Multiverse Systems: Demonic Resurrection in the Primordial Tower

[A Terror Infinity and the Ultimate Evolution inspired Multiverse fanfic] Kai died and resurrected in the Primordial Tower with a Glitch. In the Tower, to ascend each floor, Kai must complete a series of Missions in the Infinite Random Worlds across the Multiverse. Worlds such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Naruto, One Piece. Walk along with Kai as he slaughter his way up to the peak of Absolute Power. *************** Discord: https://discord.gg/BMAQaTzPds Support here - Patreon (for extra chapters): patreon.com/droopyauthor Ko-Fi : https://ko-fi.com/droopyauthor Disclaimer: Other than my OCs, I don’t own any character. Thank you.

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I should have held back on giving out so many invitations.

"Thank you for the gift, Mr. Pippins. I am sure these notes will help me, truly." No, they won't.

Something's troubling Mr. Ollivander. Again. I have been seeing this expression on his face for half a year now. He is just graying his hair unnecessarily. Bother.

"Ah! You look so lovely, child!" Ms. Crispe said. "I will take these old gentlemen away from you. Don't thank me."

Should I smile now? Yes. I should.

The smile did the trick, like always. But Mr. Ollivander lingered half a step back. "Darcie. We need to talk."

Is he OK? Where's Draco, anyway? I should let him welcome the guest for once, no? It's his birthday, too. "Sure, Ollivander. Come…"

"Darcie! Happy Great Birthday!" Madam Malkin sauntered through the high arching doorway. "Lovely dress you have, dear! But… what about this, huh?"

Madam Malkin almost shoved between Mr. Ollivander and Darcie and swished her wand. A long, transparent cover appeared in her hands, showcasing the dress inside.

Green, white, and black. I am sure the green is forced. "Thank you, Ms. Malkin! Please enjoy the food."

By the time Madam Malkin left, the crowd had devoured Mr. Ollivander as well.

Oh, well. I will make sure to talk to him at the end.

Darcie stood by the doorway, wearing the greenest gown one could find. It was plain. Absolutely plain. And yet, somehow, for a reason that only god knew, she had managed to look regal in it.

I want to eat cupcakes.

"What are you thinking?" Daphne asked. She was standing by her side, dressed in gold and green. Both girls had grown tall. But Darcie was half-a-head taller than all children of her age. Now Darcie was among those children, too.

"I want to eat cupcakes."

Daphne rolled her eyes.

Well, you did ask what I was thinking, duh! I don't like it, me beign taller. Soon I will tower over them all, mother said. Something in our blood, making us tall. It's like she can't see me and Draco walking side by side.

"You want to get out?" Daphne asked.

Oh, Daphne! What would I do without you? "Who are we gonna blame this time?"

Daphne looked around, already blushing in shame. She doesn't like it, does she? Picking our targets.

"Mr. Pippins?" Daphne raised an eyebrow.

I knew he ticked her off. "Alright."

Daphne pointed in the distance, and Darcie's gaze followed. The "good" people from Diagon Alley were huddled together as if screaming that they were here for nothing but the birthday.

Specific. Belief... Oh, whatever! Do I even have to pretend?

Mr. Pippins was almost shouting, boasting of the great gift he had given Darcie. Suddenly, a loud QUACK echoed out of his mouth.


All burst out with laughter, eyes, powerful-greedy eyes, tearing themselves off her.

Daphne caught hold of Darcie's wrist and pulled her back before breaking out in a run. Up the stairs, they passed by Draco, Pansy, and other boys.

She is filling Draco's mind with nonsense. I will have to do something about it, eventually. "Draco!" Darcie said, still running up. "Door! Your turn!"

Draco let out a groan and nodded.

They didn't stop on the first floor, either. It was worse than the grand hall here. Ladies and their daughters, richly dressed and perfumed, were whispering and gossiping and laughing.

I don't like them. Any of them.

Under the shade of drapes and flowers, the girls ran up without getting seen.

They entered the 2nd floor, where quiet men and ladies were drinking wine and having snacks. Quiet, rich, and of noble blood. Most of Diagon Alley's invitees would hate to be here.

Daphne put Darcie between her and the wall and strolled through the hall with their heads down.

I knew a plain dress will work. Works every time.

