Mushroom family in another world

The story is about a single mother and her two children reincarnated into another world, where they become...mushrooms Together they rebuilt the village in the countryside. Together with people in another world. But it seems that life in another world is not as simple as the mother imagined, as forces collide with each other. A mother and her children need to do more to survive in this world. Because nothing in life is beautiful and peaceful forever. It will always get dirty someday.

Hysteria_Hope · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
70 Chs

Student arena

The student bell rang, which was the signal for the students to gather in the arena to show off their talents.

After a period of expedition, the students have developed and become much more mature, this arena is an opportunity to prove their status in the future.

Just waking up in the morning, Mae saw a group of students that caught her attention. They were wearing pink and blue headbands, and there was also a flag with her daughter's name on it. If you don't look, those are her daughter's fans. They were chanting Invi's name in unison. Not only was she not embarrassed, she was also waving to them.

"You're really famous, aren't you?"- Mae

"It's nothing, Mama. I just changed my way of communicating a little bit and a bunch of people pursued me" - Invi

"Are you sure you didn't use your own magic? Because I think it's quite similar to the Archdemon of Lust's magic" - Mae

"Everyone says so, but the two of us are different. Lux's aura is about forcing others to like her, while mine is about proving myself more than using magic. That's the difference between me and her" - Invi

"Even if you don't say so, I know it. My daughter, you're the one who understands..."- Mae

"Honestly, I feel like you're growing up a bit too fast so I'm a little sad" - Mae whispered

"Is something wrong?"- Invi

"It's okay, we should go quickly. The event is about to start" - Mae

The selected students include 32 people, representing 8 classes, one class has 4 students forming teams together. Parents cheer for their children to have a competitive spirit. As for the parents of the selected students, they are specially arranged with private seats for better viewing.

Mae saw that there were four seats here. She and the vice principal had already sat, but two seats were empty and the other two students' families had not yet arrived. This seat is higher than the normal seat, and there are many servants serving it, like a reserved area for V.I.P guests.

Such a sudden change in environment made her a little dizzy.

[If you want, I have two skills to change the atmosphere to a more pleasant one]- Eri

'What skill is that?'- Mae

[Sleeping skill and dreaming skill]- Eri

'Please, don't do that'- Mae

She immediately took a sip of tea to forget Eri's suggestion and calm herself down.

Below, Invi's 1st grade team includes Chihaya, Kairen and a girl with deer horns and ears named Connie.

"Okay everyone, as we have discussed the battle plan many times and today we will execute it. Remember one thing is that teammates should understand each other's thoughts, do you understand?" - Invi


"Does anyone else have any questions?" - Invi

"What if everyone falls but one person on the team can still stand?" - Chihaya

"Good question, the rule of the competition is that the last person in the team means that if only one person on the team can continue fighting and the opponent has no one left, the whole team is considered the winner. But the important thing is ..."- Invi

The four students looked at their opponents and immediately took out their weapons and magic to prepare for battle. Invi put his hand on his waist and a ball of water appeared in his other hand.

"Victory is above all" - Invi

And when the bell rang, there was an explosion so loud that the entire stadium cried out in surprise. The 6th grade team was defeated by the 1st grade team in less than 10 minutes. Mae sat up high and observed, very surprised and admiring.

"Amazing!"- Mae

Continuing with the 8th grade team, there were students who used the counter element against Invi but could only hold out for a maximum of 5 minutes and then were trapped in a water bubble by the 1st grade team and couldn't escape. In just a short time, the grade 1 team defeated their opponents very quickly without wasting too much time.

"There are only two teams left so we need to vote to see who will go first. So we should vote to see who will go first?" - Connie

"Let me go first" - Kairen

The three girls turned their eyes towards the voice, Kairen was raising her arm, wanting to volunteer to be the one to go to battle first.

"I will be the first to pioneer, so everyone has time to mentally prepare. Our opponents will probably have the same thoughts as us, the first to pioneer will usually be the weakest until the last." is the strongest. So, in my opinion, Invi will be the one to fight last" - Kairen

"Am I in the final match?" - Invi

"Because after all, you're an Archdemon, right? Even though you're not quite an Archdemon, your strength is enough to overwhelm others. Furthermore, they're not very normal over there" - Kairen

"You're right, the magic around them is not like normal magic, maybe more advanced" - Chihaya

"It's really difficult, isn't it?"- Invi bit her nails

Up above, Mae watched her daughter's match very excitedly. She never expected to one day be able to watch such a magic competition live in real life. However, she still has to keep herself from being too aggressive in front of other parents.

"The match was great, wasn't it?" - Edward, parent representing Kairen

"It's truly unbelievable, our children are truly talented" - Catherine, Chihaya's representative parent

"I still feel excited every time they compete" - Mae, a parent representing Invi

Parent representing Connie, not present.

"Seriously, is it that difficult to come here and watch your children?" - Catherine

"Maybe that person is stuck with work? Many times we have to sympathize with that person's situation" - Mae

"It can't be helped" - Catherine

"After today, the teachers and I will probably create career guidance forms for the students. The next time will probably be very busy" - Edward

"Career guidance form" is a form that the school will distribute to students about the professions they will do in the future. According to the education sector code, the first year will learn about education, in the second year, studying will increase and there will be people from other academies coming to invite them to their academy, in the third year, they will be invited to come to their academy. circulate between students from this academy to other academies.

This is quite similar to the vocational schools back in the old world, only their scale is much larger and more popular.

"It seems like I've heard rumors that many academies have received orders from the royal family to send on expeditions, right? Isn't it true that only after graduating can we be sent on expeditions?" - Catherine

Hearing that, Mae opened her eyes wide and looked in the direction of the witch.

"What does that mean?"- Mae

"In fact, academies across the country have very strict regulations, that is, 'You are not allowed to go on expeditions or accept commissions of any kind before graduating. When discovered, they will be severely punished, have their magic taken away and be banished from the country." Originally, that law was intended to prevent students from doing stupid things" - Edward

"..."- Mae

"However, recently the phenomenon of "Disasters" has appeared more and more, mutated monsters are evolving very quickly. All sentient beings have to fend for themselves without the protection of Gods or Magus or Archdemon. "- Edward

"No protection?" - Mae

"It used to be like that, but after the Archdemon of Gluttony and the Archdemon of Envy appeared, everything changed. I guess that appearance changed everything" - Edward

"Eh?"- Mae

Edward pointed forward and Mae looked in that direction. She was extremely shocked when in front of her was a giant sea monster made of water.


[Successfully analyzed: It is the water illusion of Leviathan, the divine beast of the Archdemon of Envy]


'Le-Leviathan?! Don't tell me that's one of the seven princes of hell?!'- Mae

The Eri system's answer seemed to prove that what she said was correct.

Below, Invi was looking at the opposing team in front of her with a cold expression while her teammates were recovering in the healing bubble.

"You must be stupid to be here, you night hunters."- Invi