Mushroom family in another world

The story is about a single mother and her two children reincarnated into another world, where they become...mushrooms Together they rebuilt the village in the countryside. Together with people in another world. But it seems that life in another world is not as simple as the mother imagined, as forces collide with each other. A mother and her children need to do more to survive in this world. Because nothing in life is beautiful and peaceful forever. It will always get dirty someday.

Hysteria_Hope · Fantasy
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71 Chs

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Mae's scream was so loud that it caught many people's attention, why did she scream so loudly?

Simply because, her son happened to bring her a new wife from the fruit shop next door, a goblin girl named Charlotte.

Mae was so shocked that her limbs trembled and she collapsed. She thought she was about to meet her ancestors.

"Is this your mother? Hello, mother-in-law, I'm Charlotte, nice to meet you!"- Charlotte

Charlotte's parents were also there, seemingly very pleased about marrying their daughter to her son.

"Is it really okay? These two kids just met, and they're already getting married?" - Mae

"It's okay, we have a good eye for people. Your son is very suitable to become our daughter's husband" - Goblin Dad

"From now on, we have become family. Furthermore, we decided to hand over this store as a dowry, please accept it" - Goblin Mother

Not only did she bring back a daughter-in-law for Mae, but she also promoted the fruit shop. Isn't that too much?

As a result....Mae agreed to this.

The goblin couple was very happy, but the next day a soldier wearing iron armor came, and an engineer blatantly took an apple and took a huge bite.

"This apple is too sour. Hey shopkeeper, can I change it to another apple?"

"You can't do this, you took it and ate it, which means you bought it. You have to pay" - Goblin Dad

"Hah? Why don't you be stingy, it's just an apple. Isn't it free for the knight?"

When the other knight tried to physically impact Goblin Dad, Heli quickly pointed his finger at the other knight and shot something that made him immobile and fell to the ground.

"What just happened?" - Goblin Mother

"He probably slipped and fell" - Mae

Mae glanced at Heli and winked, and the son saw that and winked back at his mother. Then the other knight was pulled away by his comrades.

The next thing is to get a marriage certificate for Heli and her two daughters-in-law, as well as get some legal birth documents for Gina.

'Luckily if the system could help me translate the language, I wouldn't understand anything about this world's language' - Mae

Not long after that, the wedding was held very lavishly, this was the wedding of Heli and the two brides. For the first time in her life, Mae witnessed such a wedding, she was quite surprised when her son did not refuse but even accepted to marry another wife. She was a little worried because conflicts often arise in marriage when marrying multiple wives. She hoped that Gina and Charlotte would not antagonize each other. Mae also took precautions against the worst that could happen.

"Charlotte, be careful not to take too much wheat or it will be too heavy" - Gina

"Don't worry, our goblin race is very strong so it's okay" - Charlotte

Looking at her two daughters-in-law happily talking to each other like sisters in the family, Mae may have been thinking a bit too much.

Normal life in this village passes very peacefully, the job and income are stable so there is nothing to worry about, it is time to buy school supplies for her little daughter. In fact, back in the previous world, her daughter was still at school age while her son had just graduated from college.

If they hadn't died when reincarnated here, perhaps her daughter would have been able to continue going to school.

But at least they don't have to live with that ex-husband.

They went to Drakenberg again and then to Bazaar because there was a store selling school supplies there. Because the learning program was magic, it was probably a bit difficult, but Sophie didn't seem to care much, on the contrary, she was very excited. . Mae remembered that when she was little, Sophie often watched cartoon shows involving magical girls, and even acted like those girls looked adorable.

"You, big mushroom!"

A voice attracted her and her mother. When they turned around, they saw a little girl with red hair in two braids. Mae seemed to feel a terrible power from that girl. She looked towards her daughter and signaled to leave. Sophie immediately understood and ran away quickly so her mother could deal with it.

"What do you want?"- Mae

"You are a mushroom that has been the subject of recent controversy, but you look weak"- ???

"And who are you?"- Mae

"I am the Archdemon of Wrath, my name is Ira"- Ira

Among the five Archdemons, there is one whose name is enough to understand how terrifying she is, that person is the Archdemon of Wrath. But that girl didn't look very scary, more like a child claiming to be an Archdemon. But Mae can't let her childish appearance fool her.

"Let me ask, what do you want?" - Mae

"Compete with me!"- Ira

"What?"- Mae looked at the girl in confusion

"Even though you are a mushroom, in terms of rank, you are a high-level demon" - Ira

While Ira was speaking, Mae was talking to Eri in her mind.

"What is Rank?" - Mae

[That is the danger level of each monster. Currently she is Monster S rank while Heli and Sophie are both Monster A rank. The higher the level, the more dangerous it will be]- Eri

"Then I can't defeat an Archdon, so can I run?" - Mae

[The probability of escaping is: 00.00%]- Eri

"Can't I escape?"- Mae

Suddenly she felt someone touching her body, Mae was startled to see Ira smelling the scent of her body like a puppy. The girl sniffed and then looked straight at Mae.

"There's a delicious smell on you. What does it smell like?"- Ira

Hearing that, Mae immediately took out something wrapped in paper and opened it to find a hamburger that Fifi made for them. The food smelled delicious. Looking at Ira's sparkling eyes, she immediately gave it to her. kid, little girl.

"What is that?"- Ira

"This is a hamburger, it's food. Do you want to try it?"- Mae

"Is it poisonous?" - Ira

"It's not poisonous, you can try it if you want" - Mae

Ira picked up the hamburger and took a big bite, her cheeks bulging as she chewed the food in her mouth. Ira immediately became very happy and ate the hamburger very quickly.

"What kind of bread is this? Is the aroma of onions and bland vegetables that delicious? Not to mention this melting yellow thing, what is it? The taste of meat that I usually eat is unexpected. So delicious!" - Ira

It seems that the danger of the Archdemon of Wrath can be temporarily avoided.