452 A reason behind every Action and the meeting of the four Generals!

The ground shook as the cavalry charged at Kai, leaving a cloud of dust in its wake.

Over his head, Pokemon Fearow fluttered his large, brown wings. Sitting on it, the wizard eyed Kai with a hateful gaze, the tip of his wand letting out sparks.

In the distance, the Un-Blooded Yautja kept jumping from branch to branch, feeling as if the target had seen him.

Un-Blooded Yautja were just a rank higher than sucklings from their race, and yet not qualified to be called experienced hunters. They carried a set of armor, their prized wristblades, Bio-helmet, cloak (which could let them turn invisible), and the Plasmacaster.

However, the Plasmacaster didn't work for them, as they still hadn't earned the right to use it.

And Kai knew it, for he had already had hands-on experience in hunting these creatures.

There was a time he had acted as the Apex-Predator in the 1st Stage.

And he would do the same on this Island as well, he knew. It could take time, but it would happen.

This was his Demonic Attitude.

Kai smiled, parted his lips, and hissed.


Dense, heart-palpating power pulsed within him before seeping out as a Blood Flames. Unlike before, these Blood Flames represented Kai's Spiritual Power, too.

The only thing that had been troubling Kai since his return was that his body wasn't strong enough to last in the ordinary state of Selfless Breathing for longer than 30 minutes.

Still, 30 minutes were more than enough. Enough to deal with this bunch, Kai thought.


Kai kicked the ground so hard that the entire ground caved in. There was no direction for him to run, and nor could he shake off an entire cavalry. Not when supported by an Un-Blooded Yautja, at least.

Kai had decided to fight, of course. But he hadn't thrown himself toward the Yautja to take care of the hidden threat. He hadn't thrown himself toward the incoming cavalry to hide amid the clouds of dust they were bringing with them, either. No.

He spun around and jumped up, shooting straight toward Fearow like an arrow from the most powerful bow.


The Pokemon looked taken aback, along with the wizard over it, for none had expected that Kai would do something so stupid.

Stupid, why? Because Fearow was flying over 300 meters in the air. Even if Kai could jump to that distance, which was already impossible, Fearow was still the faster of the two.

All saw a red blur tracing a straight line toward Fearow; toward death.

And then the red gained a touch of black; the color of despair.

Kai's chest seared, and his entire body gave off scalding hot steam. A black cloak materialized around him, covering his decaying arms. And when he breathed, his breath rattled as if he was trying to suck more than air.

The moment Dementor-Kai appeared mid-flight, it was also then the blood flames around him soared mightier than ever.

Kai's speed instantly doubled. Or, it was better to say, the speed he actually possessed came out in the open.

A basic fooling tactic! Show the enemy that you could only walk, and they would never think if you could run.

Why was Kai running around for so long, being chased by Fearow?

Some answers arrived with death.

Kai threw the water bottle toward the distancing Fearow, the wizard trying hard to keep a footing over it.

The water bottle wasn't a bottle, though. It was a transfigured item. And Kai had been keeping it in his hands long enough for its natural return to match the timing of his actions.

The bottle spun on itself and became a branch. But it didn't fall, as expected of a thing, under the effect of gravity.

It was like a floor had appeared under the branch, making it rest midair.

Kai's feet landed on the branch, and then with the most powerful force, he again jumped toward Fearow, almost instantly entering the 10-meter distance between him and the Pokemon.

The branch arrived behind Kai, latched onto by Telekinesis.


Fearow gave up on backing up, fluttered its large wings, and threw itself at Kai, its beak again becoming a drill.

Ryan, the wizard, raised his wand, his lips wording out a spell.

"Too slow…" Kai muttered, his breath misting.

Click! Click!!!

Fingers snapped, and the branch following him spun again, becoming a dagger. Like a bullet, it fired itself toward the wizard and kissed his wand wrist, blood splattering everywhere.

A shriek came out instead of a spell, then. "Ahhh!"

