Mushoku Tensei: Second Son

A young high school boy, Ren Nakamura, known for his empathy with the side of stubbornness, sacrifices himself to save a girl from assailants, which leads to his death. Suddenly, he awakens in a mysterious new world, reincarnated as the second son of the Greyrat family and the third younger sibling of Rudeus Greyrat.

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20 Chs

Don't Disappoint and Work Hard

I woke up again, but this time it was morning and I was in a different place. It took a moment to realize I was back in our tent. My head still ached, but the warmth of familiar surroundings was rather comfortable.

Pushing myself up, I glanced around and saw Nanahoshi diligently organizing our old clothes on her bed. She noticed I was awake and turned to face me, her expression a blend of relief and annoyance.

{"About time you woke up,"} she said sarcastically, her tone harsh but tinged with worry.

{"Yeah, I know,"} I replied, rubbing my temples. {"But how did I end up here? Last time I woke up I was in the clinic."}

Nanahoshi sighed, finishing her work to pay more attention to me. I could see the weariness in her eyes, probably due to the sleepless nights of her worrying about me.

{"I carried you back here after the nurse signaled me to do so,"} she explained solemnly.

Hearing her answer, I nodded understandingly. I could imagine Florence giving her the all-clear signal, and Nanahoshi struggled to haul me back here. 

{"I see, that makes sense..."}

{"You know, Dante... I thought you were going to die that moment,"} Nanahoshi mumbled, her face darkened and she quivered all of a sudden. {"I couldn't tell what just happened because I have no idea what they're talking about... and it scares me."}

Noticing that tears were pouring from her eyes, I felt a pang of guilt for causing her so much distress. It must be hard for her without me translating the Human Language. With that said, I went out of bed and walked toward her side, reaching for her hand.

{"There, there, Nanahoshi,"} I reassured softly. {"I'm sorry I made you worry. Look, I promise I will be more careful from now on, okay?"}

She sniffled and wiped her tears with the back of her other hand. After that, she glanced at me, struggling to make a straight face.

{"Y-you better be,"} she replied, trying to sound stern but her voice wavered.

Smiling reassuringly, I kept my hold on her hand. The moment felt fragile, but it also fortified our camaraderie. Despite the challenges, we learn and grow together, side by side.


After Nanahoshi and I reconciled, we readied ourselves before heading out to start our tasks for the day. We started with cleaning ourselves.

Nanahoshi went first, using a basin of water that I cast with magic. Meanwhile, I stood guard at the entrance to ensure her privacy.

Once she was done, it was my turn to wash myself next. However, Nanahoshi unexpectedly insisted on helping me.

{"You don't have to do this, Nanahoshi, I can wash myself,"} I protested, feeling awkward.

{"It's fine,"} she asserted with a stubborn look. {"You are still weak from yesterday, so please don't resist."}

Despite my objections, she was persistent. Reluctantly, I allow her to wash me, feeling rather embarrassed but grateful at the same time. Her hands were delicate but efficient at cleaning my body, and she hummed a tune I somewhat recognized.

{"Damn, you're surprisingly good at this,"} I remarked.

{"I used to babysit a child around your age back home,"} she explained, her voice tinged with nostalgia. {"This is nothing new to me."}

Her mention of home made me realize how much she must miss her family. It was a reminder of the unspoken bond we formed between us in this world.

Once we were both clean, we donned our commoner clothes, feeling somewhat comfortable and flexible within the fabrics hugging our skin.

Subsequently, we exited the tent and found Alphonse waiting for us. He had a kind smile on his face as he gestured for us to come forward. 

"Good morning, you two," he greeted warmly. "I believed you both slept well?"

"Yes, Sir Alphonse, thank you for your concern," I replied. "Any work to give us today?"

"About that, come with me, Master Dante. There something we need to discuss," he said, his tone serious but not unkind.

With those words, I glanced at Nanahoshi, and she noticed my gaze.

{"So, what's our task?"} she asked, leaning towards me.

I leaned closer as well, replying, {"He wants me to come with him to discuss something."}

{"Really? Can I come too?"} she pressed onward.

Sighing wearily, I knew how insistent Nanahoshi could be if I refused. Besides, she'll probably freak out if I leave her here on her own.

I turned to the butler and inquired, "Can she come too?"

Alphonse considered my demand for a moment before nodding. "Of course, Lady Nanahoshi may join us. After all, we have some matters concerning her as well."

Anxiety clouded me upon hearing him mention a problem with my companion, but I shrugged it off and nodded at Alphonse.

"Alright, lead the way," I requested, curious about what awaited us.

Alphonse led us through the bustling camp, passing through rows of tents that are currently being put up as well as groups of workers handling supplies. Situations like these are a stark contrast to the dire circumstances that had brought everyone here.

Eventually, we arrived at a regal-looking tent right next to the one we first entered. Alphonse immediately pulled the flaps of the entrance.

"Please enter," he kindly instructed, gesturing for us to come in.

Obeying his instruction, we went inside and found Sauros, the lord of Fittoa, sitting behind a desk full of papers, seemingly busy with something.

However, he noticed us and demanded, "What are you two just standing there? Come."

Intimidated by his imposing voice, I felt nervous but resolute. Thus, I took a deep breath and walked forward, readying myself to confront him.


Arriving in front of Sauros' desk, he glanced at me and Nanahoshi, his gaze holding a mix of curiosity and assessment. His piercing eyes seemed to delve into our very souls, evaluating us silently.

"You two," Sauros began, his voice resounding through the tent, "I've been informed of your efforts here in the camp yesterday. It seems you're seriously eager to lend a hand."

Nanahoshi and I exchanged a glance, unsure of how to respond to his stern demeanor.

"We're just doing what we can to help," I replied, trying to keep my voice steady despite the intensity of his scrutiny.