They entered the long corridor. And, as always, it was almost empty. Almost.

A tall wizard, dressed in a black, rippling cloak, was standing in front of the portrait of the Late Professor Elizabeth Burke, who had counseled Darcie 3 years ago.

Daphne's grip on her wrist tightened.

Professor Snape.

I like him. Better than most, quiet, and don't think of me as some fairy.

Professor Snape rarely replied to her letters. Well, rarely was a stretch, actually. He never replied. And other than the birthdays, he never visited Malfoy Manor.

Even with her fame, which had outgrown and overwhelmed her, it was only the third time she was seeing him.

Darcie pulled Daphne toward him. They were going to Darcie's study hall, where no one dared to show up without her and her mother's permission these days. And that room was on the backside of the Professor.

Their steps announced them to the wizard, making Snape look left and down at them.

He always looks me in the eye first. No. At my eyes. Do they remind him of someone? "Good evening, Professor," Darcie said. "We read your column in Mixture Monthly. It was quite illuminating how you adjusted the precipitation of Anjelica Essence."

Professor Snape looked away from the girls, nodded toward the witch in the portrait, and walked toward them. "What is the cure if Armadillo Bile Mixture contacts the skin?"

The question came out of his lips like a bullet.

Darcie looked at Daphne, giving her a go at it first. Her friend just shrugged in response.

Why must I prove my intelligence? All the time! "Wash the affected tissue with Unicorn Hair immediately, Professor."

Professor Snape almost let out a grin. His teeth were yellow.

He should brush them often, no?

Professor Snape's grin vanished. "I will see you two in school," he said, and then marched off, his black cloak billowing behind him.

When he disappeared into the hall, the girls giggled. Daphne even dared to imitate Professor Snape's walk as they went into the study room.

"OK. Come out, now." Darcie threw herself to the seat near the ceiling-high window.

From another corner, Ginny and Astoria walked out, holding a tray. There was a cake on it, lit with 9 candles.

Dobby trailed behind them, carrying a knife and plates.

Mrs. Weasley is OK. She always sends some sweets now and then.

Daphne brought the table between them and the girls put the cake on it. "Your mum makes the best cakes, Ginny," Daphne said. "Mother told me to tell you to bring her over at Greengrass Manor sometimes. OK?"

Ginny blushed and nodded. "Oh, she's gonna overdo it, I am telling you," she said. "Always this or that, or how am I looking? I swear she wouldn't believe me when I tell her what Darcie wore today."

They laughed at that.

Well, Ginny's OK, too. I wish they had all come today. That should have given the "noble" people something to gossip about for years.

Darcie looked above at the candelabra, and the light dimmed. This was their way of celebrating each other's birthdays. A little gathering before the tedious formality downstairs.

"What did you put in the cake, Astoria?" Darcie asked, nearing the cake. "A cracker, I suppose."

"How did you know?!" Astoria gasped. "I made sure no one saw me!"

"Astoria!" Daphne gasped. "I warned you!"

The sisters fought over it for some time, and Darcie and Ginny shared a secret laugh. They pulled out the crackers, there were four of them, and then went silent.

"Ask something," Astoria said, hopping. "A muggle car!"

"I wish I could have one," Ginny said. "A working one, at least."

"Or a wand?" Daphne added.

"Miss should ask for a real dragon!" Dobby squeaked.

"Ooohhh!" Astoria found it more fascinating.

Darcie adjusted the black headband on her head and asked herself the same.

What do I want?

I have visited the wizarding communities of the entire world in the last two years. Yet, I still feel there's so much to learn.

I have scoured the different magical fields. Yet, I still feel I lack in all.

I have friends. I have books. And I know what to learn.

Then what do I truly want?

Darcie looked into the candle flames, taking a deep breath.

Yes. I want what I have always wanted.

My accomplishments are nowhere near enough to let me have it. There's a lot to cover, achieve, and master.

So I will ask for the same thing I have been asking for years.

Darcie blew on the candles, and the girls burst out with suppressed Happy Birthday claps and cheers.


I will become a grand wizard—I will have to—I will need to, for I am Darcie Malfoy.


The smoke of the candles curled around her as she took the knife from Dobby. She looked at her name on the cake and cut through it.

I am No One.


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