Multiverse Systems: Demonic Resurrection in the Primordial Tower

[A Terror Infinity and the Ultimate Evolution inspired Multiverse fanfic] Kai died and resurrected in the Primordial Tower with a Glitch. In the Tower, to ascend each floor, Kai must complete a series of Missions in the Infinite Random Worlds across the Multiverse. Worlds such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Naruto, One Piece. Walk along with Kai as he slaughter his way up to the peak of Absolute Power. *************** Discord: https://discord.gg/BMAQaTzPds Support here - Patreon (for extra chapters): patreon.com/droopyauthor Ko-Fi : https://ko-fi.com/droopyauthor Disclaimer: Other than my OCs, I don’t own any character. Thank you.

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The Four Items! (2)


Item: Jet Wing

Grade: Uncommon

Specification: A bow constructed using the magical Hickory from the realm of Narnia, and enhanced by the crushed bones of an Eon Pokemon, Latias. The bowstring is made of Latias' tendons, with no foreign element, thus empowering its deadly characteristics


 1. Elementary Archery

 2. Strength 25

 3. Stamina 25

 4. Agility 20

 5. Perception 20

Attributes: Accuracy: 6 inch spot - 500 meters

Skill: Blood propulsion


 1. Increases an arrow's Base Damage

 2. For every 1% pull on the Bowstring, the Base Damage rises by 1% of its original value

Skill: Latias' Tear


 1. At 100% pull, charge the arrow with Mana (Note: 200 MP max)

 2. Penetrate the target's Defense without losing the Base Damage, depending upon the value of MP infused. (Note: -1 Defense for every 10 MP infused)

 3. In case the target's Defense is lower than the equivalent Mana infused, turn the rest of the Mana to increase the Base Damage. (Note: +1 Base Damage for every 10 MP)

Quality: 74%

Warning: Arrows above Common grade will damage the Item's quality

Warning: Accuracy is only valid for the 100% pull, and when paired with Common Arrows

Warning: Only graded arrows can be infused with Mana



Chapter Begins:

There were times when Kai had wrongly judged a situation.

Amplify those times to tens of times, and one could find an ashamed version of Kai, almost blushing.

The first mistake he had done was to think that the Inferi Knights' strengths would increase linearly.

The second mistake he had done was to think that the creator of the Tomb of the Thirteen, Merlin, hadn't thought of the obvious flaw of many people just storming into the circles, taking down the Inferi easily.

Well… No. No one was that stupid. Much less needed to be said about someone like Herpo the Foul.

So when they met the next Inferi, carrying a burning sword and radiating pulsating heat, they met the first surprise this place had to give them.

Surprise, because this knight had the strength of a top-level 6th floor Contestant.

Surprise, because this knight was talking.

Surprise, because this knight wasn't alone.

2 Inferi knights walked toward them, side by side, looking the same. Their armor was glowing red hot, their swords burning with scorching fires, and their dead throats letting out murderous, raging growls.


The two Inferi let out heated growls, their voices echoing off the rotten walls of the ancient ruin. The corridor had widened, the floor had sunken, and the roof had arched up. But it only helped the Inferi more, turning the entire corridor into a makeshift furnace.

"I can handle them," Item-S said, already walking toward the marching enemies. "I can…"

"Cersei will go with you," Kai decided.

Cersei laughed enchantingly, a black armor covering her already shadow-armored figure. Two stun-guns appeared in her hands and a pair of bat-like wings burst out of her back.

Item-S and Cersei looked at each other and then vanished.

1 knight swirled his sword in a wide, horizontal swing, preventing Item-S from approaching it.

"They are learning from previous Circles," Item-M said, eying the obvious tactic.

The other knight hacked toward Cersei, shooting a massive pillar of fire. Cersei saw it coming from miles away, flew down, and then spun around the fire pillar.

With one flutter of her wings, she reached on top of the Inferi, pointed her stun-guns at its head, and fired.


The stunners hit the knight's head, buckling its knees.

On the other side, Item-S' red shroud slithered on the floor, and suddenly thrust itself toward the knight attacking her. Before the shroud reached the knight, it became harder than steel.

With a muffled boom, the scalding hot Inferi got sent flying into the distance.

Cersei chased it midair.

Item-S popped out of the sight and appeared 3 ft away from the Inferi hit by Cersei's stunners just seconds ago.

She crouched, taking a stance. The Inferi masterfully spun, attacking her with the flaming sword.

Too late.

"Two palms!" With it, the Inferi lifted into the air.

