Mushoku Tensei: Second Son

A young high school boy, Ren Nakamura, known for his empathy with the side of stubbornness, sacrifices himself to save a girl from assailants, which leads to his death. Suddenly, he awakens in a mysterious new world, reincarnated as the second son of the Greyrat family and the third younger sibling of Rudeus Greyrat.

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New Destination and Shocking Revelation

In the throne room of the Armored Dragon King Perugius, we had just received a glimmer of hope as he offered guidance on where we might find the knowledge to return Nanahoshi to her world.

After pacifying Nanahoshi and steadying myself, I turned back to Perugius with revitalized determination. "Sir Perugius, where should we begin learning summoning magic?"

The Armored Dragon King leaned back on his throne, his golden Sanpaku eyes gleaming with a hint of amusement. "There is a place known as Ranoa Magic Academy, where you can learn different magics including the one you're searching for."

A sense of relief washed over me. We finally had a lead, a new destination that indicated our quest to find a way for Nanahoshi to go back home. Ranoa Magic Academy... I've heard that name before, but where? Oh well, I'll remember it eventually. 

Turning to Nanahoshi, I informed her about the location and she nodded understandingly.

{"I see, but where is this place, and how do we get in?"} she inquired explicitly.

"Sir Perugius," I began, shifting my attention. "Could you tell us where to find Ranoa Magic Academy and how we might gain entry? My friend asked me."

Perugius nodded thoughtfully. "Ranoa Magic Academy is located a bit further to the west of my Chaos Breaker. As for entry, the academy accepts people of all races, though it requires a lot of money to enroll and one must be able to cast magic."

"That sounds manageable. Can I enroll in there?" I asked curiously, wondering if I was able to attend in that kind of place.

However, Perugius chuckled in response to my question, his servants couldn't help but also laugh. He then leaned forward and said, "You're quite amusing, Dante, but no, a child like you is not ready to defend oneself in a place like Ranoa."

Disappointment washed over me, but I refused to be deterred. "If I can't enroll in there, then my friend can, right?"

"Well, only if she could speak the Human language and understand the culture of this world," Perugius replied, considering the other option.

With his regards, I turned to Nanahoshi, trying to convey the gist of what Perugius had just said. She listened intently and nodded tolerantly in the end. 

{"Alright, if that's the case, I'll go there once I learn the language of this world,"} Nanahoshi acknowledged. {"However, the only problem we have is the money and a place to stay while studying there."}

Understanding the practical concerns Nanahoshi raised, I decided to address these issues with Perugius. "Sir Perugius, is there any way you can help us with the financial requirements and accommodations?"

In response, the Dragon King frowned and retorted, "Dante, as much as I intend to assist you and your friend with your cause, please don't overstep your boundaries."

I felt a pang of embarrassment, realizing I might have pushed my luck. This wasn't some kind of fairy tale where everything would be handed to us. We had to adjust our own. Determined, I decided to take a different approach.

"Forgive me for exceeding, Sir Perugius," I apologize, bowing slightly. "We will find a way to manage ourselves. Thank you for your guidance."

Perugius nodded, satisfied with my apology. "Very well, do what you want to do. But if you are desperate to get into Ranoa that badly, there is an alternative solution."

"Really? What is it?" I pressed, wanting to hear the suggestion.

The king smirked before responding, "It was said that the academy granted special privileges to individuals with outstanding accomplishments, allowing them to attend without worrying about the tuition fee."

The thought of making a name for Nanahoshi began to swirl in my mind. She could achieve something remarkable and gain entry into the academy without financial worries. This meant we needed to identify her strengths and help her hone those abilities. It was a daunting task, but it might be the only viable solution.

I turned to Nanahoshi, initiating a new plan. {"Good news, there's a way we might be able to get you into the academy without paying the fees."}

{"Really?! Spill it out!"} Nanahoshi exclaimed as she grabbed my shoulders.

Fearing she'd shake me again, I immediately responded. {"Well, if you can achieve something extraordinary, they'll grant you special privileges. I know it's a lot to ask, but do you think you could try?"}

Nanahoshi went silent momentarily, her brows furrowed in deep thought as she considered my request. Her eyes darted around the room as if searching for a resolution amidst the air itself. Finally, she met my gaze with a determined expression.

{"I'll do it, Dante,"} she declared, her voice filled with resolve. {"I'll find a way to prove myself and gain entry into Ranoa Magic Academy. Just you wait."}

Her determination was infectious, filling me with hope and morale. With Nanahoshi's pledge, I knew we had a chance to make this plan work.


As the plan was set, I turned to Perugius, noticing a subtle weariness in his demeanor, shown by a small yawn that escaped from his mouth.

"So, do you have any more inquiries, Dante? Or should we end the discussion from here?" he asked, his voice tinged with a hint of exhaustion.

Taking note of Perugius's fatigue, I decided to end the conversation with one last batch of questions. "Well, there are a few minor inquiries, like who was the one behind the incident and whether there are people who managed to survive the catastrophe."

"Ah, those are indeed important questions," Perugius acknowledged, seeming to appreciate my concern for his time. "Regarding the one behind the incident, we are still investigating. However, my servant had witnessed potential suspects before the incident occurred."

"I see... Could you tell who those suspects were?" I pressed, wanting to know the identity of the culprit.

Perugius turned to one of his servants, the blonde man with a fox mask from earlier, and asserted, "Almanfi, who were those you saw at the outskirts of Roa?"

The servant stepped forward and began to speak in a clear, straightforward manner. "Master Perugius, I recalled witnessing three individuals present within the area. Two of them were swordswomen and the other one was a mage."

