Mushroom family in another world

The story is about a single mother and her two children reincarnated into another world, where they become...mushrooms Together they rebuilt the village in the countryside. Together with people in another world. But it seems that life in another world is not as simple as the mother imagined, as forces collide with each other. A mother and her children need to do more to survive in this world. Because nothing in life is beautiful and peaceful forever. It will always get dirty someday.

Hysteria_Hope · Fantasy
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71 Chs

The grace of the Archdemon

People passing by all turned their eyes to observe Mae, or rather, the person following her. After finishing that hamburger, Ira followed closely behind her as if wanting more. If this continues, there will be many bad rumors.

"Listen, I really don't have any hamburgers with me anymore. So follow this address, go there and find someone named Fifi, she will make you as many hamburgers as you want"- Mae

"Okay? You give me the address where the hamburgers are? That's very generous of you. Okay! As a return, I will grant you the grace of the Archdemon of Wrath"- Ira

"What is grace?" - Mae

"He he he, I give you fire elemental power, enhancement and an invincible body, your children will also inherit this grace!"- Ira

Ira pointed her hand at Mae and her mushroom body glowed with a red aura. Once done, the Archdemon of Wrath happily took the map and left, leaving Mae confused.


[Obtain Archdemon of Wrath blessing]

[Obtain special skill: Fire Element]

[Obtain extra skill: Strengthen Body]


Mae looked at her stats and saw that they had increased a lot.

'It's just a hamburger, but isn't it silly for her to give me this terrible grace?' - Mae thought.


[Error: Heli and Sophie cannot receive grace]


Feeling strange, she asked Eri but there was no response. When she asked again, there was still no response. Then she remembered her daughter and ran to find her.

Thanks to Eri and Rica's connection, Mae is able to locate Sophie.

Stopped by a store that sold magic tools, it seemed like there were a lot of students coming here, maybe to buy school supplies. But it seems like something is very noisy inside. Sophie is inside, so is she in some danger?

Mae immediately went inside to see, she quickly feared that her daughter was in danger. When she saw Sophie being held by a man's hand, she was about to call out when she saw the man kneel down.

"You! Please enroll in the magic academy!"

"Heh?"- Mae immediately stopped

"This..."- Sophie

"We will give you free tuition for the entire school year, as long as you agree to enroll!"

Sophie felt awkward and didn't know how to answer. When she saw her mother, she ran and hid behind her. Mae looked at her daughter and then at the man.

"First you have to ask my mother's opinion" - Sophie

"Your mother? This big mushroom?"

The man approached and then knelt down again.

"Please let your daughter enroll in our magic academy!!!"

"What? Hey, get up quickly, don't act like that!"- Mae


It took some time to pull the man out of this situation. They sat at a cafe near the waterway, and after calming down, they introduced themselves.

"My name is Edward, currently I am a teacher of magic students. In the past there was a magic genius who has now graduated, but instead of working a job like everyone else, she... causing trouble everywhere under the name "Infinite Eye". Because of that, not many people enroll in the academy anymore" - Edward

"So what do you want from my daughter?"- Mae

"We want to have someone to represent the academy, inviting more students. Right now we are so stuck with ideas that we can't do anything anymore, even though we have given out free perks." school year until graduation but no one accepted!" - Edward

Looking at the man who looked so miserable, Mae glanced at Sophie then leaned close to her ear and whispered.

"What do you think? This is an opportunity, free for the whole school year until graduation" - Mae

"So I won't be able to help you with your business" - Sophie

"It's okay, studying is more important. You should try it for a while, maybe you'll like it?" - Mae

"You agree to let me go to school? But there's a job..." - Sophie

"It's okay, there's your brother and the daughters-in-law. Fifi and Belle and the people in the village are enough. And you're still at school age, that's what's important" - Mae

With Mae's support, Sophie agreed to enroll, which made Edward so happy that he cried like a waterfall.

As for why Heli and Sophie did not receive the Archdemon's grace, it was not time for her to say it right away. But secretly practice to use this power.

What makes it difficult for Mae is that she herself is a middle-aged woman with two children. She doesn't understand much about mechanics like magic or video games. Before, she saw her two children playing MMORPG games, a type of role-playing game in a fantasy world. So they learn this world much faster than you.

Many times they invited her to play with them, but she was always very confused and clumsy every time they played.

But she herself is a mother, and a mother needs to do what is necessary.

[I will help you with that]

"Will you help me?" - Mae

[My job is to guide reincarnated people. So helping you won't do me any harm]

"Thank you very much"- Mae

And so, the Eri system really wasn't joking, she kept leading this single mother to places with dangerous high-level monsters. Nearly losing their lives five times seven times, they practiced from morning until late at night.

Her body covered in dirt and wounds, Mae dragged her feet back to the inn. She gently opened the door to her daughter's room and saw her sleeping soundly, on the table were books and admission papers. She went inside to arrange it so it was tidy.

Arriving at her son's room, he fell asleep while working. Mae used magic to move his body and place him on the bed.

As for her two daughters-in-law, she was still sleeping soundly. She carefully covered them with a blanket and left.

Returning to her room, she found herself more devastated than she thought. Part of the mushroom head was missing. Luckily, her body was able to recover so the wound returned to normal.

What a tiring day.