"Four palms!" Two more hands protruded out of her waist and struck it again, carrying the Inferi up even more.

"8 Palms!" The four hands and four chains landed on the Inferi, cracking its armor. The burning sword slipped out of its grip. Her attacks were so fast that the Inferi couldn't even put up a magic shield.

Eight more long, unnatural hands came out of her.

"16 palms!"


Item-S' red shroud became a platform midair, giving her ample surface to put her weight on. Her thigh muscles bulged, her tendons pulsed, and her entire body wriggled as if she was concentrating all her strength on the next strikes.

"Eight Trigram 32 palms!"


The Inferi got blasted into the roof, creating a hole that seemed to go up and up.

In the distance, Cersei danced around the Inferi as if she was playing with a child. The Inferi was a master swordsman, its magical ability mighty. Moreover, Cersei didn't possess the firepower to deal with it.

However, it didn't mean the Inferi could touch her.

Behind Kai, not only Moraine and Red Sun, even Item-M gaped. They had heard of it from Kai. But they had expected it to be something else.

Well, it wasn't.

"But how's this possible?" Item-M blurted, her mouth open. "How's she using Observation Haki? Isn't she…"

Kai said nothing. Using the mental connection he shared with Item-S, he nudged her to finish Cersei's quarry, too.

Of course, Cersei didn't like when Item-S went to her. She didn't chase her away, though.

The Inferi attacked Item-S. Cersei fired at its back, its armor creaking under the barrage of her blasts.

The Inferi attacked Cersei. And Item-S pummeled it into the earth, sucking out the magic that was keeping it "alive."

This is it, Kai thought, as he saw the two ladies taking broken breaths. This is their limit. Cersei can last against a top-level 6th floor, but she can't win. Not without weapons. Item-S can finish one off easily of its level, but she has yet to explore the true nature of powers, limiting her potential. Hmm. Good enough for now.

They arrived in the circular hall and found the gravestone in the middle of it.

"Sir Kay." Kai read the name of the knight and the gravestone split apart, revealing a black marble.

Suddenly, the woodcut Portkey in Kai's hand glowed, and another material appeared on it.

Unicorn's Blood.

"This will be troublesome," Item-S said.

"Never mind," Kai said. "Let's keep going."

The 4th Circle, the Circle of Valiance, also had two knights. But the congested and rotting ruins had vanished.

Kai and others arrived on open grounds, surrounded by tall walls and vast grasslands.

The Inferi were carrying dual swords, with two enormous wings on their backs. Their armors were red, yellow, and green, with one arm longer than the other. And both had the strength of low-level 7th floor Contestants.

They flew at them with a shocking speed, hundreds of two-headed birds appearing around them.


Item-S took a step, and Cersei's wings fluttered, hoping to meet the enemies in midair.

"Get back," Kai told them. "Item-M."

The fallen Priestess, who once had gone by the name of Margrethe II of House Ingrid, bowed, and walked away, two paper wings appearing on her back.

A Pokeball appeared in her hands as well. "Croconaw!" she said, hurling the Pokeball out. "Come out!"

The Pokemon appeared midair, with a dangerous, scarred face. "Croconaw!!!" it bellowed, and then… began falling.

But there was no surprise or disturbance on the Pokemon's face.

Suddenly, two paper wings appeared on its back with a flick of Item-M's hands. With another flick, a magnificent bow appeared in her right hand.

The bow had the colors white and what looked like brown, bordering on gold. The bowstring was jet red like a thin trail of blood had been forced to change its properties.

Jet Wing!

This was a bow constructed using the magical Hickory from the realm of Narnia, and enhanced by the crushed bones of an Eon Pokemon, Latias. The bowstring was made of Latias' tendons, with no foreign element whatsoever.

It was a magnificent weapon. And now that Item-M met its criteria and had the Elven Archery Elementary Ability, it was nothing short of a disaster for her enemies.

But if it was this only, then she could have never ranked 5th in the Tournament of Worth.


The entire ground rumbled as if a massive earthquake had arrived. With booming bangs, hands shot out of the earth, one after another, and out came what could be nothing but an army.

Female Elves, carrying enormous bows and over 4 ft long arrows. There were such details about them that no one could tell if they were Origami or true flesh and blood. This was the monstrosity of someone like Item-M, who possessed a Master Ability and had the experience of backing it up.

"My god!" Red Sun exclaimed as the elvish army knocked the arrows, along with Item-M. "When did she hide them here, anyway? We just arrived!"

She had done it the moment they walked into the Circle, Kai knew. She had done it in the same way as the last two Circles.

