Multiverse Systems: Demonic Resurrection in the Primordial Tower

[A Terror Infinity and the Ultimate Evolution inspired Multiverse fanfic] Kai died and resurrected in the Primordial Tower with a Glitch. In the Tower, to ascend each floor, Kai must complete a series of Missions in the Infinite Random Worlds across the Multiverse. Worlds such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Naruto, One Piece. Walk along with Kai as he slaughter his way up to the peak of Absolute Power. *************** Discord: https://discord.gg/BMAQaTzPds Support here - Patreon (for extra chapters): patreon.com/droopyauthor Ko-Fi : https://ko-fi.com/droopyauthor Disclaimer: Other than my OCs, I don’t own any character. Thank you.

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Bonding Destinies - End of a Legend!

The temperature fell by another 10 degrees, chilling the air.

A malicious grin appeared on Kai's face, his skin turning purple. The grin didn't vanish but kept stretching back, extending to the ears. There was something mischievous about Kai's grin as if he was about to play the grandest prank.

It didn't end there, either.

The sclera of his eyes became red, and his entire body began bulging out, almost like he was gaining the weight of many grams per thousandth of a second. Purple spikes jutted out of his back, and a few short ones appeared on his head as well.

And the world welcomed Gengar-Kai.

Kai's red eyes glowed purple.

Then he laughed at Inferi and melted back into shadows. The path to the Shadow Realm that Excalibur had barred could never stop him now.

Gengar was the master of shadows, and like Dementor's innate cold and despair, entering shadows and living in them was this Pokemon's ability. It was a beautiful combination of Kai's Shadow-related Skills and Gengar's abilities.

The thing was, Kai had already planned to devour Gengar, replacing Koffing, when he was on Island X. The enemies had already blocked his path to the Shadow Realm many times in the past. Now he couldn't have done that to him during Missions, right?

Not learning from experience and doing something about it wasn't Kai's style, anyway.

But now that he could devour four temporary magical creatures, he could hold on to Gengar and decide it later.

Gengar-Kai walked out of Red Sun's shadow, and the man jumped like a little girl. "Damn! You scared me! Wow… you look fat… and chubby…"

Kai ignored the blubbering fool and rushed toward the Inferi.

King Arthur lifted his head toward the sky and growled like a mad beast.

Both raised their swords, beginning another round.

But, the moment Gengar-Kai arrived within 100 meters of the Inferi, a shadowy and transparent version of himself rushed out of his body.

Skill - Dream Eater!

The shadowy Gengar-Kai instantaneously covered the distance between Kai and the Inferi. King Arthur hacked at it, but even Excalibur passed through it without damaging it.

Then the shadow entered the Inferi and flew out from behind his back, draining the undead of stamina and magical energy.

King Arthur's knees wobbled.

Kai's eyes narrowed into needles. This was it. The moment he had been waiting for… the moment he had planned for. It had arrived.

And now was the time to deal the last blow.

Gengar's transformation smoked away, and a new transformation began… more pristine… holier than both Gengar and Magneton. Perhaps mightier than all the Blood Essences than Kai had now.

In the distance, King Arthur sensed something wrong and growled. He pushed himself up and entered another stance, raising Excalibur toward the sky with both hands.

On the other side, a white horn rose from the middle of Kai's head, just over the forehead.

It was just the beginning.

Two humongous angelic white wings appeared on his back, but he was already flying inches above the earth. A dragon-like tail lashed out from his back, with two small, blue-colored orbs at the tail's tip.

A similar blue orb appeared on his chest, right below his throat.

With a part of his accumulated physical strength gone to Death, Kai direly needed a finishing move. A move that could and would leave no chance of survival. A move that could and would perfectly fuse with his First Transformation.

What Kai needed was power. Raw Power. And who else could give it to him, but a Dragon?

Well, he couldn't find a magical creature that looked like a proper dragon. But he did find the closest one who adhered to a dragon's definition… technically.

Dragonair-Kai let out a draconic breath and activated the Skill - Dragon Rush!

The white horn on his head burst out in a blue color. From this horn, a blue dragon-shaped energy slithered out and covered Kai's figure, making him shine and boil with enormous power.