Sauros nodded, seemingly satisfied with my answer. "Good. That's what I expect from those who have the privilege of staying under my protection."

His words hung in the air, underlining the gravity of our situation and the expectations placed upon us. It was apparent that Sauros demanded nothing short of excellence from those who served under him.

"However, a report was brought up to me by someone within my community," he continued, his gaze shifting between Nanahoshi and me. "It seems that somebody has used magic to fill the reservoir with water."

I felt a lump form in my throat as he spoke. The Fittoa Lord was known for his strictness, and the idea of disappointing him was not one I relished.

"Can you explain what happened, Dante Greyrat? If that's even your name," Sauros turned his focus to me, his tone stern.

I took a deep breath, gathering my thoughts before speaking. " It was I who used magic to fill the reservoir with water, Lord Saurous. I did it to complete the task much quicker. However, I overexerted myself and fainted as a result."

Sauros listened intently to my expression, his expression darkened as he absorbed my explanation. After a moment of silence, he spoke.

"Tell me, are you related to that one mage I used to know?" he questioned. 

Curious about his inquiry, I responded, "Can you be more specific? Like their name."

"Right, what is it again?" Sauros muttered to himself before declaring, "Ah, the mage I speak of went by the name of Rudeus Greyrat. Are you perhaps acquainted with him?" 

Rudeus Greyrat. Memories flooded my mind at the mention of that name. He was my brother, the one who had disappeared when I was just a newborn. An important figure I looked up to, someone who teaches magic like my neighbor Sylphiette, and a legend within my family. 

"Yes, Lord Sauros," I said, my voice steady. "He is my older brother."

Sauros raised an eyebrow, clearly fascinated. "Interesting. If that seems to be the case, then you have much to live up to since he was a remarkable mage. So, don't disappoint me, boy."

His words were a harsh reminder of the expectations placed upon me. I nodded, determined to prove myself worthy.

Sauros then shifted his gaze to Nanahoshi. "And you, girl, you rely too much on this boy. Your reserved mannerisms, and lack of speech. They betray you. How do you plead?"

Nanahoshi stiffened beside me, her anxiety noticeable. I could feel her struggling to find the right words, knowing that her lack of fluency in the Human Language put her at a massive disadvantage. With that being said, I need to help her.

"Lord Sauros, forgive my companion's inadequate communication skills," I interjected. "She is currently learning the basics of our language. Please, give her some time to speak properly."

The lord furrowed his brow at my reasoning, clearly not entirely convinced. However, after a moment of consideration, he nodded curtly.

"Very well, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now," he conceded. "But remember, both of you are under my watchful eye, so don't disappoint me, understood?"


With that warning hanging in the air, Sauros dismissed us from his presence. Nanahoshi and I considered the discussion as we left the regal-looking tent. It was apparent that our actions would be monitored from now on, feeling cautious not to make any more mistakes.


Once our meeting with the Fittoa Lord was over, Nanahoshi and I continued our day by doing the same tasks as yesterday.

Alphonse said so, telling us our assignments remained unchanged for the time being. Despite the subtle implication of Sauros' expectations lingering in our minds, we threw ourselves into our work with renewed determination.

First, we returned to the makeshift kitchen, where we assisted in distributing the food to the hungry refugees. Ramdon, the chief in charge, gave us a nod of satisfaction as we efficiently handed out bowls of soup, bread, and other provisions to the grateful recipients.

"Good job, you two," Ramdon grunted, his approval evident despite his curt comment.

Subsequently, we helped Florence in organizing medical supplies at the open clinic. With her cheerful guidance, we sorted through bottles of medicine, bandages, and other necessities, ensuring that everything was in its proper place.

"You two are quite the adorable pair, aren't you?" Florence remarked playfully, her tone lifting our spirits despite the seriousness of our tasks.

Finally, we headed to the small patch of farmland where Eustace awaited us with his typical grouchy demeanor. Despite his reprimands and skepticism, we worked diligently to water the crops, filling the reservoir with buckets of water while Nanahoshi forbade me from using my magic like last time.

"Stupid brats, you made me look bad," Eustace grumbled, his grumpy comment met with a shared glance between me and Nanahoshi, feeling uncomfortable.

Eventually, as the sun began to dip below the horizon, signaling the end of another long day, Nanahoshi and I made our way back to our tent. Despite our exhaustion, there was a sense of fulfillment in knowing that we had done our part to help those in need.

{"Phew, I'm exhausted,"} Nanahoshi remarked as she stretched her body.

Acknowledging the feeling, I yawned heavily. {"Yeah, me too."}

{"Honestly, there is still a long way to go before I earn the recognition I require for the special privilege in Ranoa,"} she added, her tone tinged with frustration.

Nanahoshi's words resonated with me. Despite our efforts, it felt like we were just scratching the surface of what needed to be done. However, I knew we couldn't afford to lose hope. We had to keep pushing forward, one step at a time, towards the goal of finding her a way home.

Just then, as we entered our tent, an unexpected individual was waiting for us inside. It was Orsted and he was standing completely still in the shadows.

"What are you doing here, Sir Orsted?" I asked curiously, wondering what his intention was.

Remaining in the darkness, he responded quietly, "I'm here to check on you two."

Orsted's sudden appearance caught us off guard. His presence exuded an aura of mystery, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of uneasiness wash over me. Despite his stoic demeanor, there was something about him that seemed... off.

"Is everything alright?" I asked, my voice laced with concern.

He stepped forward into the light, revealing his earnest expression. After that, he responded, "I'm fine, just have something important to discuss, so come with me."

With that cryptic response, Nanahoshi and I exchanged glances before we followed him out of the tent and towards the outskirts of the camp, unsure of what lay ahead.

I wonder what Orsted has to say

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