21 Five Girls, a guy and a hot tub (Part-4)

Paige pushed back once Amanda was gone, smothering Melissa's face and thoroughly coating it in pussy juices, then she pushed off and crawled on her hands and knees until she bridged the gap and planted her tongue between Dawn's cunt lips. Melissa followed her in small increments, sliding off my cock until only the tip remained between her lips, then waiting for me to move up and impale her once more so she could repeat the process until her mouth again formed a seal around my sister's clit.

Now that we were all in position again I tightly gripped Melissa's ass cheeks and spread them as much as I could and started pumping my boner into her snatch as fast as my hips would take me. The sudden force I exerted made my balls let out a slapping sound with each thrust as they slammed into Melissa, but it also travelled right up the chain producing a shout of ecstasy from Kara as Dawn's tongue plunged deeper into her hot box.

A few minutes later and I felt the dam about to burst. At the last second I decided to try something and pulled out as a torrent of steamy white cum exploded from my cock. The first burst hit her square in the ass hole, which was spread right in front of me, the tail end of it going up her ass to her lower back. I thrust forward so my balls pressed into the layer of sperm coating her anus and my dick aimed over her back right as the second wave released. My aim was true and a thick rope of my semen sailed right over her back and stretched itself from her shoulders, across her reddish hair and onto my sister's right ass cheek; hitting its target dead on.

My sister ripped her face away from Dawn's twat as my molten seed struck her naked ass and she looked back at me with shock on her pussy juice smeared face. While she was turning around a third and fourth burst of hot cum splattered against the middle of Melissa's bare back. Followed by a few smaller shots dribbling down her ass crack as my dick came to rest nested between her ass cheeks.

"Sorry, Bad aim." I lied once my orgasm had passed.

Melissa started laughing as she pulled her face clear of my sister's cum splattered ass.

"What's going on?" asked Kara as she and Dawn struggled to look back at the commotion.

"Justin pulled out and blew his load all over Melissa's back, problem is that his distance is so good he hit Paige right on the ass also." Amanda explained with a grin plastered from ear to ear.

Completely spent I moved back and collapsed onto my back. Melissa moved her face over Paige's ass and licked up the semen I had deposited there. Upon seeing that Amanda climbed back out of the spa and started licking up the cum coating her friends back and ass hole, then she moved over to clean the remainder off my shaft and balls. She left the cum in Melissa's hair for her to deal with later.

Once I was all clean, Amanda took position behind Melissa and quickly licked her to the orgasm I had stopped just short of giving her. Paige, Dawn and Kara soon followed, reaching climax for the second time that night. Soon everyone was exhausted and lying on the deck regaining their strength.

We all drifted off to bed and I found my knees hurt slightly from kneeling on the hard wooden deck for so long. I was exhausted and needed sleep, but I was also anxious that there would be no more late night spa sessions since we were heading home the next night.

- Saturday July 11th, 2009 -

I woke early to a surprise on Saturday. Kara's back greeted me as I opened my eyes. The blonde hottie was riding my morning glory reverse cowgirl. After taking a moment to regain my faculties, I placed my hands on her hips and started meeting her bounces with upward thrusts as I greeted her.

"You're a good alarm clock." I said.

Kara looked back at me and smiled, "You seemed to enjoy it yesterday, and this morning you were already hard as a rock so I figured I'd take advantage." She gave me a wink and turned back to focus on her task of fucking my brains out.

I was feeling exceedingly horning already, so I went all out slamming my cock into Kara's pussy. My view was stunning. I had a rear view of the blonde beauty with her massive tits barely visible to either side, they bounced along with her ass slapping my groin as my cock drove deep into her cunt.

We fucked like this for a good 10 minutes with almost no respite. I think the events of this week were building up my tolerance. Eventually I couldn't take it any more. I lunged forward into a sitting position and grabbed Kara's big tits to hold myself up as my dick erupted. I pumped my hot seed deep into her womb. Simultaneously Kara appeared to reach climax as well. She screamed and arched her back, her head resting beside mine as her pelvis jerked over my erupting cock and her legs squeezed mine.

We both came down from our orgasms and I collapsed backward. Kara fell forward on her hands and slowly gyrated her pelvis against me before lifting off my cock. I jerked involuntarily as the cool air greeted my dick popping free of her body.

