Mushroom family in another world

The story is about a single mother and her two children reincarnated into another world, where they become...mushrooms Together they rebuilt the village in the countryside. Together with people in another world. But it seems that life in another world is not as simple as the mother imagined, as forces collide with each other. A mother and her children need to do more to survive in this world. Because nothing in life is beautiful and peaceful forever. It will always get dirty someday.

Hysteria_Hope · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
70 Chs

Mother and two child

[They were a happy family of four, a father and an exemplary husband, a mother and a faithful wife, and their two children were obedient and intelligent. They are like a family that everyone admires.

But life is always ironic, when the image of a happy family can also be destroyed.

The exemplary husband in everyone's eyes was actually an adulterer behind his wife's back, he was caught red-handed right at home. Not only did he feel sorry for his wife, but he also mercilessly chased his mother and two children out of the house. But before they can start their new life, they encounter an accident]


[Obtain a Skill: Family Connection]

[Instructor named Eri, for Mother]

[Instructor named Rica, for Children]


From the blue sky, three lights fell from the sky and landed on an inn. The landing was so strong that it destroyed part of the inn. Stepping out from the rubble were three walking mushrooms, one large mushroom and two small mushrooms, one pink and one green.

The big mushroom turned to look at the two little mushrooms with a very worried voice.

"Are you two okay?" - Mom mushroom

"Ouch ouch, it hurts so much Mama" - Pink mushroom

"How rude to suddenly throw us down here" - Blue mushroom

"Mama, we have become walking mushrooms!" - Pink Mushroom

"Look at us, we look funny" - Blue mushroom

While the mother and son were feeling amused by their new appearance, suddenly there were two shadows of someone approaching with an expression as if they wanted to capture them. Those were two maids with cat ears and tails, at a glance they were called Neko Maids, lovely girls that everyone liked. When Mother Mushroom noticed, they destroyed the other two people's inn.

"Walking mushrooms are a popular ingredient, selling them will bring a lot of money, especially mushrooms with special colors"

The mother mushroom sensed danger and immediately stood in front of the two baby mushrooms to protect them.

"Wait, please don't take us away. Don't touch my two children! I'm sorry for destroying your inn. I will compensate you for the damage!" - Mother Mushroom

"Compensation? How do you compensate?"

"Um...this...."- Mother mushroom

Mom noticed that there was a lot of wheat on the farm, and an idea immediately came to her mind about what to do. She ran towards the farm and lightly touched the wheat field and it grew as fast as the wind. Mother Mushroom took a deep breath and blew gently and the field was harvested. While growing the wheat fields while harvesting them, soon there was a lot of harvest.

[Obtain a Skill: Farm Harvest]

"Is that enough to renovate the inn?" - Mother Mushroom

"That's amazing! I didn't expect a walking mushroom could do that. That's enough money to restore the inn!"

The two cat maids immediately asked the carrier to bring the wheat to sell, and in return, someone came to repair the inn. Mother Mushroom looked at the design of the inn and came up with an idea. She immediately used her mouth to hold a pen and draw on the design. Occasionally, a few people glanced at the three walking mushrooms that were acting like normal people.

Before long, the damaged inn was quickly repaired, and it was even bigger than before. The two cat girls looked at the new inn and were indescribably happy.

A cat maid walked up to Mother Mushroom and bowed.

"Hello my name is Fifi, and this is my friend Belle. Thank you for helping us renovate the inn and make it even bigger"- Fifi

"Nothing, anyway we're sorry for vandalizing your inn. My name is Mae, these are my two children, my older son Heli, my younger daughter Sophie"

"Can a walking mushroom also have a family?" - Belle

"If you don't mind, you can stay here. We currently own this inn." - Fifi

"Can we?"- Mae

"Of course it's okay, after all, you guys helped us rebuild the inn!"- Belle

The mother and her two children looked at each other and nodded in agreement. The two cat maids led them into the inn. The renovated interior looked very new and spacious. Heli and Sophie were led by Belle to the bedroom while Mae wandered the inn. While walking, she saw a restaurant next door. When Mae stepped inside, the place was covered with white sheets and dust, one could guess that this place had been abandoned for a long time.

"Hey, why isn't this place being used? Shouldn't an inn at least have a place for customers to eat and drink?" - Mae

"Actually, we plan to hire someone to be a chef, but except for dishes with old recipes, we don't know how to create new dishes" - Fifi

Mother Mushroom looked inside the bags of ingredients, for example, potatoes could make simple dishes like steamed potatoes, fried potatoes or mashed potatoes.

[Obtain a Skill: Endless Recipes]

"What skill looks so strange?" - Mother Mushroom

But this skill is not useless, Mother Mushroom found many recipes, including dishes that she really likes. Looking through the recipes, she decided to choose dishes that were simple to make. Mother Mushroom walked to where there was a fire and grabbed the cloth and pulled it out.

Wait, hand?

Mae grew her hand in surprise, when did she grow her hand?

When she checked again, she saw that she had reached level 7, which meant she was eligible to evolve. Once she grew her hands, work became easier. Mae took the potatoes out of the sack and washed them, removing all the inedible parts of the potatoes. Fortunately, there is heat-insulating foil, wrap the potatoes inside, then make a cut in the potatoes, put them in the pot to steam, and arrange the potatoes inside.

Wood-burning stoves are not too strange in this world. Mother Mushroom can create fire easily because it is a basic skill.

Meanwhile, the two children did not see their mother and immediately went looking for her. Suddenly they smelled something very fragrant, the smell of rich butter and milk. Following the scent, they found Mother Mushroom continuously using a bamboo pipe to blow strongly into the wood stove, the steaming pot was boiling on the stove.

When the fire was stable, Mae set the table clean to lay out the cutlery. Mother Mushroom noticed her two baby mushrooms and Belle standing secretly looking outside the kitchen.

"Hurry up and eat while it's still hot" - Mae

The two cat maids and their two mushroom children sat on chairs to enjoy steamed potatoes that were emitting a delicious aroma. Because her two mushroom children had not yet grown arms, she fed them food.

The new life of the mother and her two children who became mushrooms has just begun in another world~