Mushroom family in another world

The story is about a single mother and her two children reincarnated into another world, where they become...mushrooms Together they rebuilt the village in the countryside. Together with people in another world. But it seems that life in another world is not as simple as the mother imagined, as forces collide with each other. A mother and her children need to do more to survive in this world. Because nothing in life is beautiful and peaceful forever. It will always get dirty someday.

Hysteria_Hope · Fantasy
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71 Chs

Develop the village

A few days later, the mother and two children of the mushroom family spent a few peaceful days in this village of Kemonomimi, most of the people here were animal farmers, there were also a few people of other races.

Thanks to Mae's guidance, this small village gradually develops better, Fifi and Belle distribute flyers inviting them to inns with places to rest and eat. Therefore, the village's income is getting better and better.

Mae also accepts those who want to apply for a job, she will directly teach them dishes to serve customers.

At this time, Mae noticed that the inn owed a rather large amount of money to a merchant. There was something a bit wrong about this debt. Recalling that in her previous life, she had encountered many cases of defrauding others for profit, some of which took advantage of defrauding poorly educated or naive people.

In the past few days, when she interacted with Fifi and Belle, she found them to be quite naive, so it could be said that they were victims of a scammer. Mae then smiled mysteriously, because an idea came to her mind.

Looking out the window, she saw her two children, who had just grown arms yesterday, and were already taking advantage of the opportunity to do things they were curious about. Heli and Sophie are doing their own thing, Heli is learning magic potions from a Demonoid race named Maxim, and Sophie is running off somewhere to play.

But right after that, Mae saw a luxurious horse-drawn carriage. Feeling a bad omen, she immediately stopped her current work and ran down to see what happened. Suddenly she heard the cry of a little girl, the cry of her daughter.

Running out of the inn and seeing some big guys kidnapping her daughter, Mae immediately shot fireballs at them. Being suddenly attacked, they released Sophie, and the little pink mushroom immediately ran behind the mother mushroom to hide.

"Are you planning to kidnap my daughter?"- Mae

"Another mushroom, this time bigger and with hands. Looks like it's a big profit this time."

"What did you just say?"- Mae

Hearing that was like saying they were goods to be sold. Mae took a deep breath to calm down.

"Sorry, but we are conscious beings. So we also know how to use magic" - Mae

Mae raised her hand to create a huge fireball that then gradually turned into a blue flame. The fire immediately became larger, scaring the fat man and his subordinates to death. ran away, got on a horse-drawn carriage and drove away quickly.

Mae burst out laughing when she saw the carriage leaving very quickly, it seemed like she had just brought herself an enemy when she first reincarnated here.

"He will definitely come back to take revenge, you have to be careful" - Belle

"So what's the matter? If he comes back, just let him come back, I'll deal with him" - Mae

"So what are you going to do?" - Fifi

"Of course we will have to promote the development of this place. Just think, if that fat businessman comes here to cause trouble, why don't we invite more people to come here and prove to them that This place is worth living" - Mae

"But how will we do it?" - Fifi

"There's no need to worry about that because we have a plan" - Sophie

The two cat maids looked at each other in confusion. When Heli walked over with the potions in hand, Maxim had an excited expression next to him.

"How are you doing?" - Mae

"I have succeeded in making the potions you told me about" - Heli

Holding up the medicine bottles to look at, Mae smiled proudly and gently pinched her son's cheek.

"What a smart son of mine. Now you can sell these products" - Mae

Heli nodded and left. Maxim also followed, turning to look at her daughter.

"So how are things going with you?" - Mae

"Of course it's done" - Sophie

The pink mushroom immediately gave Mae a list for her to check. After looking at it for a while, she nodded and returned the list to Sophie.

"Prepare the necessary lessons for the children and then divide the teachers into each class to manage" - Mae

Many days later, many people came to this village, most of them adventurers passing by to rest at the inn and buy a few more recovery and strengthening potions. In addition to those jobs, Mae and her two children also go outside the village to explore and develop skills to be able to evolve.

They also accidentally found an animal girl who was seriously injured, so they brought her back for treatment. When she woke up, she showed signs of being abused, so she asked to stay with them as a way to thank them for saving her.

"Gina, can you help me call Heli down? That boy is sleeping overtime again" Mae

"Okay mother-in-law, I mean mother Mae!"- Gina

Since Gina stayed, Mae considered the child her daughter and sometimes even called her "mother-in-law", or more accurately, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.

Even though her son Heli is almost an adult, he doesn't have a girlfriend, so no matter how many girls his son loves, she always accepts with open arms, if her son If he is unfaithful to them, she is willing to use violence to break his bones so that his life is worse than death.

Even if it's her son, hurting a woman's heart is unforgivable.

Meanwhile, Heli had just woken up from sleep and felt a chill down his spine, feeling as if someone was threatening him from behind. Gina saw that Heli's expression was a bit worried.

"Heli, are you okay?" - Gina

"I'm fine. Maybe I worked too much last night" - Heli

Suddenly there was a noise outside, at the counter selling medicine bottles, Maxim was having difficulty receiving a customer.

"This is a fake recovery medicine. I used it and it didn't work at all!"

"No way, this is the recovery medicine that Master Heli made, it can't be a fake medicine" - Maxim

"What's going on?" - Mae

When Maxim saw Mae and Heli, he was as happy as when he found a lifeline. When he heard what he said, he knew that the potion the adventurer bought was a fake recovery potion. Heli immediately walked forward and snatched the potion from the adventurer's hand, then picked up the recovery potion from the sales shelf.

"If I can prove that my medicine is real, then kneel down and apologize to him. If it is fake, I will compensate you with 3000 gold coins, is that an agreement?" - Heli

"The price is reasonable, quickly prove it to everyone"

When Heli picked up the knife to do something, Mae stopped him, then snatched the knife from his hand and stabbed it into her hand. Even though it was a mushroom, it oozed red liquid like human blood. Mae held out her injured hand towards Heli.

"As a mother, I cannot let my son do such a thing" - Mae

"Mother...."- Heli

"Quickly prove that your potion is made" - Mae

Hearing that, Heli immediately gave the adventurer's recovery potion to Mae to drink. When she finished drinking, she saw that the wound showed no signs of healing, causing everyone to whisper, but when she got to the remaining potion. The wound glowed, the flesh gradually recovered as if there had never been a wound there.

"It seems like the dyed water is of poorer quality than the real healing potion, right?" - Mae