In the distance, Excalibur became a sun. The golden glow around it had become so bright that it felt like the sword was on fire. A pure, gold fire.

It wasn't enough, Kai noticed, seeing King Arthur's weapon. This power wasn't enough. So he slashed himself, Murasame kissing his hand, drawing blood.

Blue and red mixed, creating a hideous painting. Kai's white hair turned red, and so did his eyes, cursed runic marks running all over his body.

No.... He needed more.


A bronze spartan helmet appeared on Kai's head, boosting his strength even more. However, something was different. Another piece of armor appeared on Kai's body. A bronze cuirass appeared too, covering his chest and back.

This resulted from upgrading Petyr's tale. A simple upgradation. But direct and effective, and perhaps the most needed one.

Kai felt drunk on this power.

Selfless Breathing: First Transformation…

Kai shot toward the Inferi like a red-blue blur. With a flap of angelic wings, his speed doubled.

The Inferi growled in return. "Ex" the growl became words, "calibur!"

Three-Headed Vritra!!!


No words could ever hope to describe the meeting of these two moves. Both were holy. Yet, both were unholy.

King Arthur Pendragon and Dragonair-Kai's finishing blows ripped apart the entire Circle, changing topographies.

It was all white… blinding white.

And when the colors returned to the vision of all, it had ended.

Far into the distance, kneeling on the bleeding earth and leaning against the sword in front of him, was King Arthur; a skeleton. Armor gone, annihilated to the depths of a hundred levels of hell.

And hundreds of meters away from the Inferi, toward the ladies and Red Sun, was Kai Stormborn… lying face down on the ground, a hole blasted through the chest.

One blow to rule them all. One blow to end them all.

Excalibur had sung today, and it had defeated Kai.

Cersei was the first to break out in a mad dash, followed by Item-M and others. But Red Sun soon left them all behind, taking out a Beast Ball, his speed a blur.

Strangely… and quite shockingly… none of them had any worry on their faces.

No one was mourning Kai's loss. And other than Cersei, no one seemed concerned about him lying there, sprawled between them and the Inferi; unconscious. It was as if…

It was as if they knew it would happen.

The Inferi shook his skull left and right, his jaw breaking off. Pieces of bones fell as he pushed himself up, raising the sword and taking a stance.

King Arthur would never rest. Not before ending the enemies. All of them.

However, just as the Inferi stood up, two swirling purple lights left Kai's unconscious body and shot toward the knight.

King Arthur must have sensed the coming of doom, for he didn't even try to block them and just ran in the opposite direction, hoping to outmaneuver the purple lights.

Too late.

Like the shadowy Gengar-Kai, these swirling lights were also fast. Fast enough to catch up to King Arthur's bony and blurry figure. Fast enough to enter King Arthur's bones.

This was a move well-planned and well-executed by Kai, in case he failed to end the Inferi with his final blow. He had told others about it beforehand.

It was a secret and logic-defying move of Gengar.

Kai had executed it just after assuming Gengar's transformation when his red eyes had glowed purple. It was a move that required him to go unconscious. Because if he did, then the enemy who made him unconscious was also destined to fall unconscious as well.

There was no avoiding it. There was no blocking it. It was a bond, and none could run away from it.

Skill — Destiny Bond!

An incredible purple glow surrounded King Arthur, and in the next moment, Excalibur fell out of his grip. The skeleton, which had never looked lifeless before, fell like a prop of a science lab.

Red Sun and others arrived near Kai, but only Cersei stayed, and the rest passed by him.

Item-S' red shroud became a drill.

The .45 Long Colt appeared in Red Sun's hand, his face and body changing, making him look like Vash the Stampede. RizeGreymon appeared in front of them and flew toward the Inferi at its full speed. Item-M took out Jet Wing and Moraine brought her Energy Displacers, her grip tightening on her sword.

The White-Serpent Pirates fell over the unconscious King Arthur like death.

The screeches of a deathly drill...

The hisses of green undead energy as it got sucked out...

An ultimate arrow...

A blue beam of destruction and a slash of elegance...


… a red sun...

And the world lost the legendary King of Britain… once more.


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