I listened intently, my mind racing as I considered the implications of this information. Who could these individuals be, and what role did they play in the catastrophic event that had brought us to this moment?

"Um, Mister Almanfi, could you describe the appearance of the suspects?" I requested.

The servant nodded and responded, "One of the swordswomen was a grey-haired beast kin named Ghislaine Dedoldia, a proclaimed Sword King. The other one was a red-haired young lady, her identity is unknown. Lastly, the mage was a brown-haired boy, his appearance was identical to yours."

"Identical to mine? What does that mean? The only people who resemble me are my father and my... Wait, hold on... Are you referring to my big brother, Rudeus Greyrat?"


Perugius stood up from his throne, his surprised expression mirrored mine. It couldn't be. My brother is the summoner of Nanahoshi? No, that's impossible. He couldn't conceivably have a reason to do that.

"Dante Greyrat," Perugius exclaimed, snapping me out of my contemplation. I turned to see his eleven servants facing my direction, standing on guard. The Dragon King then continued with a serious tone in his voice. "Tell me, is it true that your brother was responsible for the summoning? If so, he should be held accountable for the disappearance of every person of the Fittoa region."

The tension occurring in the room prompted Orsted to raise his guard while Nanahoshi was confused about what was going on.

{"Dante, what was happening here? Why are they suddenly hostile?"} 

Ignoring her confused questions for now, I immediately take action to mediate the problem.

"Wait, Sir Perugius. There must be a mistake here," I tried to reason with the Dragon King. 

Perugius raised an eyebrow, seemingly suspicious. "And what made you say that?"

I took a deep breath, trying to gather my thoughts and find a way to vouch for Rudeus. As described by my parents, my brother was always a protective and caring person. Eventually, I recalled the time when I was an infant when he and my father were talking something about wanting a job. Wait a minute, that's it.

"My brother is not accountable because he went out for a job as a sort of tutor," I responded. "I recalled my neighbor Sylphiette telling me that he was excellent at teaching magic, which made me think that he was coincidentally at the outskirts training those two swordswomen."

"Hmm..." Perugius furrowed his brows as he considered my explanation. "That seems to be a valid point. Men, stand down."

The eleven servants lowered their guard and returned to their original position. After that, he signaled to Almanfi and instructed, "I want you to search the whole Fittoa region for survivors and refugee camps this instant."

"Understood, Master."

With that, the fox-masked servant vanished from the room and Perugius shifted his attention back to me. "Consider yourself lucky, Dante. You've managed to talk to me long enough, and now we must end this lengthy discussion."

"Of course, Sir Perugius. Thank you for your time," I replied, bowing deeply in gratitude. 

Nodding considerately, the Dragon King then turned to Sylvaril and said, "Take these three to a vacant room to stay while Almanfi is gone." 

"As you wish, Master," she complied and headed towards us. "Come with me."

Following the winged woman, we exited the throne room, the tension slowly alleviating from my shoulders.

{"So, what just happened? What did you tell them?"} Nanahoshi inquired, still perplexed by the whole ordeal.

I turned to her and explained to her the question about the culprit behind her summoning and the misunderstanding about my big brother being a suspect.

{"I see... Also, do you have a brother in this world?"} she asked curiously.

I nodded, responding proudly, {"Yes, his name is Rudeus Greyrat and he is a great mage."}

{"Hmm, I understand now."} Nanahoshi acknowledged, her curiosity relented.

After that exchange, we walked through the grand corridors of Perugius's castle, feeling a mix of relief and stress. Our path was clearer now, but the journey ahead was still fraught with slight uncertainty.


As Nanahoshi, Orsted, and I settled into a comfy guest room, the weight of our conversation with Perugius still lingered in the air. The room was spacious, adorned with lavish furnishings that hinted at the grandeur of the castle. A large window offered a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, its beauty doing little to ease the whirlwind of thoughts in my mind.

Nanahoshi sat on a huge bed, her expression a mix of determination and exhaustion. Orsted stayed at a corner, his presence a steady reminder of the gravity of our situation.

{"So, Ranoa Magic Academy,"} Nanahoshi began, her voice steady but her eyes reflecting the turmoil within. {"It seems like our best chance. But how are we going to manage the language barrier and be able to cast magic?"}

I took a seat across from her, trying to project enthusiasm despite my concerns. {"I could help you with that. My knowledge of the Human language and magic could be handy in teaching you the basics."}

{"Really? That's great. We should start now,"} Nanahoshi insisted, excited to learn.

As I was about to approve, Orsted stepped forward and uttered, "Can I have a moment with you, Dante?"

I nodded and told Nanahoshi to wait. In response, she pouted at me and angrily crossed her arms, which is rather endearing, to say the least.

Moving to the corner where Orsted stood earlier, he declared, "You didn't tell me you have a big brother. Is he a person from another world like you?"

Surprised by his sudden question, I tried to choose my words, "Well, I am not sure, but he did speak to me in Japanese that one time I was an infant."

"Hmm, I see," Orsted murmured, considering my answer. "That would be all, you can go back to her."

Confused by his small talk, I headed back to the bed and found Nanahoshi waiting eagerly. I smiled, trying to put aside the strange conversation with Orsted, and began teaching her the basics of the Human language and magic. The lessons were rather difficult, but Nanahoshi's determination was unwavering.

As the night grew darker, the room filled with the soft mutters of our study session, a beacon of hope amid the uncertainty of our journey. We had a long road ahead, but for now, we took comfort in the progress we were making, step by step, towards our goal.

We're getting closer, everyone. Take which route you want to be the next volume.

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