Next thing I know I was waking up again and it was 10am. I must have been so exhausted that I fell back to sleep right after. I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast. While I was eating Paige emerged from her room and joined me, she was buck naked and I noticed that I was also. I was so comfortable with nudity now that I hadn't even thought to get dressed. Everyone else seemed to out and about already.

"Nice hard on." said Paige as she started pouring some cereal.

I looked down and saw she was right, I had a raging boner yet again and hadn't noticed it as it had become so common.

"Thanks." I said, "Hey, sorry for cumming on your ass last night, hope you're not mad."

"Not at all. You did it down my throat remember? Getting some on my ass is nothing compared to that. I was just shocked as I wasn't expecting it."

"Ok cool. In that case would you be shocked to hear I was deliberately attempting to hit you?"

She laughed, "A little. You know, I'm glad this week became what it is. To be honest, I've been lusting after you since I hit puberty. "

As we ate breakfast Paige told me all about the feelings she had had for me over the years. How she'd tried to spy on me a few times. Even how one time when she saw me coming out of the shower six months ago wasn't an accident. I decided to refrain from telling her that I'd never really thought of her sexually until this trip, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I did however comment on how hot she was and how the feelings were mutual.

"Actually, I think that's why I was so reluctant when things turned dirty." She continued, "I was too reluctant to act on feelings I've been suppressing for all this time."

We continued our candid chat as we ate and I discovered how turned on Paige got watching me fuck other women. I told her it was mutual.

"You sure have a purdy mouth. Feel like some additional breakfast?" I asked once we had both finished eating.

"Perhaps. I'll show you just how pretty my mouth really is." She walked over to the couch and beckoned for me to sit down.

I did as directed and quickly my raging member was embedded between my sister's sweet lips and she gave me one of the best blow jobs I'd ever experienced. Only eclipsed by the ones she'd given me previously. She licked and twirled and deep throated my cock like a pro.

"I'm gunna cum." I announced as my ejaculation approached.

Paige pulled her face off her my dick and stroked it rapidly, aiming it right at her nose.

"I want it splattered all over my face." she told me. I obliged.

My semen spewed into her face with such force it coated most of her face in one blast while subsequent blasts slammed into her already glazed skin and flowed down her chin and dripped onto her beautiful rack. She opened her mouth when I was almost finished cumming and took the remaining shots onto her tongue, giving me a great view of it slowly sliding back towards her throat.

Once I was spent she licked me clean, gave me a smack on the ass and went to the bathroom with her brother's cum splattered all over her face and tits.

"Ready to head out onto the slopes, get some last minute skiing in?" she asked.

"Sure, I'll just go get dressed."

Once we were dressed we went out skiing. We spent the whole day together and had a lot of fun like we usually do. I realised because of her friends presence we hadn't done that this year. We met up with Dawn and the three of us had a fantastic time, we had lunch together and then went skiing down some intermediate slopes for Dawn's sake.

Around 3pm Dawn headed back to the house due to sore legs, she still wasn't as physically adjusted to skiing all day like some of us. Plus she said kneeling on the deck the night before didn't help. I was sore also but didn't wanted to get some more skiing done before we went home. Once Dawn left it was a good excuse for Paige and I to hit the more advanced runs.

Some time later we were barrelling down one of the advanced runs when Paige lost her footing going over a small bump in the snow and fell flat on her face. I couldn't avoid her and tried to jump over, but ended up face planting also. We both sat up and dusted ourselves off, finding neither of us were hurt. Then we burst out laughing. It reminded me of our younger days when we were more daring and less skilled at skiing, we would tumble over each other like that a lot. Only this time Paige was a beautiful grown woman. I started to get aroused, sitting in the snow laughing with this vision of loveliness before me really seemed to get me going.

"God damn, you're hot sitting in the snow like that." I told her.

"Thank you." she replied, then we found ourselves looking deep into each other eyes until we seemed to come to a mutual unspoken understanding.

Together we crawled off the side of the run until we were somewhat hidden behind some bushes. We both struggled with our snow pants and multiple layers. Soon my cock was exposed to the cold air and rapidly growing to its full size. Paige had her pants undone and they were soon bunched up around her knees, her underwear going with them. She turned away from me and bent forward to rest her elbows in the snow, facing the bushes that barely separated us from the main slope and exposing her ass and pussy to the freezing cold air. I had a good view over the bushes and up the slope. I could see everyone coming down the mountain, but hoped they couldn't see much of me with all the shrubbery around us.

