. Instead of surges of electricity, thick ice armor covered her body.

Renz and his men stared at Emellynn in utter shock. Even the surviving rebels were surprised to see their leader still alive from that devastating explosion.

It seemed that no one here, aside from Felix, knew about Emellynn having this ability. As it appeared, she hid it well.

"H-how is this possible?!!"

Even if Renz did not want to, only those words could come out of his mouth.

"Wow, surprised Pikachu face."

Another voice echoed.


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