Fearow's drill-like beak had come closer than 10 ft, but it had also brought the Pokemon with it.

Suddenly, Fearow's mind shook, a despair it had never known before taking over its entire existence.

Kai made a fist and blood flames, his Spiritual Power, wrapped themselves around it like a blood gauntlet.

And then he punched.


Bloody fist met the drilling beak, and the beak shattered with a booming bang.

The fist went in, kissing flesh and broken beak, and found Fearow's head. The head, too, didn't last for a moment, shattering on the impact.

Kai caught Fearow's long neck, grabbed Ryan the wizard by his neck, and without even looking back, he flew away.

Shamelessness was a part of his bones as much as marrow.

Why would he go down when didn't know how many more Un-Blooded there were? One was still OK, but he dare not presume that he could fight an entire platoon of them.

And if there were more flying Pokemon, then they would have joined Fearow by now.

Kai had let the Pokemon chase him long enough to make sure of that.

Ryan choked on Kai's grip, his entire weight hanging from his neck. His eyes rolled back, and his gaze landed on Kai's face, hooded under the black cloak.

The eyes he saw, then, made him give up on himself right there and then.

They weren't the eyes of a man, but a Demon. And he was that Demon's first prey.

Death… was the best thing he could hope for.




Island X

Situated over 6000 ft above sea level in the Central Highlands region of Madagascar, Antananarivo provided the best location for the headquarters of the Apocalypse Alliance.

The city occupied a commanding position on the summit and slopes of a long, narrow, rocky ridge extending north and south, and the Alliance could respond to any threat to their home from here at the earliest, deploying joint task forces made up of the platoons of the four armies.

Covered by lush, green slopes on either side, a giant gray-bluish tower challenged the skies of Island X. The surrounding sight was a striking contrast to the dry scrubland where Kai had arrived on the Island, near the western coast.

Countless Pokemon were soaring around the tower, taking flight and landing. Hordes of wizards and witches were marching in and out of the tower, carrying books and other resources. Knights in shiny armor were prowling the bridges over the gaps connecting the lands around the sunken grounds. And, high in the sky, a massive ship was hovering, its appearance ancient.

This was the Cloudbreak Spire, the Apocalypse Alliance HQ.

Each Army on Island X had four stations on Island X, including the main HQ. Out of the 6 Generals of an Army, 3 Generals oversaw the soldiers at 3 Army Stations, and 2 remained at the Army HQ under the leadership of the Supreme General of the Army.

The remaining 1 General of an Army was stationed at the Cloudbreak Spire, acting as the go-between the armies.

With each Army sending 1 of their Generals to the Alliance HQ, it made Cloudbreak Spire the strongest of all stations, just under the Armies' respective headquarters. These four Generals were also the first to know and respond to any alarming factor encountered by joint task forces which were scattered throughout Island X.

Today, as the night approached, a great clamor had taken over the entire HQ. Pokemon were running here and there, carrying sheets and stamps. Wizards were apparating in, bringing piles of documents, their steps hurried.

Xenomorph Runners blurred on the ground, their speed faster than ordinary Pokemon by far.

At the top of the Cloudbreak Spire, there was a massive hall called the Alliance Hall. It was large enough to hold several massive airplanes around and on top of each other.

The Alliance Hall was round, and a humongous table was placed in the middle, carrying a relief diagram of Island X. However, the table was rippling and churning like black sand, and there were glowing dots on it, marking the position of the task forces patrolling the Island X's strenuous terrain.

An even more distinctive feature of the Hall was that it had no walls.

The entire hall was supported on columns, heavy gales passing through it, hammering at the table furiously.

It was then the massive door to the Alliance Hall threw itself open, and two figures charged in.

"But sir, you must not say that to them," a girlish voice squeaked nervously. "We should avoid internal…"

"Silly girl!" Snape spat, his dark eyes narrowing at Hermione. "Not… here."

The long black cloak of General Severus Snape bellowed noiselessly as he marched toward the Table. Behind him, Commander Hermione, dressed in a formal green-brown and gold doublet, muttered under her breath, shaking her head.