I inched forward on my knees towards my sister's waiting snatch and my pants and underwear dropped with the motion, exposing my ass, balls and upper legs completely to the elements. It was freezing, but my arousal stopped it from annoying me too much. I placed my still gloved hands on my sister's cold ass, lined my dick up with her lips and pushed forward lightly, bumping my cock head against her until it was directed downward and my shaft slid along her pussy, lightly rubbing her clit. She was already sopping wet and ready for my throbbing dick but I teased her for a moment longer by rubbing my cock along her slit as I watched the skiers coming down the slope ahead of us. Nobody seemed to be noticing us, or looking in our general direction, so I guessed we were mostly invisible to them.

"Oh shit, fuck me already..." called Paige. She seemed to be struggling to keep her voice at a low enough level to not attract any attention to us.

I did as instructed and plunged my throbbing cock between her lips, penetrating my sister and slamming my cock right down until my balls rested against the now cold skin of her legs. She cried out at the sudden penetration, but there was nobody close enough to hear at that particular moment. I paused for a while and savoured the moment, flexing my cock to press on her insides. I squeezed her ass cheeks between my gloved fingers and took a long deep breath in through my nose. The fresh cold air stinging my throat slightly.

"Ahh, that's the stuff, nothing like some tight sisterly pussy. I've been hoping for this all week." I whispered to her.

"Me too," she said, "Although I wasn't sure if I'd go through with it. Now hurry up and fuck me, I feel too exposed out here."

I started to thrust my rod in and out of my sister's cunt with reckless abandon. All the waiting, the teasing of the past week. It felt like everything was just a tease leading up to this event, I couldn't stand it any longer and couldn't hold back. I gave her my all and pistoned my cock in and out of my sister as fast as I could possibly go. I watched my dick split my sister in half with amorous fascination as each thrust quickly brought me closer to orgasm. I could smell pine needles, it ticked at my nostrils but I ignored it as I pounded my sister. I knew I could last much longer if I wanted, but I couldn't stop myself from going all out. The intensity of fucking my own sister in public with freezing air hitting my ass was too much stimulation.

I looked up as I approached my climax and scanned the slope while my hips continued ramming my cock into my sister's hot snatch. There was a couple across the other side of the slope heading down at a slow pace. As they approached our elevation they turned toward us and were coming closer. A lump formed in my throat, had they seen us? No they weren't looking at us, they were busy talking to each other as they slowly made there way down.

Suddenly I recognised them. They were our parents. Our parents passed us by as we fucked. Paige couldn't see them, and there was no way I was going to make her aware. I continued slowly fucking my sister as our parents passed us, chatting loudly with each other. I paid no attention to what they were saying, I was busy hoping they couldn't hear or see us. They passed right by us, but then they stopped just down hill from our position. I almost panicked and my cock slipped out of Paige. I froze for a moment and Paige reached back and tried to reinsert my dick into her with her gloved, frost covered hand. She failed.

"What are you doing? Hurry up..." she whispered. I remained frozen, waiting to see if Mum and Dad had heard. Soon I became clear that they hadn't, in fact they appeared to be kissing and paying no attention to us. I quickly felt for my cock which had softened slightly but was now almost completely hard again. The idea of my parents being so close while I fucked their daughter was a massive turn on now that I knew they hadn't seen us. I aimed my cock back at Paige and without taking my eyes of our parents reinserted it into her pussy and resuming fucking her. I refrained from slamming myself into her as I didn't want our skin to slap together like had been earlier, but I fucked her hard and fast regardless.

Our parents continued making out, completely oblivious to their frisky children fucking each others brains out only 20 feet away. My orgasm quickly re-approached and rapidly overtook me. Paige reached her climax at almost the same time. She bucked against my cock as it erupted deep in her tunnel and I splattered her insides with hot cum. My toes curled of their own accord and I was practically paralysed as the waves of pleasure swept over me. I didn't think I could cum more than I have the last few nights, but I did. While I watched my parents making out nearby I pumped load after load of semen into my sister's snatch until it was squelching out the sides coating my balls and running down both of our legs. Just as my balls emptied and the semen stopped flowing our parents broke their contact and resuming skiing down the mountain, soon completely out of sight.