"Loose!" Item-M commanded. Hundreds upon hundreds of arrows tore apart the sky and met the enemies.

The two-headed hawks got split apart, but the knights masterfully parried all arrows that came at them.

It was then Croconaw went berserk. A blue aura shone around it, and with a powerful flap of its wings, it rushed toward one 1 Inferi.

Skill - Superpower!

The Inferi hacked at the Pokemon with its dual swords, but Item-M's accurate shots hit the swords, changing their directions.

Croconaw grabbed the Inferi's waist and flew down, spinning round and round. And because of its size, it didn't even let go of it, despite being inches away from the earth.

A resounding boom echoed in all directions.

Item-M took out a particularly long arrow, knocked it, and pulled the bowstring back. The arrow, too, got covered in a blue aura. Even from afar, one could hear the screeching of the string as she poured her Mana into it.

Skill - Latias' Tear!

Then she let go.

The arrow had just left the bow when it arrived in front of the fallen Inferi, struck its head, and obliterated it. Even the arrow shattered on the impact.

Up in the air, Croconaw had already rushed toward the remaining Inferi and struck out with an Irontail move. Meanwhile, the Origami Elves turned the flock of two-headed hawks' army into smithereens. Not even managed to reach Kai and others.

Item-M leisurely knocked another arrow as Croconaw played with the Knight, always going in and out freely, using the wings. The moment it saw its master drawing the arrow, it fired a Hydropump at the Inferi, changing its flight path.

In the distance, Item-M smiled and let go.

The arrow hit Inferi's chest with heart-palpating accuracy and blasted it apart. The two halves of the Inferi fell like a dead bird and hit the ground near the headless Inferi.


The paper elves crumpled before Item-M collected them all. Then she put Croconaw back into the Pokeball and landed in front of Kai. She kneeled. "Enemy eliminated, master."

"You never disappoint Item-M," Kai said, patting her shoulder as he passed by her. "The title of General of White-Serpent Pirates is not wasted upon you."

From the 4th Circle's gravestone hall, Kai collected the black marble, reading the knight's name. "Sir Gaheris."

And another ingredient appeared on the portkey.

An ingredient that shocked them all.

1 Boggart!

"A Boggart!" Red Sun exclaimed. "Damn! You know, Kai. I mean, my liege. There was this Contestant I knew who liked to run into Boggarts in the Harry Potter World."

Kai frowned at the unusual ingredient, thinking about how would he use one How would he catch one? "And?" he asked, looking up at Red Sun.

"Well," Red Sun continued, the corner of his lips twitching, "he feared dicks, you know. So…"


Moraine stepped up to him and punched him.

"Oi!" Red Sun screamed, holding his chin. "What was that for, you big breasts?!"

Moraine the Elegant's face had gone red in anger. "You and your filthy tongue!" she spat. "Can't you control it in front of a little girl, at least?!"

"Eh?" Red Sun cocked his head left and right, and then looked down at Kai. "I told you she's good, but I didn't tell you she's actually a no-brainer. Look, in your presence, she is calling herself a little girl, and with those breasts, to top it off. Can I squeeze them,? She did punch me. It's fair, right? Right?"

Kai almost facepalmed.

If one thing stood out in Kai's Party, then it was the gender of the members. Unless he called out Rintaro and Petyr, of course.

The moment Red Sun blathered, laughing to himself, imagining certain scenarios, Item-M, Cersei, Item-S, and Moraine… all looked at him with dead gazes.

Kai shook his head, laughing ruefully. "Let's go. And you," he told Red Sun, "keep yourself close to me."

Red Sun patted Kai's head. "Don't worry. I will keep you safe."

Somehow. Just somehow, Kai kept walking, his mouth pressed into a thin line.

In the 5th Circle, Kai let Item-M take the stage again, where she fought two knights, the inferi of Sir Gareth of the Round Table. He had the strength of a mid-level 7th floor Contestant. It took Item-M to give her everything to eliminate it.

The ingredient that Kai got from 5th Circle was also a pleasant shock.

1 square ft of Dementor's shroud!

The 6th Circle presented two top-level 7th-floor Inferi knights. Just to test their limits in near-death circumstances, Kai sent both Item-S and Cersei, with Item-M as the support. It took the 3 ladies an entire hour to kill them. Cersei was even forced back into the Book, and Kai had to call her out again.

Upon reading the epithet on the gravestone, who named the Inferi as "Sir Agravain", the 6th ingredient appeared on the Portkey.

Kai read the ingredient… and almost dropped the portkey.


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