The wind found them soon enough, slapping their faces. Yet, it couldn't budge them at all as if they had become used to this wind and its mischievous temperament.

Then something more than wind arrived near the airy Alliance Hall. Something truly grand.


A sky-splitting roar shook the entire surroundings, as a large, green serpentine Pokemon flew into the Hall like a missile. It had red-tipped, rudder-like wings on its shoulders and down its body, and yellow ring-like symbols were running across its length, shining golden in the light of the setting sun.

It was the Pokemon Rayquaza!

"You…" General Snape drawled, his tone icy, "… are late."

General Ray landed opposite Snape, on the other side of the table, coiling its over 35 ft long body. There was a device tied across its neck that almost looked like a massive, but magnificent necklace.

When Ray growled, the device glowed. "Shut up!" the dragon spat. "I just saw you entering from afar, Snape."

Behind Pokemon Rayquaza, fluttering its massive wings, Pokemon Salamence landed, a similar device attached to its neck.

"Commander Sally," Hermione cheerfully greeted. "It's nice to see you."

Commander Sally nodded back at her, folding her wings. But before the girls could catch up more, the doors to the Ancient Halls snapped open once more.

A massive Yautja, covered in bloody armor, marched in. An over 8 ft tall Warrior Xenomorph followed him, saliva dripping from its mouth in a thin trail.

Both Snape and Rayquaza scowled.

"General," Hermione saluted as the Battlemaster Yautja [-The most Elite Yautja even among the elites-] passed her by without even glancing at her. But the Witch Commander didn't as much as nodded at the Xenomorph.

General Yu arrived at a stop on one side of the table and nodded at Snape and Ray. "You two arrived earlier," he commented, the Bio-helmet on his head translating for him.

Snape's scowl deepened.

It happened, then.


This roar seemed to have shaken the entire tower, the columns of the Hall thrumming along with the wind.

A massive winged dragon flew in, darkening the skies behind it. Its wings flapped, sounding like a clap of thunder. Its scales were black, its horns and spinal plates were blood red, and its eyes were smoldering red pits.

The moment this dragon landed on the floor, shaking the floor, it looked at Rayquaza and growled, black-red fire oozing in its throat like lava.

The wash of that lava-like fire bubbling in the dragon's mouth could be felt over 100 ft away. Such was its potency.

"Impudent!" General Ray roared back. "A mere Commander bares its teeth to me?!"

"Forgive him, Ray," General Daenerys Stormborn stepped off Drogon's back, dressed in black. "Drogon has been missing you, I guess."

"Heh!" Drogon growled, baring his black, monstrous fangs. The device around its neck glowed with the growls. "You jest, mother," he barked, folding his wings. "The Supreme General said I will soon be promoted…"

Rayquaza's eyes burned furiously.

"Enough!" Snape said slowly, bringing eyes to him. "Lady Stormborn, you…"

"I arrived as soon as I needed to be, Snape," Daenerys smiled at him. "Now, what brought us… good friends here."

"Show them." Snape hissed.

Commander Hermione stepped in, flicked her wand at the table, and the entire map shifted toward the western coast of the Island. "Captain of the 39th Join Task Force failed to report on time today," she told them, showing a projection of Fearow. "His platoon comprised 1 Yautja Trooper from the Support Battalion, 25 Cavalry Troopers from the Ground Battalion, and 1 Wizard Trooper from the Flying Battalion."

General Daenerys raised her brows. "The Un-Blooded lives, yet the Captain went missing?!"

General Yu, the Battlemaster Yautja, turned his face toward Daenerys, and she smiled back at him. Behind him, Commander Xenomorph growled menacingly.

"It seems…" Snape said, staring at Daenerys, "… we have a bug on the Island."

All presented in the Hall almost trembled at hearing those words.

General Rayquaza slithered closer. "You mean…"

Snape nodded, his voice melting into the wind. "We have a new False One among us."


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