I collapsed onto my sister's back and she collapsed into the snow as I let out a massive sigh of relief and contentment.

"That was awesome." she said.

"You have no idea." I told her.

After a few moments rest we got back to our feet and tried to clean ourselves off. Our legs were coated in cum and there was even some on our bunched up ski pants. I quickly cleaned myself off as best I could in these conditions and was fully dressed again in no time. Paige was scooping cum out of her pussy and swallowing it before she wiped the cum off her clothes and legs and flicked it onto the snow. Once she was dressed we checked each other for any visible cum and then continued down the mountain. It was almost 5pm so we headed back to the house as the sun would be setting any moment and we had to be ready to leave at 6:30 when our parents would be coming by to pick up some of the girls so we could head home.

As soon as we entered the nice warm house we both immediately stripped our clothes off in the entry way as our legs still had some cum on them and we felt dirty. My cock was hard again as soon as I saw my sisters exposed body and I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me. How much abuse could my dick take before it dropped off or something. I tried to ignore my arousal and headed for the shower but Paige beat me to it. I would have joined her but it was a rather small shower. So instead I headed back to my room to pack while I waited. I passed Paige, Dawn and Amanda's room and found the door open with Dawn standing there completely naked and one leg up on the bed as she rubbed moisturiser into her skin. There is something about that minxes hot naked body that simply drove me crazy. I tried to keep walking as I needed to get packed and ready to go, but I couldn't help but stop and admire those thick protruding nipples and sexy wide hips. I then remembered that there was something I wanted to ask Dawn also, so I entered the bedroom.

Before I knew what I was doing I had her up against the back wall with her ass sticking out and my dick lodged in her pussy. We fucked like only horny teenagers can. Then Amanda walked into the room.

"Oh Amanda," I said to her, "could I have a minute with Dawn in private please, there is something I want to talk to her about."

"Sure," replied Dawn, "you'll have to stop fucking me for a moment though if you want me to leave."

I was confused for a moment, my horny brain didn't have much blood to work with, it was all in my cock.

"Oh shit, you're Amanda?" I said rhetorically. "I'm fucking the wrong person! Unbelievable."

"Haha." laughed the real Dawn.

"Sorry to disappoint." said Amanda while I continued to plough her pussy with my cock.

"No no, I didn't mean it like that. I'm very happy to get to fuck you too. I just thought you were Dawn for some reason."

"No offence taken. Happens all the time. Well not the fucking but you know what I mean."

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" asked Dawn.

"Well now seems like a strange time to ask, but what the hell. I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me sometime?"

"As in, on a date?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said, somehow nervous even though I was plugging her sister as I said it.

"Holy shit, this is a weird situation." said Amanda as she pushed her ass back against me to get as much cock in her twat as she could.

"Of course I will." said Dawn, "I was planning to ask you if you didn't say anything. I've had a crush on you for months and was waiting for this week to get to know you more first."

Then Dawn approached us and kissed me deep and passionately. I held her head in place as I pumped into her twin sister harder and faster, pinning her against the wall. I felt my orgasm approaching as I thrust my tongue into Dawn's mouth and played with hers. Then my climax ripped through me and I shot my load deep into Amanda's cunt. I held myself in place, pinning her against the wall as I ejaculated inside her and made out with her sister.

When I was spent I finally broke the kiss with Dawn as I pulled my dick free from Amanda with a sloppy pop.

"You're an incredible kisser," said Dawn, "You really know how to turn a girl on. Although usually you pump a girls sister full of semen after you take her out for dinner, not before."

The three of us cracked up laughing at the absurdity of the situation, then Dawn sucked my cum out of her sister as if it were an everyday occurrence and we made plans for the following night. We were going to a local restaurant then a movie. Pretty traditional. I wondered if she puts out on a first date. Paige entered the room right as I was leaving so I went and had a quick shower, followed by quickly packing all my things.

Our parents arrived at 6:30 sharp and after some chit chat we set off on the lengthy car trip home. The girls played silly car games the whole way home, but I didn't participate. All I could think about was my date with Dawn which I was inexplicably nervous for and whether or not Paige would let me fuck her again when we got home.

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